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Ever Oasis: Pictures And Fact Sheet

The Nintendo 3DS title Ever Oasis has just been announced on the live Nintendo Treehouse Stream. Here’s a fact sheet highlighting different aspects of the game:

ever_oasis _facts.jpg

Also, here’s some more gameplay screenshots and character artwork for you to feast your eyes on:


14 thoughts on “Ever Oasis: Pictures And Fact Sheet”

    1. i also care. i think the more new i.p we get from nintendo the better, also the fact that grezzo is making this is very interesting since i’ve only ever seen them handle the classic 3d zelda remakes, which are great by the way but now we’ll get to really see how talented this studio is, and who knows this might be a new favorite nintendo studio in the future kinda like retro. i’m really liking the art style so far and loving the egyptian influence.

  1. I like it, love a good RPG, that blue character looks similar to Undine the water spirit from SOM/LOM. It would be cool if had some elements from those game’s. I really miss them.

  2. I’m loving that its Egyptian-inspired. Usually we only get typical Western-mythology stuff.

    Also a new IP is great, and it looks a lot like Fantasy Life

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