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Nintendo of America Starts National StreetPass Week: E3 2016 Edition

With E3 nearly upon us, Nintendo has launched their National StreetPass Week: Nintendo E3 2016 edition. If you take your Nintendo 3DS to a Nintendo Zone location from June 10th through to June 19th you can collect up to six different StreetPass tags from around North America.

There will also be E3 videos available to watch that can be found in the Nintendo eShop, and Zelda themed hats for your Mii that will be available. You’ll also get the chance to bump into special Mii guests in the Plaza throughout the week. By the looks of Nintendo of America’s recent Tweet on their Twitter page, one of those Mii characters may be Reggie.

To get in on the Nintendo StreetPass action for E3, you can find your nearest Nintendo Zone spot here.



6 thoughts on “Nintendo of America Starts National StreetPass Week: E3 2016 Edition”

  1. My local places, like Starbucks and Burger King, that are supposed to have a Nintendo Zone don’t. I’m guessing that they forget to turn on their Wi-Fi routers or something.

    Anyone here from Washington State that knows a good place to go to get StreetPass tags? I got a lot from PAX Prime, but other than that, people don’t seem to carry their 3DS’s around with them a lot, like I do.

  2. People still care about Street Pass? I retired from the 3DS and Street Pass over a year ago. I got SO burned out having to go to McDonalds constantly just to use Street Pass (since that’s the only place I ever got any Street Passes).

    1. You’d basically have to steal a nintendo zone wi-fi device. There’s really no other way as they’re only at places approved by Nintendo. Namely McDonalds, Best Buy. and airports.

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