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If You’re A My Nintendo User And It’s Your Birthday You Can Get 30% Off

If you’ve got your birthday coming up and you’re a My Nintendo user then you’re in luck as Nintendo’s latest rewards service rewards you with 30% off select digital titles. The range of selected titles isn’t exactly huge, but I suppose it is better than nothing.

Thanks, MasterPikachu6

24 thoughts on “If You’re A My Nintendo User And It’s Your Birthday You Can Get 30% Off”

  1. Nintendo hasn’t been making me too happy. It’s like when they make a right decision, they don’t go as far as they need to. And all their other decisions make them look bad and are anti-consumer

  2. “but I suppose it is better than nothing.” This kind of mentality is the reason game companies crap all over the consumer! Stop supporting these companies for their BS choices, unless you love how much of a heap of garbage Nintendo’s digital offers are, and the same can be said about sony, microsoft, and every other publisher and dev!

      1. It’s not just so called “free rewards,” dude. Some idiot working on Mighty No.9 said the same thing about that piss of shit game. “It’s better than nothing.” Only idiots honestly say that. That’s like a killer saying negative attention is better than nothing after they slit someone’s throat for no good reason at all.

  3. What happens if your birthday is like mine and is the 31st of this month? Does that mean my coupon expires on the same day i get it?

    1. Oh, nvm. I got the coupon already so I’m good. I looked at the list of games, and they’re not bad games, in fact many of them are amazing games. Only problem is that i own like, every single one:( Not really Nintendo’s fault though. They don’t know what games i have and haven’t bought.

    1. Why do you think that? My birthday is in October. I think that people tend not to care so much for late December birthdays, since they usually get their birthday gifts for Christmas (and in return, they usually don’t receive as many gifts as they would if their B-day was further from Christmas). My brother has a B-day close to Christmas, so it’s like that for him.

      1. … I say that because my birthday is in October (and I tend to see people not caring much about people in October, with the pressure of Thanksgiving and all).

        You have a point about December, though.

  4. A place where this coupon is utterly useless. Why not a coupon for 30% off one eShop purchase? Least then you could find something to use the thing on!

    1. I agree, but I think I know why that doesn’t happen. Not every game on the eShop is Nintendo’s, so they can’t make a coupon that’s good on ANY game, just ones that they made or that they’ve reached an agreement on with other devs whose games are on the service. And you just know that there are some devs that won’t be on board for that sort of thing like how Nike doesn’t let their products be part of special sales like 25% off storewide or buy-one-get-one-half.

      1. I would hope that wouldn’t be a problem since there are tons of games on the PS Store with discounts all the time that Sony doesn’t even own.

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