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Animal Crossing New Leaf Will Get Amiibo Support And More Content

Nintendo Japan has announced that Animal Crossing: New Leaf for the Nintendo 3DS will get new content and amiibo support starting this Autumn. This is clearly a good move by Nintendo given how popular the game is and it should undoubtedly see a nice sales bump.

  • Seems scanning cards causes the villagers to come to your village.
  • Animal Crossing figures are compatible
  • Also has collaboration with other series amiibo like presumably Callie & Marie

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  1. This is weird. I stopped playing this game probably 2 years ago or more due to burnout. And now there’s going to be something new? I don’t even have the 3DS amiibo scanner. But……is there a point in having characters come to your village? I doubt this will be enough to reel me back in. I’m ready for a brand new Animal Crossing. Not a return to the same one.

  2. I hope the new content is worthwhile. I keep trying to get back into New Leaf, but can’t find the momentum to bother trying to find that last illusive bug, last impossible to find river fish, etc. No complaints as I’ve got like 300 hours logged in, so I got my monies worth ages ago, but it’d be cool to actually WANT to play again, as opposed to just going in to pick weeds and listen to my villagers whine that its been months since they saw me.

  3. I’m pretty sure that they did this in anticipation for the Animal Crossing app that’s coming out later this fall, so part of me actually isn’t surprised about this.

  4. YES! Finally i can get BonBon in my village ! after 3 plays i never got her but with this update whenever this will be she will finally be mine!

  5. This was by far one of the most fun AC games. I LOVED it and to be honest, made some amazing friends, most of which I’ve lost touch with. (Because I suck at being friends with people, as my introverted personality tends to result in neglecting people) – still, I will always remember the good times I had on that game and the people I played with that really made me a better person.

    Sorry to get kinda sentimental, but this game was just amazing, and I’d consider picking it up if for no other reason to hope to run into some of my past comrades.

    1. Hey buddy. It’s Brian. I see your posts from time to time. I miss visiting your town. I agree with you too about this game. I put so much time and care into it. Keep in touch. I’m still listed as Falling_Higher on the Nintendo network.

  6. I had hoped that they’d allow you to use those Amiibo cards to move in villagers! Definitely a great idea! I’m surprised they’re updating New Leaf though, hopefully there’s some other content additions to make the game’s life extended. I haven’t played in a few months (Bob, you better still be there!) so I’ll have to check in and clean up!

  7. Isn’t this game three years old already? Why are they giving it amiibo support only now after all this time?

    Does this also mean they might do this for other older games like Mario Kart 7 or Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon? They better consider it- I wanted Waluigi in MK7 instead of the frickin’ fat bee, dammit!

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