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Pokemon GO Monetisation Not Being Driven By Large Spenders

One of the interesting things about Pokemon GO is just how much revenue the game is making for both Niantic and Nintendo. Macquarie Securities, a research firm, has revealed that it’s not just cash whales that are spending the money and boosting revenue as is traditional with mobile titles, but revenue is being generated by a large number of users.

It has more (monetisation) than we expected; as users build their Pokémon inventory, spending money becomes needed to store, train, hatch and battle,” Macquarie Securities said in a note to clients, adding that purchases so far in Australia were not being driven by big spenders but by a large number of users.



  1. I can’t even play the game here in Sweden, but I’m just amazed by the incredible success by this game and all the good news about it that are just pouring in!

      1. I can’t wait to get back to Trondheim to play the game. Currently in the middle of nowhere, and am not having a very good experience with it

        1. I know the feeling, at my house, in the middle of nowhere I haven’t caught anything. Spent the night babysitting at my sister in-laws and caught 51 pokemon from her living room couch. I’m not even kidding, not all different but still….

  2. While there is a 250 Pokemon storage cap, only gen 1 Pokemon are available at the moment. Unless youre going crazy with doubles, I dont think the cap will make you spend money at all. Nonetheless the game is actually fantastic, Niantic have done an amazing job all around, except the occasional server issue or bug but it hasnt even been a week, they’ll fix them

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