Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Rupees Can Be Found In Wild After All

We found out during E3 that the Rupee system in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will work slightly differently than they have in previous Zelda games. Eurogamer says that when they played the demo at the entertainment show you couldn’t find Rupees as normal by slicing grass and opening the variety of chests found in the environment. Plus there was no Rupee meter displayed on the screen. However French Nintendo site Nintendo Sphere found a lovely purple rupee on the ground near the body of an ancient Guardian enemy. You can check that out in the footage below.

Thanks, Majora’s Mark


  1. This article in itself isn’t major. But the amount of articles on here about new things in Breath of the Wild without any spoiler warnings is getting worrisome. Everyday there’s one. Please be careful and if big things are revealed, post spoiler warnings.

  2. I would love to see a complete collection of every single Zelda game, leading up to BotW, released on the NX on one cartridge! That includes every single one, except that god awful Zelda CD-i… wait… put that one in too, I could use some comical relief;)

    1. Assuming they do go with cartridges, would it actually be possible to fit every Zelda game on one cartridge? I don’t know about memory space and all that technical stuff, so I’m honestly curious.

  3. Pretty sure there was a Rupee count in the upper-right hand corner whenever someone paused the game. Also I believe it was Jose Otero from IGN who said he accidentally found a Rupee in the ground and the Nintendo people kinda freaked out because they didn’t think he was supposed to be able to find that.

    Aside from possibly digging them up like that or finding them like in the video I guess we’ll be selling ore for Rupees if the in-game item descriptions are to be believed at all.

  4. This is no new news at all, lol… In multiple videos of the Breath in the Wild demo, there is a rupee counter in the top right corner of the screen while in the menu. We’ve already known there will still be rupees.

  5. I just want BotW to have an actual economy. Not get ifinite amounts of rupees and by anything you want. I mean an actual economy, where as you want to purchase something, anything, your going to have to do some serious grinding and looting… I honestly cant believe its taken Nintendo this long to realize their mistakes from past Zelda games..

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