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Reminder: Upcoming Sonic Announcement On Twitch This Friday

We know that Sonic 25th anniversary event is taking place this Friday at 6pm Pacific Time. The new game by the Sonic Team is expected to be unveiled at the event and is bound to be destined for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and possibly the Nintendo NX. You can watch all the proceedings unfold over at the official Sonic Twitch channel, here.

37 thoughts on “Reminder: Upcoming Sonic Announcement On Twitch This Friday”

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        1. I’d rather get an HD remake of Shadow the Hedgehog. It was nice to see a Sonic clone being completely different from Sonic. Before that game, Shadow was way too similar to Sonic. :/

          1. Ehh, I love how it explained Shadow’s background like we all wanted, but I personally think he shouldn’t have gotten guns (this does not reflect my opinion on guns irl, just FYI). I don’t want to say it’s the worst thing Sega tried with Sonic games, but it definitely felt like they got TOO edgy. I didn’t mind the profanity- I think Shadow, Knuckles, Vector, and even Rouge can get away with it- but the guns seemed like a desperate move.

            “What do kids like in video games these days?”

            “Shooting anything that moves!”

            “Alright, cool, now how do we get them to pay attention to our products?”

            “Hey, y’know, we have a Sonic character who’s already popular; we give him guns like kids love having in games and he gets uber-popular. OH, they love cursing too!”

            “You’re a genius! Someone put this to the higher-ups STAT!”

            1. I personally liked having Shadow use guns. But I guess they could have given him some Star Wars-esque blasters instead, though.

              1. I think they didn’t because they were in the “bring Sonic to the realm of realism” phase, and we all saw how that turned out. Remember anatomically-accurate Eggman’s design in Sonic 06? Eeuuuugh… eerie.

                1. *looks it up because never played Sonic ’06* (I guess I’m one of the lucky ones to have not played that travesty. lol) Oh my god! It’s..! It’s like seeing Cthulu and not having my mind be able to comprehend it because it’s beyond human imagination…! *eyes blow out of sockets and dies a horrible death*

          1. That’s all a project of its own- if Sonic 06 has any chance of being reworked into something good, literally everything has to change. Levels, mechanics, loading times, even the basic programming so it isn’t Beautiful Little Moment glitchy.

            As much as I loved Silver’s campaign the way it was, he could stand to be a little faster.

        2. One thing you will notice in the gaming industry.
          Developers never think to go back and improve and make a past game better.. they rather remake already great games.
          I still want to see Final Fantasy 8 get remade not because it was such a great game, but because i seen potential in things such as the story and the music was great, but the gameplay was TERRIBLE IMO.

      1. well i figure it might be on the NX but i just hope it will be on the Wii U but seems like its not gonna be on the Wii U after all that i just hope for, oh well. i guess i’m getting the NX after all.

        1. Not if they want to give us relief knowing Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice isn’t the only thing in the pipeline, because it’s on thin ice already thanks to the last two Boom games.

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