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Japan: New Pokemon Film Debuts to Franchise Low

The latest Pokemon movie Volcanion and the Exquisite Magearna, which was shown at cinemas across Japan, hasn’t fared as well as other Pokemon movies financially. The movie earned $3.1 million on 290,000 admissions from 366 screens. Pokemon the Movie: Volcanion and the Exquisite Magearna debuted at number three and was down 16% on the previous Pokemon the Movie: Hoopa and the Clash of Ages which finished with $25 million.



  1. While the games are still going strong, people are finally starting to get bored of the anime and it’s movies. I got a possible way to fix this. Let Ash actually get ahead in the series for once as he finally becomes a Pokemon Master by winning one of the big Pokemon League tournaments! If that doesn’t reinvigorate interest in the show, then it’s time to make a brand new main character for the show to follow.

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      1. It’s called Pokemon, not Ash’s Pokemon Adventures. Just create a new main character that Ash travels with for the first season to ease people into a new main character then make a Pokemon movie that has Ash passing the torch to the new main character. No reason for Pokemon to end because of one character. This isn’t Inuyasha or Naruto where the main character’s name is in the bloody title.


      2. Did you stop playing Gold/Silver/Crystal when you became the Pokemon Master of Johto? No, you explored the neighboring Kanto region, won all the badges from its gyms, and then found Red at the top of Mt. Silver (was it Mt. Silver? I forget the exact name- irrelevant) and battled him.

        Becoming the Master does NOT mean the end.

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  2. somehow the anime has remained static in plots and character development for a decade. I wish we could see something new set in the Pokemon world. Digimon handled that decently well, as do other anime like Naruto and DBZ

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