Super Mario-Themed Hot Wheels Cars Are Coming In October

Nintendo has teamed up with toy maker Mattel to create six Super Mario-themed Hot Wheels cars. Each design was inspired by six different Mario classics: Super Mario World, Super Mario Bros., Dr. Mario, Super Mario Kart, Super Mario Bros. 2 and Super Mario Bros. 3. Some of the toy cars even have the Super Mario Bros. 30th anniversary logo emblazoned on them. Look for them on store shelves this October.

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      1. Oh my God really?! IS THAT WHAT THE ARTICLE SAYS?!

        I can read again! … (SARCASM).

        Yeah dude, you either didn’t read my comment or it went way over your head.


  1. Ah Hot Wheels…Takes me back to when McDonalds toys were of a slightly better quality, as well as when I collected about a hundred of them before moving on to Pokémon Cards.

    My favorite Hot Wheels vehicle, and I still have it, is this one:


  2. I’m DEFINITELY buying these! I had all of the Atari arcade Hot Wheels, but then turned right around and sold them (for no reason). But I’ll keep these ones forever.


  3. I always thought that Mario looked like he was blowing the fireballs out of his nose in the original Super Mario Bros.


  4. Not one for automobiles, but why are they all vans and trucks? A nice slender mario themed car or sports car would have looked just as nice. Nonetheless scalpers will eat these up.


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