Video: Reggie Fils-Aime Guest Starred In A New Episode Of Game Theory’s Deadlock

Reggie Fils-Aime guest starred in a new episode of Game Theory’s Deadlock series. This one centered around whether motion controls help or hurt the Zelda series. There is also a viewer vote at the end that people can contribute to by leaving a comment in the video’s comment section. If you want to see the video yourself, feel free to check it out down below.


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  1. For Skyward Sword I thought the controls worked but the tech wasn’t quite as precise as it should be, my annoyance was the aiming that used the gyroscope instead of the infrared.

  2. Some copies of Skyward Sword were defective, I can personally testify for that.

    When I originally got my copy it worked perfectly, it was fun, it was a blast. However when a friend of mine bought it he had problems with it. I tried the game on his wii and it was impossible. The sword wouldn’t respond, the beetle moved like it was drunk and all the motion controls were simply unusable.

    Something similar happened to me on a recent playthrough of this game some years ago. When I started a new savefile the harp controls broke. Basically controlling the harp was impossible. At the lumpking pumpkin I couldn’t get anything but the worst of ratings, despite having been a pro at it on my previous walkthroughs. Whatever I tried, I could not get to play a single note. So I deleted the savefile, started a new one and the harp just went back to normal.

    It’s clear that Nintendo somehow fucked up with Skyward Sword. It’s either the copies or the consoles (changing the controllers didn’t do anything), but some of the copies really are defective, which is a real shame because I think it ruined the experiences of several players. Thankfully for most of my playthrough they were amazing but still, Nintendo shouldn’t be allowed to publish such mistakes

    1. “I tried the game on his wii and it was impossible.”

      That sounds like an issue with his hardware. The software wasn’t the issue; all of the discs released were identical. It was probably that the Wii Remote Plus were defective or cheaply made, and that’s what caused the issues with motion controls.

      1. It’s also possible that the Wii consoles themselves had issues with picking up the inputs effectively, and would somehow fix itself at a later time. That seems accurate to your description of how changing controllers didn’t work.

      2. I brought in my controller to his house, which was the very same I used to play on my other console perfectly. Switching controllers doesn’t change a damn. It’s either an issue with the console or with the game copy. It’s probably some kind of bug that triggers when specifc values of the console are given or maybe even something that happens in-game, I really have no idea. Someone with the resources should properly investigate this

    1. Exactly. Why pointlessly appease only a niche part of your fanbase for a game when you can easily please almost all of the fanbase (although I like Star Fox Zero, this is a perfect example).

  3. Why would Reggie agree to go on a shitty channel like GameTheory… And even after Reggie goes on his show, GT makes him look like an idiot on the thumbnail pick. Bad decision Reggie, you are so much better than that..

    1. ||High Command is keeping the Little People in check by giving them their divine presense…||

  4. I personally will NEVER be a fan of motion controls. Despite the fact of how well they worked in some games. The Wii motion controls caused some games that are normally peaceful and relaxing to be tedious and frustrating (and exhausting). Such as golf and baseball games. Who the heck wants to pretend the Wii remote is a real golf club or baseball bat and swing their arms and hands around forever? You can NOT get accurate hits like that. I’m also not a fan of the Gamepad. It’s too freakin’ big and bulky. Every time a game REQUIRES the Gamepad, I find myself not wanting to play that game. Traditional controllers (and gameplay) will always dominate.

    1. it is nice how newer zelda games let you use the pro controller. In zelda, I liked the quick equip in albw and equip system in BotW. But SS was a nightmare for me.

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