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Pokemon GO Now Available In The UK

The immensely popular Pokemon GO is now available to download on iOS and Android in the United Kingdom. The news was confirmed today by the official Pokemon GO Twitter account. As we reported yesterday more countries in Europe will be getting the game soon as Germany received it yesterday.


  1. does every country have different servers because if we’re all sharing the same servers……and we keep disconnecting…….and they think this is a good idea to release the game without fixing the servers issue…then I just don’t know anymore -_-

  2. Oh. My. God. The infection is spreading! O.O Coming to a shoreline near you: people destroy Stonehenge looking for a shiny Onix or shiny Steelix! D:

    1. ||Infection? This is part of The Sacred Cure…||

      ||Soon everything will belong to us…||

      1. I’m referring to the idiots using this app while driving and other stupid things people are doing while playing it. My joke about someone destroying Stonehenge to find a shiny should have made that clear.

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