IGN Voted Zelda: Breath Of The Wild As Their “Game Of The Show”

IGN has announced that Zelda: Breath of the Wild has won the award for “Game of the Show”. The game was up against titles such as Battlefield 1, God of War, Titanfall 2 and Watch Dogs 2. If you want to see the IGN video that announced Zelda’s victory, feel free to check it out down below.


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  1. No surprise at all and if any other title would’ve won over Breath Of The Wild it would’ve been a complete travesty because no other game came even close. I’m glad this unusual strategy worked out for Nintendo because now BOTW has created a massive buzz for itself and the anticipation for it is very high. People now can’t wait to see how the NX version will look and perform. It was the most talked about game of E3 on social media and the most praised so it being voted the best game of the show should’ve been highly expected

    1. ||If I only could influence High Command directly…we would put this power onto the NX tenfold…making it unstopable…and the end if the Xbot disease forever…||

      1. Then we can go back to the way it use to be, sort of, where there was a friendly rivalry between two console makers. Only this time it’ll be Nintendo VS Sony instead of VS Sega.

        1. I REALLY hope it’s that all over again and we somehow get someone like Crash onto Nintendo. My life would be complete.

    2. Nintendo comin back. Aaaah I remember when everyone was bashin on their e3 tho. :^)

  2. also something wortH pointing out from another IGN VIDEO is the fact that allegedly Nintendo was not to reveal that the game had Rupees as a currency in it, but some guy from the outlet dug out a blue rupee and according to him the nintendo people freaked out lolol

  3. Pretty awesome considering IGN doesn’t seem to care about Nintendo since Audrey left.

  4. way to come back from last year’s performance. way to get people pre excited about the nx, which wasn’t there for the wiiu.

    i’m hoping it’s another wii situation. i waited in front of best buy roughly 10 years ago all night, so I could buy my wii and twilight princess. You could then, not find a wii anywhere. people were begging to find them for christmas, with no luck.

    I’d preorder both the game and the system as soon as you can folks. people thought the wiiu was just a tablet addition to the wii. however, gamers are getting that this is brand new and something we’ve yet to experience.

    I predict big things for the big N in 2017… and i can’t fuggin wait.

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