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Miyamoto says they’ll share info on a new Mario game when “we get to a time where we can do so”

It is looking to be a busy 2023 for Nintendo’s Mario franchise. An animated film is coming to theaters in April, and Super Nintendo World has recently opened its doors at Universal Studios Hollywood. However, one thing that has been noticeably missing is a new Mario game.

Excluding ports, there hasn’t been a new 3D Mario game in years. The past few years has been focused mainly on sports titles and a new Mario Party game. In fact, as of this post’s writing, Nintendo doesn’t have a single Mario game on the 2023 schedule.

With that in mind, it isn’t surprising that IGN asked Shigeru Miyamoto about the matter in an interview they recently had with him. They asked him why there isn’t a Mario game releasing alongside the theme park and movie. In response, Miyamoto said that “we’re always working on Mario, so when we get to a time where we can share information, we’ll certainly do so”.


29 thoughts on “Miyamoto says they’ll share info on a new Mario game when “we get to a time where we can do so””

  1. I’m pretty sure we got a couple of Mario games this February, people are always wanting more, We got Mario land 2 and Mario advance 4 (Mario bros 3). They may not be new games to some people, but to many new gamers, they will be first time experiences. Mario and rabbits 2 last year was a new Mario title. Perhaps leave poor Miyamoto alone and let him breathe.

    1. People mean new mainline Mario games, and the last one was 6 years ago. Mario vs. Rabbids is done by an entirely different team too. The old game collections are nice, but those shouldn’t be treated like new games when we’re discussing the development of new projects. Even when I was a kid playing the GBA Mario ports or the roms on Wii virtual console that were completely new to me I didn’t act like those replaced the dev time that was being done for new projects.

    2. Miyamotos talking about mainline 3d Mario games, last time he mention something like this odyssey soon followed, but their right game development for main 3d Mario games are usually 5-7 years of development so who knows when the next big hit Mario game comes out, were either getting another full 3d Mario game on the system or their saving it for the next system.

      1. If we’re talking strictly 3D Mario then the gap is usually 6-7 years, but the New Super Mario Bros. and 3D Land/World counted too. The last time we had a 6 year gap between no new games was 64 and Sunshine (unless if you count Luigi’s Mansion Ig?). We were actually having a rather consistent release schedule until it suddenly stopped in 2017, so it’s very strange.

        1. Yeah those games count as Mario adventure games. Development of 3D games takes 4 to 6 years in the making and Miyamoto always the producer in every 3D Mario game since the next game is going to be something bigger then Odyssey.

          1. Yeah, I just looked it up and this is the longest hiatus we’ve ever been in since Mario’s debut in Donkey Kong Arcade if you count the original Luigi’s Mansion as part of the canon.

            1. Yes Luigi too because Luigi’s Mansion is part of the Mario Franchise. As for Donkey Kong, since he appears in Mario games like sports and racing, I’m guessing both Donkey Kong and Mario are shared universes since both characters know each other in the past.

        2. If there’s anything I realized about Nintendo, it’s as predictable they can be they can always pull and do things on their own even when your trying to make a track record for them, btw does Bowser fury sorta count I know it was part of the 3d world port but it was definitely made from the ground up and was a brand new 3d Mario game even if it was short.

          1. I actually don’t know if it does since I never played it. If it’s lengthy enough that it could stand on its own as a fully fledged game I would say it does, but if it’s only as long as say a single Mario Odyssey hub level then I don’t think I would count it as a new release. Enhanced ports are getting into weird territory since MK8D started as not really counting as a new title, but with all the DLC it’s getting, I guess I could count it as being the 9th entry?

            1. Mk8 is whole another thing since tour is actually consider the 9 entry (it’s been confirmed by miyamoto himself) it’s also the reason why it’s even consider in the booster course pass along with the past entries, as for fury it can be beaten pretty quick in about 8-9 hours but that’s like without 100% story wise it seems to happen after 3d world and Odyssey theirs a lot to factor with fury but it still would be crazy to say that Nintendo didn’t do anything with 3d Mario after odyssey when Bowser fury exist.

              1. I wish they would just port every racer (not including the outfits, that’d be ridiculous) and the courses from Tour because the game’s controls render it as being unplayable for me. It doesn’t even register as a mainline in my brain despite all the content it has.

                1. It’s actually 3 hours long but 6 hours to 100% but yeah it’s still pretty short so your point still stands that being said it still be crazy to say that Nintendo hasn’t done anything with mainline Mario at all.

    3. I think Miyamoto’s had plenty of time to breathe lol.
      From what I’ve read he mainly takes more of a consulting role at Nintendo nowadays, unless I’m mistaken I believe the last game he was credited with actually producing was BotW back in 2017 (though he’s also been working on the Mario Movie in the meantime). I’ve not even found evidence that he’s the one producing Pikmin 4 (he didn’t produce Pikmin 3 either, it was Hiroyuki Kimura instead).
      I appreciate the hell out of the guy, but it’s time to get to work. We’re getting to be well overdue for the next mainline Mario.

      1. I actually think he needs to retire really. The guy has been legendary in the past, but he’s proven to be out of touch and actively hold games back to his gaming philosophy in recent years. The man’s also 70.

        1. I can kinda agree I suppose? I mean god knows I’ve had my issues with the man, with him gutting the stories of both Galaxy 2 and the Paper Mario franchise due to his weird apparent hatred of stories in video games, but at the same time I think he’s still capable of doing good. He was one of the producers of BotW after all and did a phenomenal job with it.

          Though like you say, the dude is 70 at this point so I doubt he’ll be in a producing roll for much longer. He should either retire or take an exclusively consulting role.

  2. I understand what exactly is he talking about since people are really confused on what he is saying. I think he meant a new mainline Mario adventure game. The last mainline game we got 6 years ago was Odyssey and I enjoyed that completely.

  3. Mario still debuts faster than other Nintendo franchises. Tropical Freeze, Pikmin3, Metroid 3 are way more than 6 years old from their sequels.

    1. Nuts berry’s and bolts

      If you think about it, there is always a new Mario when a new system gets released, we had Mario 64 with N64, Mario sunshine with GameCube’, Mario Galaxy with wii, Mario 3D world with Wii U, Mario Oddesy with Switch, so it’s going in that direction 😁

  4. Well, if it’s just a Mario Oddesy 2, Mario Galaxy 3, or a new 2D Mario game your after, then I wouldn’t expect that until next year 😂

  5. Just checked it out Since 1984 to 2017 we had a new Mario Platformer every 2 years 2d or 3d, and from 2017 to 2023 only the 2 hours long Bowsers Fury.

  6. I’d count Bowser’s Fury. I used to think they may be working on a 3DWorld sequel that would be entirely like that but… one would figure it would have been out by now.

    Who knows? Maybe they are sitting on a mostly complete Mario game like they did with Prime and Fire Emblem. Maybe we’ll see it after they release their current starchild, TOTK.

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were sitting on a finished game like they were with Engage and Metroid remastered. I’m still trying to figure out why they would be sitting on games like this though.

  7. I think the movie will introduce Mario to a bunch of younger people that aren’t familiar or a Mario fan yet. Then once the audience grows more from the successful movie for a few months, then you release a game and have even better game sales and more switch units sold.

  8. I think at this point selling more switch units is a silly idea, the switch is now the third best selling console of all time, so now they have an incredible install base, they only need to keep selling successful titles to keep their profit rolling. Let’s hope they don’t roll out a new console for a long time.

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