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Nintendo Stock Loses Momentum Due To Report Of Pokemon GO Delay For Japan

Nintendo stock has lost some of the momentum it previously had after reports that the Japanese launch of Pokemon GO has been delayed. Technology publication Techcrunch originally said the game would launch on Wednesday but that appears not to be the case. The publication says that the hype surrounding the game would likely cause server issues so game developer Niantic has held back for a bit. A spokeswoman for the Pokemon Company said that nothing has been finalised for the Japanese launch of Pokemon GO.


8 thoughts on “Nintendo Stock Loses Momentum Due To Report Of Pokemon GO Delay For Japan”

      1. Lance Matthew Bulmer

        No not at all but i could tell that this would happen that’s alland i was quoting Teamfourstar for the i ####### called it

  1. I hope it is because they still haven’t fixed the damn distance calculating problem. It is definitely a little more frustrating when everything is always 3 steps away..

  2. Considering Japan crashed the ENTIRE Nintendo Network WORLDWIDE with Pokemon Bank, of all things, it’s probably for the best. They still haven’t fixed server issues in the US. They probably want to try fixing the current bugs before putting it out in Japan. Congrats Americans! We’re the testers for yet another Nintendo product! We also got Wii U first when that came out. It’s not often we get Japanese products first.

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