The Official Website For Kirby Cafe Is Now Live

You can check out what Kirby Cafe will have to offer via its official website, which is now live. According to the site, a Kirby-themed cafe and shop will open in Osaka on August 5 and another one will open in Tokyo. Meanwhile, a Kirby shop without a cafe is scheduled to open in Nagoya on August 24. At the cafes, consumers can expect to try out a wide selection of dishes inspired by the Kirby franchise, featuring Kirby himself, King Dedede, Whispy Woods and more.


  1. This looks delicious, and now I’m feeling hungry, but I really should be sleeping.

  2. How fun. The dishes look delicious. Too bad that the US doesn’t really get any video game themed cafes like this; it’s kinda boring here XD

  3. Man, if I didn’t already have reasons to visit Japan! I hope this cafe does well!

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