The LEGO Dimensions Sonic Level Pack Will Release This November, Full Reveal Coming Tonight

Tonight is the Sonic the Hedgehog 25th anniversary party, which is being held in San Diego. A lot of Sonic news is expected tonight, but it has already begun with some news on the LEGO Dimensions Sonic DLC. Sonic will be released in a level pack that will come out in November. We also got our first in-game look at Sonic. The image is below, so feel free to check it out. It was also announced that a full reveal of the level pack will come at the party later tonight. We’ll keep you updated.




    1. Sony is desperate to make that movie sell so they pull crap like this. If the thing ends up being a box office flop, they won’t be able to continue slandering everyone that doesn’t like the movie as nothing more than misogynistic sexists.

  1. That new Sonic Mania game though! Sad it’s not Coming onto Nintendo Platforms! But that’s why you own multiple platforms.

  2. They announced the new 2D game Sonic Mania.. sadly it’s not slated to come to Wii U..

      1. Yeah, i seen that to.
        I dunno what to think.. the producer from Sonic team made it perfectly clear before they played the trailer that it is NOT a sequel to anything.
        So if it’s not, then why is both modern and classic sonic in the game?
        Looks like generations 2 to me… *shrugs*

        1. Don’t know? Maybe once 2017 comes around. Maybe they will show some more in the upcoming months. I can see why they didn’t show them at E3 2016. (They would overshadowed the new Zelda game over there.) XD

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