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Nintendo’s Super Mario anime movie has received a 4K remaster

Long ago, in 1986, Nintendo released an anime movie in Japan. The movie, called “The Great Mission to Rescue Princess Peach”, only released in Japan. Not only that, but there had been only one single run of VHS tapes, making the movie that was loosely based on the original Super Mario Bros. game difficult to find.

The film had been available to watch for years, but the quality was typically low. However, some fans have been able to restore the anime film to 4K quality. This high-quality version can now be seen on YouTube and also downloaded from the Internet Archive.


3 thoughts on “Nintendo’s Super Mario anime movie has received a 4K remaster”

  1. Friendly reminder to everybody to find a way to download it before Nintendo has it removed, because they have this weird fethish for disappointing fans.

  2. Interesting, after I recently watch a fandub this year.

    Now if this and the OVAs could get an official English dub, complete with full Charles Martinet glory.

    I am not feeling Chris Pratt and the entourage of B-list big name Illumination voice actors, giving us a very different Mario (almost like a licensed parody film, like Dora and the Lost City of Gold, or The Grinch). The Sonic films seem to be doing a good job with this, but that franchise already has dialog from the main protagonist.

    Enough of this “you, the player” BS.

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