E3: Fans Stampede To Play Zelda: Breath Of The Wild On Final Day

Some people thought it was a mistake for Nintendo to showcase one playable game on the show floor at this week’s E3 event in LA. It appears they were wrong. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild proved immensely popular with attendees and regularly Nintendo had to close off the queue as there were simply too many people lining up to play. Recent video footage shows a stampede to play the game on the final day. Check out the video, below.


  1. All those poor third party companies and Sony & Microsoft missing out on all those consumers XD
    Why do I get the feeling that the Wii U is going to go out with a bang next year with like 35 million units after Zelda: Breath of the wild?

    1. With Zelda releasing on the NX the same date, the only reason for people to get a Wii U instead of an NX would be the price

  2. The fact that there are people queueing to play a game means that Nintendo’s E3 plans were spot on?

    OK, then.

    1. Don’t forget that Nintendo’s entire section is dedicated to Zelda demos so the fact that there’s still a butt load of people trying to get in certainly means something good is happening.

      1. “One swallow does not a summer make, nor one fine day; similarly one day or brief time of happiness does not make a person entirely happy.”

    2. The fact that they were able to generate that much enthusiasm with a single game says that they did something right. Like the video said, the last time that happened was with the Wii. People seem to have had more interest in Nintendo’s booth than any other booth at the show. So yes. I’d say their plans were spot on.

      1. Fair enough, although anything related to Zelda would naturally grab a lot of attention. However, I still think Nintendo is ditching the Wii U pretty early as we didn’t see a decent number of games for it. That’s my main complain.

        1. I feel the same way. Throughout the system’s life I felt like they had so many opportunities to turn it around, but they never did. Why a Metroid game was never put into development for Wii U is beyond me.

  3. Why do so many people care about playing a demo of the unfinished game? All I wanted was to see it, and I did. Besides, Nintendo is retarded for not just putting a demo on Wii U so that EVERYONE can play it. Then again, I’m not surprised when Nintendo does something stupid.

    1. Men, what the hell are you doing in this website if we have to explain you this?? Nintendo is not retarded (in fact, it seems you are honoring this adjective), the care for their product, they create, speculate to create demand. It’s a freaking business! And I bet my salary you went to a best buy and ran like the wind to buy a Rosalina amibo.

    2. If the games at E3 were “Finished”, they would not be at E3. They would be in the Store.

      The reason the E3 demo is not available to download and play on WiiU by EVERYONE is:

      1. Data Mining.

      2. The game is still 9 months from being completed, and thus not yet representative of the final product. (Some aspects may be tweaked, changed, added and/or removed before release)

      It is an early preview for press and E3 guests to generate Hype. The game won’t be in a state where they can even MAKE a Demo that acurately represents the FINAL game until early next year. Even if the game is 99% complete already, and they are just waiting for NX, they still might make significant changes to the controls or interface before then, based on feedback from this event, and if Fans were given 9 months to get used to the OLD system, there would be backlash.

      Calling others stupid for wanting to play an early version of the game … and then complaining that YOU can’t play it on your WiiU Right Now … isn’t that just identifying YOURSELF as one of those ‘stupid’ people?

    1. I disagree. Many Next Gen gamers have moved on. People won’t be rushing to buy an NX because they already have a current gen console, or are upgrading to the new ones, where their game libraries are and to play VR.

      Anyone who exclusively owns a WiiU and still is a dedicated Nintendo fan will buy an NX. Some people with a decent expendable income will buy NX because they have all systems. I very much doubt NX will bring fans back. It will depend on Specs and games and price.

      I think Nintendo has prepped us for the NX being just “OK” and being hopeful it can play current gen games. But they will be ports, and likely not have The DLC.

      NX will not be a Wii-revolution. The casuals went back to Candy Crush. The gamers moved on. I wouldn’t get your hopes up.

        1. Thank you sir! I took a break to get some shit in order. ;) Been here too long to leave for too much time.

  4. That’s over 70,300 copies sold day one, and that’s just the people who could show up! I’m calling it right now, Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild will be GOTY for 2017, and that’s pretty damn good for it to be worked on by a new younger generation of devs:)

  5. To be clear:

    People were stampeding to play in order to get the free shirt and gold coin/medal. If it wasn’t for that, most people would not have rushed the booth. It’d be popular still of course, but not stampedes and as big of a crowd trying to hurry before Nintendo cut off the line, which was within minutes. This is so construed. Almost everyone in line was saying they were there for the swag. And a ton of it is now on ebay. It’s not a measure of how good or popular the game itself was.

    I for one was not very impressed with the game and Zelda’s always been one of my favorite series. I’m hoping it was just the type of game that’s hard to get into at E3, but I dunno. It changed way too much. And I’m not a graphics whore by any means, and I love cel-shaded Wind Waker, but this was pretty bad at times. Like Wii-quality jagged edges. The Wii U can do better than that, but maybe they cut corners for the massive world. Other times it looked great though, so I dunno. It was distracting though. And overall I walked away feeling really disappointed. And why why why does everything get stamina now? Even running (Final Fantasy XV implemented that too). Sometimes you can be too realistic to the point of the game not being fun. It was annoying and frustrating running out of stamina for every little thing.

    This really felt like every popular genre/game smashed into one. It was overwhelming and at times boring. I was so ready by Demo 2 to just get my free stuff and leave (I’m not ebaying it, btw). Maybe I’ll have more fun once I’m playing it at home and feel more immersed, but we’ll see. It really feels like Nintendo’s been ruining their IP lately, and I’m all for reinventing and all that, and have always trusted their decisions. But man. I dunno anymore. The most fun I had was walking around the props they set up at the booth, not the game itself.

    1. The reason there was a stampede is because there was an 8 hour line yesterday. I’m pretty sure none of those people running wanted any part of that.

      It’s absolutely stupid to suggest that Zelda fans are in line for Zelda clothing, not to play the game.

      And your opinion is not the same as everyone else’s. It was the most talked about game on Twitter, has received game of the show from IGN, and people have raved about their first impressions of the game, telling stories about their experiences like fighting Steepe Talus, finding the Fire Rod, how they solving the shrines and over various puzzles in their own way, and kicking Stalbokoblins heads like soccer balls to break them, and then using their arms to finish the job. Oh, and setting Hyrule on fire. And figuring out ingredients to make the best food. And finding the raft to reach new territory.

      YOU may not have enjoyed yourself, but majority of others did. Hence the line. You probably didn’t accomplish anything meaningful in your time with the game, which says more about your skill than the actual game.

  6. I realize my opinion is my opinion, but many people also had similar opinions. I’m well aware many enjoyed it, and good for them. But by all means, attack me for straying from what YOU want people to say. I accomplished plenty, it just didn’t feel like Zelda to me. I even said maybe it’ll be better when I play it at home. But go and attack my skills without knowing anything about me. Oh wait, this is the internet, I forgot.

    And yes, people at E3 go crazy for swag. People are selling those things online. They didn’t want to wait 8 hours for swag, that’s why they rushed. And yes, they also do that to avoid the lines of course to play a game. And Nintendo cut the line off within minutes, so if you didn’t make it, no swag for you. Did you go to E3 and hear the people saying they were lining up to get the stuff to sell on ebay? ‘Cause I did. I heard plenty of people lining up specifically to do that and didn’t care about the game. I’m sure many DID want to play and also wanted the swag of course. But I’m saying that the stampede was not necessarily due to the game being so awesome. It was a stampede to get in line and get the swag. I was there, that’s all everyone was talking about. “I just want the coin.” And towards the end of the show, a huge line formed ONLY for swag, and the rep came along and said you probably won’t get to play. They all said “but can we get swag?” Not “PLEASE let us play just 5 minutes of it!” When she said no, they all left and went to the Sony VR area. People rushed the Sea of Thieves booth at the end for shirts as well. And that’s how it is for every booth at every E3. If a booth doesn’t have cool swag, people complain about them. E3 has become more about the swag than the games.

    All those things you mentioned, I did many of them. Some were cool (setting fires), some weren’t as cool as I thought they’d be. But it was a very limited time limit and the MEDIA got to enjoy a lot more, hence their better reviews. And that’s why I said I’ll wait to see once it’s out and I can play freely at home. You’re talking to a guy who is a huge Zelda fan since the NES days, I’m not some noob, thanks. I defended Wind Waker when people talked crap about it. Setting fires felt great. I wanted to try Wolf Link but Nintendo’s demos didn’t allow it. The MEDIA got to try it though. See where I’m going with this? And maybe I could have done more if the stamina gauge didn’t slow me down every 10 seconds because Link was too tired.

    You can have your opinion (even if you didn’t play the game), and I can have mine. Don’t get mad because I’m not going along with everyone else.I figured I’d offer a different perspective. Get that Fire Rod out of your ass dude. I hope you enjoy the game, and I hope I enjoy it too. And it’s fine if you do and I don’t, or vice-versa. But my statement stands: I felt it didn’t live up to the hype, it was mediocre, it did not feel like Zelda in the DEMOS at least (some of the stuff the media got to play was more impressive, wish they would have let everyone try that), and people WERE lining up just for swag. Have you ever been to E3 like ever? I’ve gone for 16 years now. People go nuts over swag. They know they can play the game when it comes out. It’s the limited edition stuff they want more 90% of the time. Especially if you’ve gone as long as I have.

    Do a search on ebay for the Zelda coin. People are selling them for over $100. Tell me people didn’t line up just for the swag, that they really wanted to just play the game as the huge Zelda fan that they are and didn’t care about the swag. >_>

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