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The Super Mario movie has been delayed to April 2023

Mario in Super Mario Run for iOS and Android devices

The Super Mario movie that Nintendo and Illumination Studios have been working on has been gradually getting worked on. The movie had been previously slated for a release this December. However, this will no longer be the case.

Shigeru Miyamoto sent a message to fans on Twitter via Nintendo’s official accounts. Miyamoto says that “we decided to move the global release to Spring 2023–April 28 in Japan and April 7 in North America”. You can see Nintendo’s tweet about the matter down below.

19 thoughts on “The Super Mario movie has been delayed to April 2023”

    1. Why would they push it back because of Sonic 2? Sonic 2 is already out and won’t even be in theaters anymore by the time the Mario movie would have originally released; that would not be any competition.

        1. Lol no. That would basically require remaking the entire movie, which they aren’t gonna start doing now (in the last year of the 6 or so years this movie has been in the works)

  1. No freakin’ kidding.

    It’s also amazing that they can delay a film that we don’t even know what it looks like, after boasting about their voice cast during one of their directs.

  2. This movie is being written by Matt Fogel (Big Mama’s House 2) and directed by the Teen Titans Go! people. I have zero faith it will be watchable. However, little kids will love it just like Teen Titans Go! and it’ll make millions of bucks.

  3. I’m not surprised, given Nintendo hasn’t reveal any key news about the movie since the voice cast reveal last year.

  4. Perhaps the most obvious explanation: the delay coincides with a Mario game release. Either that or Miyamoto himself is requesting some specific changes to the movie that will require more time.

  5. I think it’s marketing for the next system, to be honest.
    Remember the article about BotW2 looking like it’s on an advanced platform, and the purpose of the delay was to make it a launch title like its predecessor? This is just a guess, but I’m going to affiliate the delay with a marketing tactic, to present a new console, new Zelda game (and probably a new Mario game by then. Maybe not ‘core’ like 64/Galaxy/Odyssey, but a side title like Golf/Tennis/Kart/etc) to all be within a 3 week span.

  6. ? Uncharted movie and sonic 2 are doing great numbers, and there hasn’t been a recent game or game about to come out for either. Mario is getting delayed because the movie needs more work. I’m hoping the script and dialogue are getting tweaked to make it better. Maybe script changes once selected actors get in the roles and get a better feel for their characters. I have little faith but I take delay as a positive sign.

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