A New Set of Super Mario Hot Wheels Will Be Available In August

Last year, Mattel and Nintendo partnered up to bring 6 special edition Super Mario-themed Hot Wheels toys. The cars had retro designs featuring Mario classics such as Super Mario World, Super Mario Bros., Dr. Mario, Super Mario Kart, Super Mario Bros. 2 and Super Mario Bros. 3.

It has now been revealed that the two companies will be teaming up again, this time bring a new themed set of Super Mario Hot Wheels where the cars are designed to look like each character. The designs include: Princess Peach, Bowser, Toad, Mario, Luigi and Yoshi, you can check them out below:


The set is due to hit shelves n August, and rumoured to be potentially difficult to find. They are more than likely to be found in toy shops that usually stock the Hot Wheels line, however GameStop did stock the retro Mario versions previously, so they may well stock these too.

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  1. They look kinda cheap; they should’ve put a little more detailing into them.

    I think that it would be awesome if they instead did models based on some of the in-game carts. Then again, that might be too costly and difficult to produce.

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