Tetris Film Is A Trilogy As “Too Big” To Fit Into Single Film

As you probably already know Tetris is heading to the big screen and is set to be split into three films. Many of you were wondering how the director has enough material to make a film about blocks into a trilogy. Well, in a recent interview with Empire Online, Tetris movie producer Larry Kasanoff simply said it is a bigger story than even he had initially anticipated.

“The story we conceived is so big. This isn’t us splitting the last one of our eight movies in two to wring blood out of the stone. It’s just a big story.”



  1. It’s really starting to feel like the entire movie is just going to be a black screen with “Ya got prank’d” right in the middle. It’s getting too stupid to be real at this point.

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      1. Oh come on! I’m trying to post a the Rick Astley Never Gonna Give You Up video but the damn comment won’t post. Unless it has posted & WordPress is just being retarded on my end. In which case, sorry for the spam for anyone that can actually see multiple comments of roughly the same thing.


  2. ||A big story, about blocks that fall down…||

    ||Make a movie out of “The Letter” while you’re at it…||

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    1. Well both Zelda and Metroid cant because Ninty is too protective. Theyre the peoblem with this one. As for Gears, well I hear MS was getting too involve in the Halo movie and messing too much with Peter Jackson, at least thats what i heard. The official announcement was that MS just shelfed the project without a reason. Im guessing thats why Gears cant get a movie.

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  3. Ill remain neutral. I mean, People said the same thing about the Lego movie and that was an amazing film. They also said that about the angry birds movie, and that was at least decent. Idk how theyll pull it off, but ill hold judgement untill they at least have a trailer.

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      1. Exactly, i was actually one of the doubters during the Lego movie announcement. And well, I was dead wrong. I am very curious to see/hear what itll be about.


  4. The source material is stacking blocks as they come down. How the hell can you say you made a story about that too big for one movie? Or enough to justify a movie at all? Hollywood has gotten sad

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    1. What, do they look at something random and decide to make a movie after it?

      “Next year… We’ll release The Firefox Movie, then the Linux Penguin Movie…”


  5. I don’t know. If they managed to create a movie out of a board game (Battlefield) then surely they can create a trilogy out of Tetris.


    1. I think you meant Battleship. Anyway, that movie never should have been about aliens. It should have taken place in an alternate earth where war is carried out by way of battleships and there were two earth factions at war with each other. But since Michael Bay was given control, he just had to force aliens down people’s fucking throats again. So glad we stopped him from turning Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles into Teenage Alien Ninja Turtles. :/ I honestly think Bay has a hard on for aliens & having them destroy earth.


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