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Miyamoto reiterates Nintendo’s core objective is ‘to bring family’s together in living room’

classic photo of Shigeru Miyamoto playing Super Mario world

Legendary video game designer Shigeru Miyamoto has reiterated Nintendo’s core objective when it comes to developing games. Mr. Miyamoto stated in a recently published interview that the main concept revolves around bringing family and friends together in the living room, which has been the Kyoto-based company’s goal for a long time. A number of games have accomplished this task including Wii Sports, the Mario Kart series, the Mario Party series and Smash Bros etc. It seems these core values have not changed, despite Mr. Miyamoto taking more of a back seat role at Nintendo.

“For Nintendo, the idea of games is something that brings the family together in the living room and interact and [act], as mentioned, like a connective tissue. And when we’re talking about games, it really just happens in the living room.”


58 thoughts on “Miyamoto reiterates Nintendo’s core objective is ‘to bring family’s together in living room’”

  1. Those days are gone Miyamoto, the switch is a very social hybrid, and as such, many people go out to meet each other, but living rooms are a thing of the past. Many Pokemon go players would tell you this too.

    1. Oh, living rooms are things of the past? Tell that the the two other major consoles then.. Also the switch can be played in your living room. Seems like you missed his point here.

      1. Those “OTHER CONSOLES” don’t focus on family being together.. they have much better online features than Nintendo has. The idea that people play together in the living room is archaic.
        I’ve been to my brothers home, he has 2 kids, they both sit in their rooms playing on a smart phone or a gaming handheld.
        My brother plays shit online.
        Nothing family oriented.
        Miyamoto’s goals are a thing of the past.. end of story.

        1. Did you ever consider that Nintendo’s strength in the market is derived from how it differentiates itself from its competitors? And focus on couch multiplayer is something that Nintendo is definitely known for. Obviously couch multiplayer is not what it used to be, but there’s definitely still some demand for gaming experiences where people are actually sat in the same room as each other.

          I’d love for them to improve their online infrastructure too but I’m not foolish enough to not understand that there’s plenty Nintendo do right, I mean they have sold 120 million of these things you know.

          1. They sold 120 million to casuals and children and people who already own other consoles and buy Nintendo on the side + in a time where everyone already owns a Playstation 4 or Xbox and huge shortage of Ps5 and Xbox X. That said if you combine the other market its far bigger. Also there a mobile games with 100 million players , doesn’t make mobile the best place to play the best or biggest titles. People buy Nintendo for a couple of Nintendo games so why not make a actual console that gets all the titles out there like it used to be?

            1. The Nintendo Switch outsold the PS4, Xbone, and has out sold the PS5 and Xbox series X/S for 6 years and three years respectfully. As Nintendo gamers we have fought console wars in every major decade. People that buy Nintendo consoles are of all walks and gamer classification. Trust me, Atari tried, sega tried too with the family kid labels, so did PlayStation and Xbox. Nintendo and its gamers were build and created in all existence. I can safely say that we bought the Switch as gamers, not casuals or hard core, just 🎮 video gamers.


              1. These are software sales , PS1-4 sold 5,3 billion , every Nintendo console combined 5,5 billion. Thats not even including Ps5 , PC , Xbox that deliver the same games and titles. Hardware sales are simular results only way more numbers so can’t post those here. I consider myself a Core gamer who played every Nintendo console and game when gaming was for a select group of people and not for the masses as it is today , I probally spend more time on Nintendo consoles and games than you and anyone else on this website , modern Nintendo is for Casuals and Children , not for core gamers ;)

                1 PlayStation 2 (PS2) 1,537.00
                2 PlayStation 4 (PS4) 1,419.50
                3 Xbox 360 (X360) 1,008.03
                4 PlayStation 3 (PS3) 999.40
                5 Nintendo Switch (NS) 994.30
                6 PlayStation (PS) 962.00
                7 Nintendo DS (DS) 948.76
                8 Nintendo Wii (Wii) 921.85
                9 Game Boy (GB) 501.11
                10 Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) 500.01
                11 Nintendo 3DS (3DS) 390.10
                12 Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) 379.06
                13 Game Boy Advance (GBA) 377.42
                14 PlayStation Portable (PSP) 331.00
                15 Xbox (XB) 271.46
                16 Nintendo 64 (N64) 224.97
                17 GameCube (GC) 208.57
                18 Sega Genesis (GEN) 175.80
                19 Atari 2600 (2600) 120.00
                20 Nintendo Wii U (WiiU) 103.54
                21 Sega Saturn (SAT) 80.00
                22 PlayStation Vita (PSV) 68.53
                23 Dreamcast (DC) 64.89
                24 GameGear (GG) 38.26
                25 WonderSwan (WS) 10.00
                26 ColecoVision (CV) 8.00
                27 Atari Jaguar (AJ) 0.34

                1. Did you seriously just brag about how you’ve played more Nintendo games that some random people on the internet and then spew garbage about systems being hardcore/casual?

                  …Aren’t you, like, 40 or something?

                  1. So what if he/she is? Are you having your period this week? You look like the biggest prick in this topic hahaha. How about responding to the hard data he’s providing instead of nitpicking small things to fit your own narrative. Nintendo makes quality stuff , but there’s no denying the other market is far bigger if you know your history and numbers.

                    1. “Are you having your period this week?” Wow, starting off with a sexist comment. Bold choice.
                      After a start like that I feel confidant in saying I no longer “look like the biggest prick in this topic” anymore lmao.

                      Why would I respond to the “hard data” when it has zero bearing on this article or the argument I was personally making in my comment? Hell, it doesn’t even do anything to prove their point, so there’s not even a reason for me to.
                      I just thought it prudent to point out how utterly childish and pathetic certain things they were saying are, especially from someone either almost or actually 40 (based on things said in their previous comments on this site).

                      Never said Nintendo had a bigger market than other companies, the part of the argument I picked apart was the whole hardcore/casual garbage, seeing as there is no set definition for what makes someone a “hardcore gamer” (the phrase itself being something individuals like zak patat invented to delude themselves into thinking they have superiority over other video game players).

                      Though me saying all this is most likely a waste of time, given that you’re most likely either an alt account created by zak (very interesting how someone always seemed to come to his defence out of nowhere on previous articles), or someone equally as delusional.

                  2. Wait what? The only time anyone ever defended me on this website was that you can clear Metroid Dread and get all of its powerups in 8 hours! Wich I already proved longggg before that and was recognized by that other retard. Wich is also proven by the website howlongtobeat to name one , that has date on every video games Average , Median , Rushed , Leisure and Main Story Time and Main+Extras , Completionist , All Playstyles so what are you on about?

                    Maby there are more people who agree with me and don’t try to defend Nintendo till the dead like people like you do? I look at data and facts not belly feelings.

                    And what if I am nearly 40? I have played video games for a living a big part of my life on a high competetive level , this means 10-15 hours a day of practise. I doubt many people beat that. This is not to brag but just a fact.

                    Your just having a go at me cause you have seen me in the past and didn’t like it , you also sound the same as that other idiot.

                    Also in defense of the other person , you are the one telling people to get more IRL friends even though you know nothing about them. You are the one talking about my age and calling me childish. Your the only person in this entire topic making all sorts of assumtions you know nothing about and starting shit with other people. Anyway i’m done talking to you , say what you wanna say ;) Ill talk to people who wanna talk data and facts , not Nintdroid fanboys who keep saying the same things over and over witouth any proof. I’m sure you will come up with another beautiful story to justify everyting you said ;)

                    1. Ironic how you accuse me of using assumptions and “belly feelings” (lmao) when you delude yourself into thinking that you’re the most experienced gamer on this website, despite literally having zero evidence for it. You literally have no idea what kind of people use this site, you’re just automatically assuming you are based on your own over-inflated ego. There’s nothing “factual” about your claim, and makes me think that you don’t actually know the definition of the word.

                      …And speaking of your ego, you’re genuinely a 40-year-old dude who’s boasting proudly on here about how he’s been playing video games for over 10 hours every day, believing that somehow makes himself superior to others? Like, there’s having video games as a healthy hobby and then there’s… whatever the hell you are lmao.
                      You’re also a literal 40-year-old using insults like “Nintdroid” (which isn’t even correct) online in a vain attempt to “win” arguments. Like, can you really not see how genuinely pathetic that is?
                      Soo… yeah. I stand by my previous statement; you desperately need a reality check.

                      Ahh, of course you’re immediately jumping to the defence of the other person who totally-isn’t-you-on-an-alt-account, what a surprise.
                      I’m making “assumptions” based on the utterly moronic and pathetic things you’ve been saying, which is giving me plenty to work with believe me.

                      I find it hilarious how you keep bringing up Nintendo and imply I’m defending them, when I’ve barely even mentioned them in this thread lmao. Seriously, I’ve mentioned their name like twice, and one of them was in reply to your alt account (which also, funnily enough, automatically assumed I was defending Nintendo. What a weird coincidence ;) )
                      My original comment wasn’t in defence of Nintendo, it was the call out the depressingly pathetic things you were saying. But I guess you desperately needed a strawman to fight against huh.

                      But hey, you go ahead and talk with “people who wanna talk data and facts”. I’m sure one of your seemingly many alt accounts will opt to keep you company :)
                      Though despite what you say, I’m pretty sure you’ll reply back to this. People like you just can’t stop themselves from making themselves look like fools, so I look forward to you proving me right ;)

                  3. haha , not everyone with a different opinion than yours is someone’s alt account. You do look like a douchebag tbh.

        2. Same in my entire family , infact the children don’t appreciate games the same way as we used to. There are so many games om mobile and console that are all free. In the early day’s games where expensive and people had less money so played your games multiple times for years and years. There are also people that don’t care about the handheld part and just want a solid TV console with full support of other company’s big titles.

        3. The planet is huge, 93 % of house holds around the world still sit together in their living rooms. Shigeru Miyamoto San is very correct. Nintendo will always find a way to get families playing their games together.


          1. Where did you get that number from XD. Also even so 1 person is on his phone , the other on a tablet and the next one is watching a movie or reading a book. It’s not like it used to be , atleast not in this country!

  2. I love Miyamoto. But I feel this core value doesn’t resonate as much in the current market.
    Family (or friends), coming together for gaming – is a bigger online experience than ever before.
    Nintendo need to embrace this.

  3. I’ve always enjoyed couch co-op over online multiplayer or competitive Pvp, unfortunately most would probably perfer an online experience then playing with family or friends unless it’s online.

  4. Mario Kart is fun when your 20 and everyone’s is stoned out of there minds and drunk and another guy is on shrooms but not when your 30+ and just want to play triple A blockbuster games on your big ass tv!

    1. Families are still having children. Children still like Nintendo games. Parents, aunts, uncles, and kids still like games they can all play together.

      1. Wow, some people must have nice family’s then, nobody in my family even plays video games except my brother, and we are criticised for playing games.

      1. Your are completely missing the point. The point is , back in the days you where hanging out with your mates 7 days a week. Than your grow up and start a family and everyone start doing there own thing. Obviously you still see your friends and family , but not 7 days a week or even every week. It’s called growing up. This has nothing to do with not having fun.

        1. I was not spending time with my friends that often, I would’ve been driven insane because I am an ambivert. I even cut ties with someone because I told them the time they were spending time with me was too much and that it was negatively affecting my mental state because I needed time to recharge.

          Anyways, working a job and having a family does not affect your free time at all. You had school and a family when you were a kid, so your free time should be pretty much the same. To me, it just sounds like you lost your drive rather than it being a matter of growing up.

    2. +Klattu
      “but not when your 30+”

      Funny, I’m 35. doesn’t do drugs or alcohol, and I love booting up a round of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and playing online.
      My literal existence has proven this to be wrong.

      1. Correction , “I” and people around me find it boring to play , cause we enjoyed it so much while playing together on the gamecube and we are grown up now. As for online , the blue flame took out the fun for me.The game also feels very repetitive after multiple installations. The same can be said about many games I know.

          1. Don’t know the right word , but when you jump up and your kart moves to one side and you get blue stuff behind you? That makes your kart go faster. People basicly spin trough the entire level and put people on one round ahead. To me , this is a boring skill and it also makes the game less fun to play.

            But mainly , after multiple Mario Karts , it gets to a point of been there done that. Wich counts for many franchises I guess.

            1. Okay that’s called “Drifting” and that issue you mentioned was called “Snaking” and hasn’t been a thing since Mario Kart DS.
              These days drifting can only be done on turns which is what it’s meant to be. Also, you don’t speed up when the blue stuff appears, that’s just you charging it, the speed boost portion comes in after you release the drift and even then it’s only a short burst.

  5. Well, I’m surprised that they are still doing it till this day because Mario Kart and other sports games they made brings a lot of good people together as one big family in there living rooms. But some people are busy with there life because they don’t have time to play with friends and family or hangout with friends which is really sad and upsetting.

  6. Reading this comment section leads me to believe that a lot of people on here need to get some more irl friends lol.
    I regularly meet up with my friends for a game of Smash, Mario Kart or whatever else we fancy playing in person. Often play stuff with my family on the weekends too. It’s not always possible with everyones busy adult schedules, but we always end up making time to hang out and play games together.
    Online is obviously integral for many games, but to go as far to say that in person gaming is now “obsolete”? No lmao.
    I think the people saying this really need to go out a bit more.

    1. I have played with friends from the age of 4 till 28 ish but it’s not like I used to be. When we where young for example , we would see eachother almost every day and drink some beers together in the weekend and play crazy Mario Kart games , now people are busy with there jobs , wife and kids and you see eachother like 10 times a year tops. This has nothing to do with get a social life people just don’t have time. Maby in your case they do but that doesn’t count for everyone.

      1. I never said it counts for everyone, I’m fully aware that adult schedules make meeting up in person difficult at times (hence why I even mentioned it in my comment).

        However, there are people in this comment section that seem to find the idea of in-person gaming in this day and age completely absurd, and I find that extremely strange as it’s comepletly contradictory to my own personal experiences with gaming. I’ve got a full uni course and part time job to deal with personally, yet I always make sure to leave at least one or two evenings free to meet up with friends and play games.

        So either these people are much older and have a lot of family/work responsibilities to contend with that stops them meeting with friends as often (though I’m not sure why they’d assume that their situation counts for everyone else as well), or they completely lack the irl video gaming friends in the first place and assume nobody else does too.

        Again, I’m not critcising people for not being able to game with people irl, this is aimed at the people this comment section who seem to fail to understand that in-person gaming is still very much alive. Just because online gaming has become a big thing doesn’t mean it’s now the ONLY way to play games with friends.

    2. Same in my entire family , infact the children don’t appreciate games the same way as we used to. There are so many games om mobile and console that are all free. In the early day’s games where expensive and people had less money so played your games multiple times for years and years. There are also people that don’t care about the handheld part and just want a solid TV console with full support of other company’s big titles.

      1. @RenePsts I notice this especially when people are talking about the size of the N64 library, it’s often spoiled Gen Z kids who say it’s too small and that it should’ve been bigger, and I imagine kids growing up now are possibly even more spoiled. If you were a kid who was only got new games on Christmas, Birthdays, and a very small weekly allowance, you didn’t notice the small library very much. Most of my friends (including myself) didn’t get to play all the games that we wanted until the Wii VC released. They can’t really seem to grasp a time when parents didn’t buy their kids everything their kids wanted as a way of teaching them discipline rather than a lack of resources either.

    3. Ikr? It sounds like the majority of people in this comment section are living soulless lives that is void of any happiness. They sound like they need to change their life circumstances if they’re too busy to do anything they enjoy and can only cope with drugs. The time that you spend stuck at school in your childhood is equivalent to the time you spend at work, and often even more if you spent the time doing homework. The only people who really have an excuse are college students who are also working. “Family time” isn’t an excuse either, you spent time with yours in your childhood, and you can do it now with the same schedule.

  7. I see some debating in the comments. I think I can maybe get to the bottom of this:

    The family/living room gaming dynamic is RARE these days. It’s not outdated, just more rare than it was 20+ years ago. And the reason it’s not outdated is because many gamers still value and enjoy that experience, even if it happens less often.

    So I think it’s good Nintendo is still focusing on this. I don’t see any harm in focusing on both, though. If they just had better online, they’d really have all bases covered with the Switch. It’s a living room and handheld console. It’s solo and can be played with other people (both on a TV and tabletop mode). And it can play games online.

    Nothing wrong with providing variety of options imo

    1. “I don’t see any harm in focusing on both”

      I have been saying kind of the same thing since the Wii and lesser extend Gamecube. Whats the harm in making a console that gets full third party support (aka more powerful)? People will always buy Nintendo consoles cause they like Mario , Zelda , Metroid ect. But people also like playing with all the cool toys other kids get. Would the Switch and the WII really sold that much worse if it was more powerfull and had full support? In my opinion you get a bigger market than Children , Casuals and Die Hard Fanboys. In fact the other market is almost 3 times as big as Nintendo’s if you combine hardware and software sales (Same game library’s with the exception of a couple of titles just like Nintendo).

  8. Someone get me a mint choc ice cream quick! 😁

    Wow, this topic has become so hot, you can really feel the heat! 😁 🔥🔥

  9. My Switch is collecting dust :(. I mainly played Mario and Breath of the Wild on it and some Pokemon… Maby i’m getting to old for kiddy games. Don’t care for party games , neather do my friends or family. They keep doing the same with those aswell.

  10. I don’t understand why we have to choose though. Why can’t it be bringing people together yet also have online worth a damn?

    1. I’m on the same boat with power. If Power gives more support , than why not make a better console so we get more games. As you said the online system is 15 years behind the competition.

  11. And even to this very day they are still doing just that, even if most people are playing online they are still connecting to each others living rooms across world.

  12. “Kiddy” to describe Nintendo games. I see dudebro dipshits still use that dumbass term to insult Nintendo. A shame these morons still exist. It’s on par with “anime is just for kids”.

    I take a week long break from MNN to play Jedi Fallen Order, and I find out I missed the fun here. Tsk tsk. Oh well. Least I got to enjoy some good Star Wars content for the first time since Rogue One was in theaters.

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