Chrono Trigger’s Director Said That He Would “Love To See” A New Version Of The Game

The director of Chrono Trigger, Takashi Tokita, recently commented about what he would like to see happen with the game. Tokita stated that he would “love to see a high-quality, high-end version of Chrono Trigger”. Tokita continued, saying that he would have no problem with “a movie production, or something of the sort”. Unfortunately, there is not much Takashi Tokita can do. It is up to Square Enix to do something with the IP.



  1. This is my favorite JRPG of all time and as much as I’d like to see this, I’d rather not it happen. Well unless they’re going for a completely remake of the game (FF7 Remake style) where its full 3D, etc. that is. If its just a sprite upgrade like FF VI or V on mobile then hell fucking no. I don’t want my favorite JRPG being ruined like that. I really don’t like the graphics of those games. I hope what he said happens and he makes a completely remake. I’m also really hoping for a sequel. Chrono Cross is great but I want another game with the heroes from Trigger. Or at least just a new entry in the series. I dont want this series to die :(

  2. Yeah, I treasure CT too much to see it being wasted away in something mediocre. Let the only old memories remain.

    Sure, I wouldn’t go as far as making a petition or being legitimately sad in the Internet over something new, but I’d like to keep my memories clean.

    1. It’s the third highest rated game of all time (just behind Final Fantasy VII and Ocarina of Time). I haven’t played it yet, but I’ve heard wonders from this game. I’ll definetely play it when I have the time

      1. One of the few JRPGs that actually did time travel in an interesting and correct way. Plus the battle system is amazing. I feel like slapping your face for not playing it yet. Then the story is awesome too. Game isn’t as long as most JRPGs yet it still outshines most of them. The only I think it doesn’t beat is Persona 4

        1. You replied to Artur, not Brisk.

          Anyway, there is no correct way to use time travel since time travel itself is still in the realm of fiction so you can use time travel however the hell you want to use it since there is no real world case of time travel to even reference. Even if there was, would we really even notice if someone changed the past? (Let’s hope it stays in the realm of fiction, though, because I don’t trust humanity to NOT misuse it.)

          1. I agree I hope we never get time travel or at least hope my generation has already passed if we do because humanity is fucking stupid. Hell I don’t even trust myself if we get time travel xD

  3. Man not a HD 3D remake but a true sequel of the game. Chrono cross was well not as good as the 1st entry then on the 3DS version we have a cliffhanger and a poor conclusion for Magnus and to be honest even on the original game there are some stuffs to go with. The world need a sequel of chrono trigger not a remake.

    1. I honestly feel it needs an HD remake AND a sequel with full FMV scenes for every cutscene in the game, not a few select moments. Keep the artstyle the same, though. I honestly don’t think every video game needs to use 3D models. I saw the trailer for the latest BlazeBlue game & noticed it wasn’t using 3D models but anime for gameplay. As for Chrono Cross, I’d prefer they treat that as an alternate timeline. I want Crono & the others back, damn it! If it’s a sequel to Chrono Cross, Crono, Marle, & Lucca stay dead. Not cool. Not cool at all.

  4. Sadly as the end of the article points out, it’s wholly dependent on if Square Enix wants to even bother with anything Chrono Trigger. They seem pretty content with churning out a new Final Fantasy & Dragon Quest. But why aren’t they jumping at the chance to make another Chrono game since Chrono Trigger is still widely viewed as one of the best games ever made!? Is the writing team just not wanting to continue the story because, like Mother’s writer, they’ve told the story they wanted to tell & are forever finished with the franchise? It’d be a shame if that’s the case since Chrono Cross didn’t even answer half the shit that Chrono Trigger left unanswered like what the hell happened to fucking Magus/Janus!

    1. I don’t know if you played the NDS version but I believe they kind of answer the question, But what I want to know /!\ SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!

      is Chrono and Co managed to rescue his mother and his cat. And how he rescue them, To be honest in case you played the NDS the conclusion for Magus is … terrible and they have to find another way.

      Don’t quote me on this but I think the issue with Chrono trigger is some member of the dream team don’t stand each other and I think some of the staff don’t work for squareEnix (it something I read may 6 or 7 years ago so take it as a pinch of salt)

      1. When most of my backlog of games I haven’t beaten yet that I already own has been cleared, I’m definitely gonna have to pull my copy of Chrono Trigger DS out & play it again.

    2. By the way the dream team is:
      – Hironobu Sakaguchi
      – Yuji Horii
      – Akira Toriyama
      – Masato Kato
      – Yasunori Mitsuda
      – Nobuo Uematsu

      When you read they track record you understand why they were dubbed the dream team. I think it still in the domain of the possible since all of them from what I can gather still have a good relationship with SqaureEnix. For me if you don’t have all of them don’t think about a sequel. But now the time is ticking (pardon the pun) because most of them are in their 60s. If Square does not release a sequel before 2020 then I guess you can kiss goodbye to a good sequel of Chrono trigger.

  5. This is one of my favorite games of all time. I just finished a playthrough about a month ago. That being said, I don’t think it needs a remake. The DS version is superb. It looks great, sounds great, and plays great. I probably would be disappointed if they remade it.

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