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Nintendo Will Be At Gamescom 2016

Nintendo is among the exhibitors for Gamescom 2016, indicating that the company will be attending Gamescom once more. There is no news on what they will be bringing to the show, but odds are that Zelda: Breath of the Wild will be one of the games that will be there. Feel free to let us know in the comments what you’d like to see from Nintendo at Gamescom this year!

Gamescom 2016 takes place from August 17th to 21st.


19 thoughts on “Nintendo Will Be At Gamescom 2016”

    1. Nintendo won’t be attending TGS as they are absent from the attendees list. Since they are going to Gamescom it would be wise for them to at least announce a specific date as to when the NX will be unveiled and then maybe in a ” Spaceworld ” like Direct show off the NX and it’s games

    2. Lets hope it’s at Gamescon. Sony seems to be skipping it again this year so it would give the big N the perfect opportunity to be the only one in the spotlight when they reveal NX. If they revealed it at TGS, there is a chance that Sony would also reveal the NEO and sharing the spotlight is not something Nintendo is known for doing, especially for console reveals.

      1. But it is very much possible.

        First they re-release Earthbound

        Then they re-release Earthbound Beginnings

        Then they add Lucas to Smash Brothers

        So who knows?

        1. Not to mention the other rumors and teases as late. I will happily buy an official Mother 3 translation (as long as NoA/Treehouse doesn’t make ridiculous changes to it like they did XCX, Fatal Frame, FE Fates, etc.).

          1. I won’t be surprised if they do, though. Ever since after Bayonetta 2 released, NoA has been desperate to censor anything even remotely sexually suggestive or anything with harsh language. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a small minority in the US we aren’t aware of that bitched about how mature Bayonetta was which freaked NoA out to rush about fucking other shit up. Like how Warner Bros freaked back in the 90s when some people bitched about how violent Batman Returns was which led to them forcing poor Schumacher to change Burton’s vision with Batman Forever and Batman & Robin. I say poor Schumacher because he’s always get all the blame for something that was out of his control. If he didn’t listen to the studio, he would have simply been replaced with another guy that would do what they wanted. Anyone that has seen the first Lost Boys movie with Kiefer Sutherland knows full well Schumacher can definitely make a great dark movie if given the chance. I still haven’t fully forgiven WB for ruining Schumacher’s reputation. Of course, at the same time, he could have told them to piss off but didn’t. Which is ironic since WB is now doing exactly what they were scared away from doing in the 90s with Batman by now making their movies more dark, gritty, & violent.

            1. The ironic thing is WB is now doing exactly what they were scared away from doing in the 90s with Batman by now making their DC movies more dark, gritty, & violent.* Fixed as that sounds much better.

            2. Never saw Lost Boys, but I’ll take your word for it. One of these days I’ll sit down and watch it… as long as there’s no blades near anyone’s necks (seeing that can cause me to hyperventilate/pass out- having my neck cut is my worst fear, so if that’s in there, please warn me now).

              I’ve come to hate censorship because it hurts creators’ visions or twists them- I fear my own project will come under fire, but the way I have it set up, it can’t work any other way. Are there things in movies/books/games that make me uncomfortable? Of course. Would I ever ask for them to be changed, edited, or removed? Never, because it isn’t what the creators wanted.

              1. I can’t recall if there was any knives or other blades at someone’s throat. If I remember correctly, I don’t think there is anything like that. If there was, it was probably a minor scene and only occurred for a few seconds.

  1. If we don’t get NX news at Gamescom and if Nintendo isn’t going to be at the Tokyo Game Show, then hopefully Nintendo will do their own special event at some public location for the NX & whatever games, other than Breath of the Wild, they have planned for the console.

    1. While I do think they should reveal the NX at either of those events, I think they won’t because of everything else diverting attention away from it. What they SHOULD do, is announce the date they will make their formal reveal; eyes will already be on them, so it’s not like an announcement like that will be missed as opposed to them suddenly saying “oh it’ll be shown for the first time on October 2nd” just out of nowhere.

      And there BETTER be either a new Mario 64/Galaxy, new F-Zero, or Spla2n announced as launch titles.

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