Kamiya From Platinum Says He Has Ideas For Bayonetta 3 And Okami 2

Platinum Games has created a bunch of critically acclaimed games so far and they have a rosy future ahead of them, however what everyone wants to know is whether we are going to get a third game in the Bayonetta series after the magnificent Bayonetta 2. Platinum Games co-founder Hideki Kamiya has teased that he could be working on the third entry in the Bayonetta series and a new Okami game. Here’s what he had to say!

GC: …I preferred Bayonetta’s first haircut.

PR woman: [laughs]

HK: Then we will take that into account when we design her haircut when we start doing 3, if we ever make 3.

(The room is suddenly filled with gasps of shock, not just from us and the UK PR but also the other Microsoft and Platinum Games people.)

GC: Wha… what?! You can’t tease me like that!

(Widespread laughter)

GC: Are you thinking of doing 3?

HK: Of course we want to make 3.

GC: [meekly] OK.

HK: Why should it end at 2?

GC: I don’t think it should end at 2! Have you spoken to any publishers about this?

HK: No, but I’ve spent a lot of time thinking in my head what that game would be. I’ve got ideas in my head for Okami 2 as well.



  1. Please, please, please, do not make this game a Nintendo exclusive only. I understand Bayonetta 2 wouldn’t have existed if it wasn’t for Nintendo; however, I will not buy another Nintendo system for just one game.

      1. Negative. I brought a Wii U for Zelda. Look how that turned out: remakes, remakes, remakes. Wii U barely has games. I’m not going out of my way for okami and bayonetta. Both will be on other systems I’m sure.

    1. As much as people like to call the WiiU a “Failed” console, there are a lot more than just ONE game on WiiU to make the platform worth owning.

      Also … 13 MILLION consoles sold is a BIG number … it only looks small next to the 40 Million PS4s, or 100 Million Wiis (which was not a PAR sales number. That was INSANE).

      I expect the NX to have no fewer reasons to own it as well.

      If …
      Mario 3D World, Wind Waker HD, Mario Kart 8, Smash [4], Splatoon, Starfox Zero Mario Maker, Twilight Princess HD, Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, Hyrule Warriors and New Super Mario Bros U

      … were the only games I owned on WiiU, I would have still considered buying the console worthwhile.

      … but I ALSO HAVE 3rd Party exclusives like …
      Bayonetta 2, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Xenoblade Chronicles X …

      …. which have given me HUNDREDS of Hours of joy on my Nintendo Console alone.

      … Not to mention ports like Bayonetta 1, Assasins Creed 4, Watch Dogs, Darksiders II
      … and Dozens upon Dozens of Virtual Console games I won’t list here.

      And those are just (some of) the games I own, nevermind the ones I’ve not even played yet.

      – – –

      “One Game” … pfft. As if Bayonetta 2 were the ONLY reason to own a WiiU.

      If Bayonetta 3 and/or Okami 2 WERE to become NX exclusive (which seems unlikely, but for the sake of argumemt), It would be a year + after the consoles launch, when there are already a Dozen other compeling reasons to own the platform.

          1. Second party is a fan-made term. Monolith Soft is owned by Nintendo, so anything they make is a first-party title. Xenoblade is a different IP than Xenogears or Xenosaga, so there’s no reason not to consider Xenoblade a first party title.

          2. Nintendo 100% owns Monolith Soft. Any game made by them is 1st party. The 2nd party term is only used for games if the developers are partly owned. It’s like saying Marvel is not Disney because Marvel use to be it’s own solo company.

          3. Second party is Rare during the SNES/N64 era. Nintendo were minority owners (25% to eventually 49% stake), allowed Rare to work on Nintendo IP, but remained a separate entity. Monolith is 100% owned by Nintendo and is one of THEIR first party development studios.

            Xenoblade is also an entirely different IP than the other Xeno games they made under Bandai Namco.

      1. That fact that you need to list all the games to say if the Wii U was decent says a lot. How about we talk about the poor gamepad that dies in a 2 or 3 hours. Mine doesn’t even last me 10 mins now. What about the idea to give only 32GB. You give me the option to use an HDD great, only, not only do some of them do not work, anyone laying around the house has to be stuck to the Wii u. You can’t partition. Let’s talk about how third party barely exist on the Wii u. Letss talk about how online is still laughable and laggyy despite being free. I’d rather pay if the online system moves forward. How about achievements and no force games like Star Fox, which was a great game but had horrible controls . Don’t get it twisted, I’m not saying Wii u sucks, I’m just saying it was a failure, and it was. 3 years into the system and a new system was already announced and games are done for the Wii u this year. Nothing is coming out. 2014 was the systems strongest year, and delays on first party games made the system hit life support fast. You know that shits true, bro.

      2. And if you wanna hit games like that. Let’s talk about how Mass effect 3 can’t even run well on the Wii U. How watch dogs lags and drops in frame rates. So does assassins Creed. You named 2 good games that were not for the Wii U, they were remakes. Not to mention that you didn’t even name smash brothers says something else about your list. And tropical freeze was boring. It was DK returns with HD graphics. Wii U was a failure. Period. Let’s move on.

        1. Why are you commenting on a Nintendo fan site if you hate Nintendo? Why are you even here?

          I don’t go to X-Box sites to troll people about how much Kinect sucked. I have better things to do with my life.

          1. It should be obvious why. Like you, he cares about Nintendo. Don’t mistake being heavily critical of someone or something for hatred.

          2. I love Nintendo, I just think it’s safe to say we are all tired of their mistakes. I want a good system and content, I don’t care about graphics. I just want a controller and games.

            1. Then I don’t know why you are complaining.

              WiiU has Great Games, and I really like the feel of the Pro controller.

              If it just had the analog triggers of the Gamecube Controller, I think it would be the best controller Nintendo ever made, IMHO.

              1. Let me restate my comment.

                I love Nintendo. I think they have the greatest IP any company could have. My frustration comes from the failure to use them wisely. F-Zero hasn’t been utilized. Star Fox was used poorly despite it being a great game, the controller’s were impossible to many to get use to. I dislike the controller’s with the gamepad, but star fox is still great. The pro controller is amazing and it doesn’t work for all games. Im forced to use the gamepad. That’s what I mean by okay graphics and controller. They forced us with the Wii controller but that wasn’t a bad force. Skyward Sword wasn’t my cup of tea though. That was forced. Stuff like that is what makes me complain, and I have the right to because I’m a customer of a company I love. I just hate what Nintendo has become too. They don’t hit core gamers anymore. Focus is on amiibo. Wii U has no games this year. Stuff like that is killer to me and the fans. I can see whete you think I hate Nintendo. I don’t dude. I just want what I know they can produce. They just don’t anymore. And that’s what’s sad.

      1. With the way Sony is making everything exclusive, I find it hard to believe Sony won’t grab it first. Remember, Nintendo doesn’t throw money to companies for exclusive rights to games. Sony will.

        1. Bullshit, Nintendo went out of their way to buy Bayonetta out of their own pockets and give a lot more freedom than lots games when it came to development. They deserve to keep the series. They earned it.

          1. Nintendo didn’t buy Bayonetta. They pretty much “kickstarted” the Bayo sequel by paying for it’s development. Clearly you don’t know anything concerning Bayonetta 2’s development if you actually think Nintendo owns Bayonetta.

              1. Not really. Nintendo bought Bayonetta 2. Just not the series as a whole. I don’t know what you’re talking about but the only one spewing craziness is you. If Sony would snag Bayonetta they would’ve did it with the second game. There’s no excuses. Knowing Sony they would think there’s no need to get Bayonetta 3 since they’re literally remaking CRASH BANDICOOT. An nostalgic classic character that everyone in gaming knows. Even folks outside of gaming know him.

                1. Bayonetta is a hack and slash genre that isn’t big, and remember what I said about the first game on ps3? It was crap. Bad freezing and lagging. Bad framerates. It didn’t sell well on Sony like Xbox. Sony wouldn’t have made an offer for part 2. Nintendo punished the game. Remember devil’s third. They needed a publisher to push the game to stores. That’s what nintendo did for bayonetta. That’s why 2 was there in the end. They got rights to that game only because they took publishing. If other companies saw the game to be a success, Nintendo wouldn’t allow it to move into another system because the game was released because of them. The game was made before Nintendo even asked to get the game onto Wii U. It was done and was shelved because there was no one willing to put the money up for the rights and to have it on their system.

                  1. Exactly, no one was willing to give money so why would they now? Nintendo has a firm grasp on it and they know that. They wouldn’t just drop it.

                    1. Because Part 2 sold well. If I have s company make me a game and it didn’t do well, but then it sold well on a system that didn’t have a high install base, I attempt to get that game and part 3 on my system. It usually happensa lot .

                    2. Sony has Crash though. I’m pretty sure they’re confident with that and the over 50 games they have that’s gonna be on the new system. And Microsoft is just plain ignorant in general. They wouldn’t go out of their way for this series. Which is what Nintendo would do.

                    3. Doesn’t mean they won’t go out of their way for any other games. They did it for a lot of titles, and I don’t see them stopping any time soon.

                    4. No they won’t go out of their way for Bayonetta. It’s obvious they won’t. Even if they try to Nintendo is in the position to snag it first.

            1. If we’re gonna be technical they technically bought Bayonetta 2 since it’s an console exclusive alone. Of course I know Nintendo doesn’t own Bayonetta but they should. -_-

              1. They didn’t buy the game. They own exclusive rights. Platinum cannot make the game for any other game if Nintendo says okay. They didn’t buy the game, the game is platinum and Sega’s game. The rights make it there’s. There is a big difference because those rights are for a certain period of time. After the contact ends, it platinum says fuck this, I’m pushing my game to ps3 even after production for the system is done, they can. Rights to games are very crazy. Look at the shit Kojima went through. His work will never be seen again by him. He made Snake, Big Boss, The Boss, etc. He can never ever use those characters or even reference anything related to MGS. Konami owns the rights and can make a game solely by themselves without them. They did before – NES metal gear and snakes revenge (part 2 of metal gear on NES) are both not canon and Kojima had no involvement in those games. Konami owed the rights though.

    2. you can thank fans for not buying the first game and its why publishers did not want to publish on ps3 and x360. i would love to see the game on ps4, x-bone, and nx, i’d say wii u but that did not pan out though i do have bayonetta 2 first print and have not regretted buying it since then.

      1. No, bayonetta 1 hit a million, but the game was going to only be made for Xbox 360. They ported it over to ps3 and it was a mess. The game sucks on the system. It sold decently well, but bayonetta 2 was done 2 or 3 years later and no company wanted to pick it up. Nintendo decided to do so and that’s why platinum made it only to them. Nintendo said if they publish it, they want to make sure it stays on their system. It didn’t sell because there was a low amount of Wii U owners and not everyone is a hack and slash kind of person. The core gamers wanted it on p3 and 360. That clearly can’t or won’t happen. That’s why it didn’t sell. I got this all from did you know gaming on bayonetta and from the comments platinum has put out there in articles.

        1. ” It didn’t sell because there was a low amount of Wii U owners and not everyone is a hack and slash kind of person. The core gamers wanted it on p3 and 360. That clearly can’t or won’t happen. That’s why it didn’t sell. I got this all from did you know gaming on bayonetta and from the comments platinum has put out there in articles.”

          It sold better then the first game on both systems. Bayonetta 2 sold well and received more attention gaining a a lot more fans in the process to make it is smash. There was difficulty making the games combat and controls to where everything went fluid and it nearly broke the team. Many of them didnt want to touch it again till the creator said to do a 2.

          But anyways you said the first sold a million bayonetta 2 also did (videogamechartz so it was likely more)

          1. You do realize Bayonetta sold two Million on the ps3 and Xbox 360 in total, right?

            And before you ask where I get those numbers, go check your favorite stat website Video Game Chartz.

            Ps3: 1.22


            Xbox: 0.94


            Think you might want to look before leaping next time. Wii U Bayonetta 2 just cracked a million in 2016. Hit has had over a year and some months to hit that market. It wasn’t because the game sucked, it’s because the system sucked. And might I add, bayonetta 2 is easiler and shorter compared to 1. Story wise, part 2 is better and smoother in frame rates.

            1. Did you see how long bayonetta on ps and xbox took to get that many sales? And how long bayonetta 2 took still a success reaching that mark the game is fairly new not bad for a system that “sucked” while I agree that bayonetta 2 had a shorter story its content and combat system where perfected. The reason why this game gets beat on by vocal minority is because its exclusive to the wiiu. Now tell me dear or you one of them?

              1. Oh yes and this

                ” Because Part 2 sold well. If I have s company make me a game and it didn’t do well, but then it sold well on a system that didn’t have a high install base, I attempt to get that game and part 3 on my system. It usually happensa lot .”

                So now your saying it sold well….

              2. Bayonetta 2 to me was an overall better game than 1, but remember, 2 was already done before it was ported over to the Wii U and fixed up.

    1. Nintendo should buy the publishing rights to Bayonetta from Sega. Then give full ownership back to Platinum on the condition that a certain number of Bayonetta games are Nintendo exclusive first. Of course, they’d have to make up a contract so Platinum can’t screw Nintendo’s good generosity since Nintendo did use their own money to get Platinum the full rights. Of course, another part of the contract would be that Nintendo will not interfere too greatly in the development & publishing of the games. I want to say Bayonetta 2 is a good example that Nintendo won’t get too bossy, but considering sometime after Bayo 2 released that NoA got censor happy for some fucking reason, it’s probably a good idea for Platinum to be able to have some protection of their own written into the contract. :/

      1. Nintendo should buy the rights to Capcom. Nintendo should have been brought them awhile back. That makes big moves for Nintendo, but they just don’t think that way. Mega man would be brought back in seconds

  2. Since Bayonetta 2 has sold over a million copies on the Wii U and since she was the Smash Ballot winner I think it’s safe to assume that Nintendo will definitely invest in Bayonetta 3 for the NX or they’ll be crazy not to. Bayonetta has become massively popular among Nintendo fans and what better way for Nintendo to advantage of that by funding the 3rd game for their next generation system. If it happens, I just hope Nintendo does a better job of marketing and advertising it this time around so it can have much better sales than it’s predecessor. Bayonetta 3 as a launch window title for the NX? Hmm sounds good to me

  3. I personally like Bayo’s haircut in the 2nd game a lot more.

    In any case, I’d love to see Bayonetta 3 on NX. Smash introduced me to Bayonetta, and I recently got Bayonetta 2. It’s right now challenging Xenoblade X as my favorite Wii U game.

  4. I’d love to see a new Okami game. It’d be great on the NX or even the Playstation VR.

    1. Totally. Okami has a very stylized artstyle, something Nintendo can pull off without any doubt, they’re good at that. Zelda: Breath of the Wild being a good example of it.

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