Rumour: GAME Facing Closure?

UK retailer GAME has been in trouble before financially but was given a second wind in 2013. Now rumours are surfacing stating that the company is once again facing closure and that staff at the company are currently fearing for their jobs. They’ve apparently been told that it all depends on E3 and what is announced. Interestingly one employee has said that EA have cut ties with the company which is worrying as they are one company that brings out numerous AAA games and at present they have only been given enough to stock to fulfil pre-orders for the forthcoming Mirror’s Edge.



    1. Yea, I can’t wait until all the video game stores close down. Then we will be forced to buy all of our games from online outlets. Or even better we will be forced to download all of our games digitally. Man I can’t wait for that day! It sounds like so much fun! (note the sarcasm)

      1. Except GAME isn’t a good store to buy from. It’s a shitty store with overpriced games and little, if any worthwhile things to purchase. They’re well known for getting rid of Gamestation, one of, if not, the BEST second and first hand game retailers in the UK with some of the friendliest staff and best deals you could ask for.
        At things stand, CEX is a much better store than GAME, even if they rely mostly on Second Hand stock. Amazon too, even if it’s online. With Same Day delivery on the rise, there’s really no reason to go to GAME when everything is cheaper elsewhere.

      2. I haven’t been in a local games store since the first 2 waves of amiibos. I pretty exclusively order online and download digitally. I don’t know many people that don’t lol

  1. GAME is a terrible outlet anyway. It’ss run by a bunch of mutant fanboys and you can buy software from Tesco much cheaper.

  2. That’s what happens when games rely on corporate money for innovation, when churn out the same boring shyte every year your sales go down, and businesses that rely on that satus quo boring creation, shoved out the door by companies like EA, warner bros, and Ubi, are bound to fail as well! Now let’s pray Gamestop falls, because they are much worse, and biased towards gamers in favor of terrible companies like EA, Ubi, and warners bros, hell they show biased attitude in every gameinformer magazine they force on their customers every month, but I’m sure no one read GI anymore, which is a good thing! Game stop represents everything wrong in gaming and gaming media basically, and they had an influencial hand in ruining it!

    1. Well I agreed with you up until you said GameStop is everything wrong with gaming. Your completely wrong about that. I don’t know about you, but I enjoy being able to walk into a video game store. And if you haven’t noticed, there are not many left. A few Mom and Pop places, that usually sale retro games, and GameStop. That’s really it in the US, depending on where you live. There are other places that sells video games, but they also sell other stuff as well, like Walmart, Best Buy, etc. etc… I do try to activly avoid those places. People are so butthurt about GameStop not giving good money on returns. Big deal, honestly they should get rid of returns all together anyways. Don’t sell your games back to gamestop unless you want to get ripped off. Buy your games from there, they usually have killer deals on used games. I bought a PS3 game and two Ps2 games for 9 bucs. Yes 9 dollars. Tell me another place I could walk into, browse around and buy three extremely cheap Ps2 and PS3 games from? GameStop is a video game store that sells video games. Simple as that. The day they close their doors will be a sad day indeed. It will be the final nail in the coffin for retail gaming. Then comes full digital gaming… And I honestly don’t want any part in that.

  3. Well, now everyone gets to suffer because all of you idiots would rather buy digital copies of games. Thanks for helping ruin gaming!

  4. Game reminds me of HMV. Two clueless over priced expensive high street stores that deserve to close , the only difference being that HMV had a decent on-line service.

    Here in the UK there are quite a few decent on-line stores that are so cheap compared to Game. Only daft people would go to Game.

    1. Well I can’t speak for GAME specifically. But I can assure you GameStop has cheap used games, and their new releases are $60, like they are at any retailer.

  5. I’ll say this but this had better be true those idiots fuck up my orders all the time

  6. Go ahead & die, GAME. Take your American counterpart Gamestop with you. In your place, Amazon could open up a video game store in the buildings you guys once occupied. Bye, bye!

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