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Splatoon Is The Most Successful New Console Franchise Since The Wii Series In Japan

Since its launch in May of last year, Splatoon has been doing pretty good saleswise in all regions. In Japan, the Wii U shooter is the most successful new console franchise since the Wii game series – which includes the ultra popular Wii Sports and Wii Fit. It is also estimated that Splatoon will have a 50-percent tie ratio by the end of Wii U’s lifecycle in Japan, meaning that half of all Wii U owners in the region will have a copy of the game.



    1. i would absolutely recommend it still! I haven’t played it in awhile, but it’s incredibly fun

  1. Extremely good news! One of the reasons why I still want a Wii U despite most of the Nintendo games not being as good as the Nintendo games on the Wii and GameCube. Also because it’s seeming less and less likely that the NX will be backwards compatible

  2. Just ordered my copy from Amazon for $49. Should be getting it Wednesday. I can’t wait. XCX and Woolly World got here yesterday. My wife has been playing Woolly World and has been loving it and I’ve been loving watching her play it. XCX was $49 on Amazon as well.

  3. No wonder, Splatoon is amazingly fun! Best shooter in a decade.

    The fact that ink (your ammo) is replenishing over time, can be used tactically both to attack and aid is so clever! And then on top of that – how ink affects how you can traverse the course.

    Love every moment of it!

    But you need a “good” internet connection.. I’m in London with 0.7Mb upload speed (when I’m lucky) – apparently that is normal here – and I get disconnected a lot.

  4. It’s a very good game. It has it’s pros like free online and then it’s cons like lack of voice chat. No bias here hollowgrape. Unlike you I don’t damage control.

  5. I got bored of xcx after getting the strongest skell in the game i got both Ares 70 & Ares 90. i completed all side quest.. and after that did some online then got bored. it was a fun game for me while it lasted… same boss fights Yggralith Zero Dragon & that other one from Xenoblade, every time on online no new bosses, Nintendo didn’t even update the text. Did Nintendo forget about this game?…

  6. Good, it’s been long since we last had a decently popular IP since Xenoblade and Pikmin. Even though I haven’t been playing Platoon that much lately, I can say it is easily one of my favorite new experiences on the Wii U.

  7. if I am honest splatoon is the reason why the wii U has been doing well in Japan (along with Mario maker). But here the paradox, when splatoon was starting to save the wii U back in December 2015 and the Wii U sales started to be enormous (36K/week). Nintendo decided to kill the Wi U by announcing the NX and not supplying enough Wii U unit in this market.

    If we look back at the wii U the games which save this console are Splatoon, mario maker, mario kart 8, mario 3D world and super smash bro. I wished Xenoblade chronicle X could have done better but JRPG are a niche market in the first place. I will certainly buy 2 copies of that game with Mario maker and keep them because they will certainly be sought after in 10 years time.

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