Ninja Gaiden Composer Keiji Yamagishi Reveals New Project In Works

It looks as though we might be getting a new entry in the fast paced and ultimately brutal Ninja Gaiden franchise. The game’s composer Keiji Yamagishi has tweeted that he is currently working on a new project that’s related to the series. More news will be shared next month.


  1. Just make sure the fucking costumes aren’t locked behind having to save up millions of points that should be used for abilities next time, please! 8,000,000 for one costume was bullshit, man! 8m that should be going to making my character stronger. I hate it when some games do that where you have to choose between either fashion or giving your character better stats because the outfits with the best stats tend to be the ugliest visually.

    1. Then again, this is Koei Tecmo. They’ll just have the alternate costumes as DLC instead. -.-

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