Splatoon Is Officially One Year Old

Splatoon made its debut on May 28, 2015, which means it’s celebrating its first anniversary today. To commemorate the occasion, Nintendo has released the below image via the game’s official Twitter account – alongside a note thanking fans for their “INKredible support.” With more than four million units sold worldwide, Splatoon is one of the most successful titles on Wii U. It is also the most successful new console franchise since the Wii series in Japan.




  1. It was fun for a while. Couldn’t hold my attention long term though. Doom on the other hand… Now that is a masterpiece of a game…

    1. The campaign is amazing for DOOM. The online multiplayer not so much, Splatoon is still the best online shooter I’ve ever played.

      1. Yea, Splatoons multiplayer is way better than Dooms. In fact if I play Splatoon it’s for its multiplayer. I played Dooms for like five minutes and got bored…. But Dooms campaign is insane. I have already played through it three times. Next comes Ultra Nightmare..

        1. I’d love to get the new Doom but considering how the older games were annoyingly difficult, least Doom 64 was since that’s the only entry I’ve played, I have to know. Are there difficulty settings? I don’t want to get into a game that might be fun to play only for a pre-set hard difficulty completely curb stomps the fun factor.

          1. There is a difficulty setting. However there is a huge gap in difficulty between the medium and hard mode. To me at least, the medium setting is too easy, while the hard mode is very challenging. (ultra violence). I did beat the game on Hard mode, which unlocks two even harder difficulties, nightmare and ultra nightmare… Those are insane difficulties, and you have to be a real pro to complete them.. You could play the game on the easy setting which is a cakewalk for me, but for a beginner to the series may prove to be the perfect difficulty.. Honestly I think you would do just fine on the medium setting. One good thing is you can switch the difficulties at any time in the game… Start off on easy, and throughout the game you will get better and you can raise the difficulty. That’s what I did. I started on medium and moved it up as I got familiar with the mechanics. The more you play you will realize that the game really is way more fun on the harder settings. You should absolutely play the game, coming from someone who is not a huge fan of FPS’s, I can highly recommend this game. It’s got a real old school vibe to it. No ducking behind cover, no regenerating health, no reloading weapons…. Honestly it has become my favorite shooter, and favorite game of 2016… Even more so than Dark Souls 3, and that’s saying something!

            1. Really? That’s actually what I liked about The Witcher 3 was you could change the difficulty at any time & didn’t have to worry about restarting from the beginning on a different difficulty. Unfortunately, I forgot about that feature throughout most of my playthrough of Witcher 3, so I went through my entire first playthrough on the easiest difficulty. lol I’ll rectify that on my next playthrough, though. Well if I ever suddenly get the urge to fight demons from hell, I’ll be sure to pick up Doom. >.<

  2. I STILL never played Splatoon. But I do own it. I have my doubts that I’ll like it though, since I’ve NEVER liked any kind of shooter game. Especially one that appears to have been built mostly around multi-player.

    1. I don’t like shooters much either, but this and TF2 are the exceptions. I know I sound like I’m pandering, but really, you should try Splatoon- it’s very different from every other shooter and in good ways. There’s nothing quite like the feeling you get the first time you swim up a wall and attack/kill an unsuspecting player, or run over an enemy with a Splat Roller, intentionally or not.

      This didn’t beat CoD for best shooter of the year for no reason.

  3. This game is amazing! Easily my favorite shooter, and my 2016 Game of the Year, and probably my favorite Game of this whole gen until Zelda comes out. I have clocked hundreds of hours into this game, and have no plans of stopping until the inevitable NX sequel releases. I LOVE SPLATOON!!

  4. Never kept my attention long enough gameplay-wise next to TF2. Though at this point very little of my gameplay experiences can compare to my 3000 hours of TF2 lol

  5. I Love Splatoon. I generally only play it as often as splatfests occur, (with an occasional few rounds here and there) but that’s just perfect. Just enough time to miss it again and have a blast for a few hours, then feel like I had my fill for a while until the next splatfest.

    I am Terrible at most FPS and 3PS games. Any multiplayer shooter is just an exercise in me being publicly humiliated over and over, no matter how hard I try to ‘get gud’ (and I seriously want to reach through the screen and MURDER every pompous @** who uses that line on anyone who is having a hard time in ANY game they are trying to enjoy) … and yet … I can play Splatoon, contribute to the team, win at least 50% of the time, and most importantly … HAVE FUN.

    The Callie and Marie Amiibo are Must Haves for my collection. I just Adore the characters and the world Nintendo has created. I would have bought them just for the figures … but passive as it may be, on-demand concerts from the squid sisters seems like the most fitting thing for them to do in-game. I’m all for it.

    I can only imagine what the eventual sequel is going to be like. I hope “Awesome”.

    “Stay Fresh” all you Squids, Kids … and Octolings too. (and Jellies, etc etc)

  6. I got splatoons like a year ago. Played it until July and stopped. Then I went back to playing it 4 weeks ago and I cant get off of it. Strange how Im back to playing this gsme again for hours and hours. When I last played it, i was on level 6 from August. Now that Im back at playing it im on level 17. Im back at it.

  7. Man of Brisk, so much for an awesome update to Splatoon on it’s 1st Anniversary, huh? lol

  8. I love that I can jump into Splatoon at any time and end up playing it for hours. It’s so easy to get sucked into, which is why even though I may only play it once a month I still love it.

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