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Video: “LEGO Peach is ready for adventure” trailer

By now, you are probably already aware of the new additions that are coming to the LEGO Super Mario set later this year. One of the LEGO Super Mario expansion sets include a Peach Starter Course, and one of the new characters includes LEGO Peach.

Well, there hasn’t been any updates in regards to the release date, but Nintendo has released a brand new trailer that showcases LEGO Peach and the Peach Starter Course. Nintendo of America uploaded the trailer to their official YouTube channel, so you can see it down below.

4 thoughts on “Video: “LEGO Peach is ready for adventure” trailer”

  1. The peach castle looks good, I’ve done the bowser airship, but if you want a major Lego set I recommend the titanic, ( if u can get hold of it ) I’m halfway through building it and it’s mammoth!

  2. While I find this particular Lego art style they went with for Mario (especially for all the “human” characters revealed so far) not that appealing, I think Peach is a little bit better translated to it than Mario and Luigi, not that its saying much.

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