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Nintendo Wants Zelda Producer To Create A New IP

EDGE has had the opportunity to sit down with Legend of Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma to discuss the upcoming Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and talk about his work at Nintendo in general. Aonuma let slip to the publication that Nintendo wants him to create a brand new IP and to also create more Zelda titles. He says that he has an idea of a new game where he can live as a thief but wouldn’t elaborate any further.

“Actually, Nintendo has been telling me to create a new IP. But then, they’re also telling me to make more Zelda games. I can’t really share much; I’m not sure I’m allowed to say anything. But I really like the idea of a game where I can live as a thief. That’s all I’ll say.”


19 thoughts on “Nintendo Wants Zelda Producer To Create A New IP”

    1. Or, Nintendo’s take on Thief, but a little more light hearted, and in the third person. What I’d like to see is a third person adventure game centered around a honorable thief. And I would like to see this game lack combat, where you must remain hidden, oe flee if found. As for the story, I’ll leave that to others (please add a story or criticism in the comments)

  1. Aonuma-San can freely enjoy creating his own game. I think since Zelda skysword he really wanted to create his own and now he can. I am looking forward to seeing him doing something else.

  2. Whatever he does for a new IP, I look forward to it… as long as it doesn’t hinder Zelda games. They take long enough to release as it is.

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  4. Seems like Nintendo learned from the success of Splatoon, in that they need to invest in new ideas and new IPs, not just keep rehashing established IPs.

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