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Metroid Prime Hunters Arrives On Wii U Virtual Console Later Today

Wii U owners will soon be able to relive another classic Metroid title. Metroid Prime Hunters is set to arrive on the console’s Nintendo eShop via the Virtual Console service later today, June 2. Initially released in 2006 for Nintendo DS, the game pits Samus against six other bounty hunters from across the galaxy in a race to claim mysterious relics in hopes of harnessing their power for themselves.



    1. You know you could set bots for local multiplayer, allowing for vs matches against 3 computer opponents, right? Sure, they’re not human opponents, but at least a single player wasn’t limited to the short campaign.

      Unless multiplayer options can’t even be booted up on Wii U emulations.

      1. I know that. However, the most fun to be had in this game was in its local and online multuplayer. They should have found a way to preserve at least one of those features, otherwise, what is the point? The campaign is not worth it. It is bare bones and a relative bore for the most part.

        1. Okay, that is true. It is more oriented towards shooting. That said, there are still a few puzzles to solve and nooks and crannies to explore. There are a few upgrades you will only find by going off the beaten path. And, most importantly, there’s still a feeling of tension and isolation leading up to encounters with rival hunters. It still feels like Prime.

          …more so than FF will ever feel like.

        2. Prime Hunters was basically a fast-paced multiplayer arena shooter – not very different from Quake 3 Arena at all.
          The singleplayer is made much as an afterthought, secondary to the multiplayer mode – sort of the way call of duty is made these days- and so that mode doesn’t stand up to other metroids. Even if got some good atmosphere here and there, occasional decent puzzles and nice cutscenes.

          So that’s not necessarily what a fan of Metroid would want, however as a fan of FPS or online competitive play there’s been nothing better on handheld. Mouse-like precision, high speed, varied guns, huge skill cap.
          If that’s something you like, obviously VC won’t have online play for you (bots are good fun to play against) but Kid Icarus Uprising on 3DS in its multiplayer is a very similar game, crossed with some smash-bros like mechanics, with online still going.
          As a shooter KI:U isn’t as good as Hunters because it employs touch-and-drag controls rather than tracking, but it’s close.

  1. I loved MP: Hunters. I’ll gladly snag this gem, and I’m not even a big fan of the series. The online play used to be sooo fun. I wish Nintendo would make another bigger version for the home console’s. Story wasn’t bad either.

    I’m excited!!!!!

  2. “Wii U owners will soon be able to relive another classic Metroid title.”
    Metroid Prime Hunters is not a classic Metroid title.

  3. I feel bad for people who have a 3DS but not a Wii U. They get Federation Farce while we get a graphically superior game from a weaker console.

    1. Ummmm … have you ever actually PLAYED Prime Hunters?

      Preferences about chibi art direction aside, look at gameplay video of Hunters and Federation Force side by side and tell yourself your rose colored glasses have not completely blinded you.

      There are a number of choices Nintendo made that I dislike about their direction for Federation Force, but as someone who played all of Hunters back in the day on my original DS, the graphics and fluidity of gameplay look exponentially superior in the video I’ve seen of MFF. Hunters was a remarkable imitation to Prime, considering it was almost running on a hadheld N64, but while I enjoyed it for what it was, IMHO, it was not as great as you seem to think you remember. A graphical powehouse it was Not.

    2. You are getting graphics mixed up with artstyle. And chibi style isn’t necessarily a bad artstyle. It’s just a bad artstyle to use for Metroid.

  4. Damn it! Why isn’t this a freaking port for 3DS, with updated graphics, instead of a damn virtual console for Wii U? If the most fun you had in this game was multiplayer with other people, this isn’t worth getting.

    Then again, I understand why they didn’t want to do a 3DS port with slightly better graphics & the online multiplayer intact. We can’t have a more true, closer representation of Metroid Prime railroading Federation shitForce, after all. Right, Nintendo? -.-

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