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Sonic The Hedgehog’s Dr. Eggman Explains Why He Isn’t In Super Smash Bros

During Sonic the Hedgehog and Dr. Eggman’s Q&A session on Twitter yesterday, a fan asked why the mad scientist isn’t a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Eggman responded by saying he’s “far too powerful” and that he’s “impossible to unlock” because he claims to be an S-tier character. You can hear his answer in the video below. This was part of a lighthearted marketing scheme by Sega in which Sonic and Eggman joined forces to answer fans’ pressing questions.


  1. I dunno. I bet he’s not in because he’s third party and we shouldn’t have more than one character from any third party series (save him for Nintendo Vs Sega or something).

    That said, if he were in Smash, I could see him piloting his pod a la Bowser Jr. and have the abilities and play style (but not uselessness) of Olimar or, if you know Skullgirls, Robo Fortune.

      1. Not from the same third party series. Tho PacMan pretty much wrapped up Namco and it’s history with extras here and there like items to do that too. Sega and Capcom doesn’t have a character like that.

    1. Sega got Bayonetta so it’s a fair trade including Namco with Pacman since he’s an walking ad for the company which he represents Namco’s entire history. So…

  2. Yes Capcom got Mega Man and Ryu but that’s different than having Mega Man and Dr. Wily or Ryu and Ken… Plus isn’t one from Capcom and the other like Capcom USA or something slightly different?(not that it matters ’cause I think Sakurai wanted Ryu himself)

    1. Not at all. That would be unfair to give a third party series another character. It should be kept at one and one alone to keep it limited and fair no matter how iconic in the same series. Dr. Eggman could be a boss or whatever. Plus Bayonetta is a tons more interesting character and that is fact.

    2. Actually, that honor belongs to NiGHTS. If Eggman got in, it’d be more Sonic rep than SEGA rep. Use your head. But based on that logic, it should’ve been Roll or Proto Man instead of Ryu, or Ms. Pac-Man instead of Klonoa or Lloyd.

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