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UK: GAME Reveals Pokemon Sun & Moon Pre-order Bonuses

The Pokemon craze is upon us again and no doubt this year’s Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon will prove to be a big success on the Nintendo 3DS. UK video game retailer GAME has revealed the pre-order bonuses for both games. If you pre-order with them then you’re entitled to receive either a Solgaleo or Lunala figurine dependant on which version you purchase. You can pre-order Pokemon Sun here and Pokemon Moon here.


    1. I’m buying my game only to sell the two and figures on ebay for the low price 60 dollars including shipping

  1. American people should stop complaining. You goy 2 golden amiibos already, Europe got none. The game itself is gonna be released 5 days earlier in the US, so quit bitching.

              1. sorry you couldnt of got one i do know they are a bitch to get

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