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RUMOR: Legendary Pictures Is Pursuing A Deal For Rights To Making A Live-Action Pokemon Movie?

Deadline is reporting that, based on anonymous sources that have relayed info to the team, Legendary Pictures is moving toward a deal to land the rights to make a live-action film based on Pokemon. According to deadline, the details are sketchy and no deal has been closed. They attempted to get a comment from Legendary Pictures and they even called Pokemon USA. However, their comment request got nowhere and their calls were not returned.


Thanks, sonofmrpeanut

13 thoughts on “RUMOR: Legendary Pictures Is Pursuing A Deal For Rights To Making A Live-Action Pokemon Movie?”

  1. oof hopefully not. Legendary hasn’t shown themselves to be capable of making many really good movies in awhile. maybe four in the most recent years. I wouldn’t trust them with that. :/

  2. After seeing that CBS video talking about Pokémon,…

    … I don’t think I want to imagine a live-action movie with Pokémon. EVER. Let’s stick to 2D/3D fictional stuff, please.

    1. Yeah yeah, apple and oranges and the Pokémon Super Bowl commercial disproves my point by a lot, but that video (I guess) has successfully spooked me into believing that the movie could be anything but good.

      1. Put it this way, as far as visuals go, Legendary is the one behind the Warcraft movie, which to be quite honest is the most realistic CGI I’ve seen. And that’s not even for monsters, it’s for humanoid characters, so monsters would be easier to pull off.

  3. I’m not part of the crowd that believes all movies based on video games are bad (especially since I consider Prince of Persia to be vastly underappreciated) but I don’t know about this.

    Pokemon is really wacky. Maybe not as much as Mario, but it’s concepts are hard to imagine in live-action.

  4. Pokemon can’t be in live-action. Its universe is too unique for any live-action adaptation to be faithful. Not to mention the cultural divide. Will it be an American cast? Will it be a Japanese/Asian cast? Will the movie be written like the game? Will it be written like Dragonball Evolution (and possibly the live-action Sonic movie (in an age where people are still recovering from Ghostbusters♀)? Will the Pokemon take a backseat to the main cast (like Pixels)? Will the Pokemon brand take a backseat to the main cast (like The Wizard)?

    Also, any rendering of the Pokemon themselves will likely range between weird and gritty-ass ugly. They can probably get away with that with Monster Hunter, but not Pokemon.

    “Any one what to see a live-action Pikachu or Jigglypuff, with realistic details?”

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