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New Professor Layton In Development

Japanese gaming publication Famitsu is reporting that there’s a new Professor Layton title in development. Kotaku says that the next Professor Layton game is part of the mainline series but doesn’t seem to feature Layton as its protagonist. Details regarding the game are fairly scarce but we do have some character art to show you. We should find out more about the game at the Level-5 Vision event in Japan which takes place next month.



8 thoughts on “New Professor Layton In Development”

  1. I’m quite excited. Also seems like there is going to be a female main character this time, which is interesting.

  2. I don’t want them to get rid of Layton from the series. Capcom tried doing that once with the Ace Attorney series but ended realizing the error of their ways and ended up putting Phoenix Wright back as the main character in the next game although that was also when they stopped releasing physical copies of Ace Attorney in the US too… I Hate Capcom for that >:(

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