Keiji Inafune Says Mario Is The Game Creator’s Development Bible

new_super_mario_bros_2_mario_flyingMega Man creator Keiji Inafune has been tied up with development for Mighty No. 9 of late, but he’s been on hand to interview in IGN’s article, which celebrates the life of our favourite red-capped plumber, Mario. Looking at different stages of Mario’s life, several developers and ex-Nintendo employees have shared their memories when it comes to creating their own games.

Nintendo of America’s former VP of marketing Perrin Kaplan said that, to him and many Nintendo employees, Mario was “half digital and half real human” and that his most amazing memory was when Super Mario 64 launched, where Mario could fly in the air. And Jim Merrick, former technical director of Nintendo of America, was also of the same opinion. Merrick thought of him as a colleague and “the guy who brought to life so many of Nintendo’s new products and technologies”.

But Keiji Inafune remembers Mario not as a colleague or a half human, but as the King of the development industry, seeing him as the game creator’s “development bible”. His comment in full can be seen below, but if you want to check out what other developers said, you can view the article, here.

“If any creator has not played Mario, then they’re probably not a good creator. That’s something I can say with 100 percent confidence. Mario is, for game creators, the development bible. There are so many hints about good design, about cute characters, about innovation in using an existing gameplay system. It’s something you have to constantly look at and examine and take hints from as a game creator. It’s the anchor that grounds almost all games.

“I have total respect for Miyamoto, to the point where… It’s very strange that there are national cultural treasures – they’re traditionally sportsmen. I think it’s very strange that somebody as famous as Miyamoto hasn’t been designated one of those people. He’s talked about in all different countries. Lots of people know him. He’s pushed forward Japanese culture and interest in Japan all over the world. He’s somebody that deserves everyone’s ultimate respect, and a lot of that is due to being able to create Mario. And Super Mario Bros. 3, of course, within that, was a fantastic game.”

Wii U Developer Direct – Super Mario 3D World

Another developer direct hits us and this time it’s Super Mario 3D World in the spotlight. The game’s director Koichi Hayashida takes us through the main differences and key aspects of the title which is due for release this December. Hayashida had always wondered what happens to Mario when he transports himself through a pipe, so Nintendo has developed clear pipes which will have coins and, occasionally, even enemies. He also comments on the multiplayer element of Super Mario 3D Land, in which you can play levels repeatedly with friends to gain better scores – well, we all love a bit of friendly competitive action, don’t we?

The Super Mario Bros. Movie Gets 20th Anniversary Screening


Remember that movie from the early 90s starring Bob Hoskins and Dennis Hopper that vaguely followed the story of Super Mario? Well, it’s getting a 20th anniversary screening in LA at the end of this month.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie was a financial disaster but over the years it’s blossomed into a wonderful cult film enjoyed by fans across the globe. On May 24, a screening will be held at midnight in the NuArt Theatre, Los Angeles.

The time has come! As the 20th anniversary of Super Mario Bros. draws near, we are pleased to announce a special screening that will be held at the NuArt Theatre in Los Angeles, CA on Friday, May 24th at midnight!

Screenwriter Parker Bennett and production designer David L. Snyder will be sitting on a Q & A panel, answering questions from fans.

We will also have a few other anniversary surprises, so be sure to join us in the festivities!

- The Super Mario Bros. official Facebook page

Super Mario AR Card Set Announced

super mario ARAfter Chotto Nintendo Direct announced yesterday their upcoming releases for the eShop on Nintendo 3DS, Super Mario fans will also get to feast their eyes on prepaid Augmented Reality card sets featuring characters from the franchise. The prepaid cards are set for release in Japan on April 23, but there has been no confirmation if they will be launched in Europe or North America.

The software entitled “Isshoni Photo”, directly translated as “take a picture together” will be available to download for free on the 3DS via access from a special QR code on the packaging. It will allow the player to interact with the characters, moving them to different locations to take pictures, as well as enabling the creation of classic in-game animations. Currently, there are three cards available from launch including Goomba, Mario and Princess Peach – ranging in price from 1,000 to 3,000 yen. Three other characters have also been confirmed, which include Koopa Troopa, Luigi and Bowser – again, all at similar prices – but Nintendo have yet to announce the official date.

5th Cell Explains Why Nintendo Characters Are Absent From Scribblenauts Unlimited For 3DS

Nintendo characters, including ones from The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario franchises, appear in Wii U’s version of Scribblenauts Unlimited. The Nintendo 3DS version will not feature the iconic characters because of ‘timing,’ according to Scribblenauts developer 5th Cell. The developer says the Nintendo 3DS version is complete and is currently being manufactured, unlike the Wii U version, because Game Cards take longer to make than Wii U Optical Discs.

“The 3DS version was already finished and moving into manufacturing (cartridges take longer to produce) by the time the deal was signed with WB & Nintendo…only the Wii U and PC [versions] remained and obviously Nintendo would only want their IP on their platform.”