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Pokémon GO Has Broken An iTunes Record

Apple has confirmed to Polygon that Pokemon Go has had more downloads in its first week than any other app in history. The company declined to give Polygon specific numbers. Nintendo referred the site to The Pokemon Company, so they are waiting for a response from them. If they get anything back, we’ll let you know. It’s yet another indicator of just how popular Pokemon GO has gotten.


Thanks, Chris “the Mexican” Ford


  1. Nintendo you sneaky devil you. You struck gold. Now get on that as much as possible.

    1. Do you remember those “It Prints Money!” Memes from wayyy back when the 3DS and Wii where initially released? I feel like that will make a comeback with how well Pokemon Go is doing 😛

  2. There’s no stopping the juggernaut that is Pokémon GO. Nintendo has got to be beside themselves at this point…..WOW!!!

          1. Ehhhh. It’s the same. Different names for the same service. The best way I can explain it is that it’s like two different doors to the same room.

            Or maybe a better example is going in a room with two different glasses; each one showing you different things and each allowing you to do different things. But the backend is the same at the end of the day.

            But I understand why you think otherwise. Apple’s marketing works well that way.

  3. I for one would be thrilled if they invested in a couple more fucking servers so Trainer IDs can log on more consistently. With the cash they are bringing in (Pokémon Company and the devs) there is no excuse to not beef up the servers at this point.
    And Nintendo do is only getting 10% of this goldmine, correct?
    So I wonder how the money going to pokemon will get reinvested…

    1. No Nintendo is getting 30% of Pokémon GO’s profits. They are the publisher and owner of the Pokémon IP and The Pokémon Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nintendo. So Niantic, TPC and Nintendo are all getting large pieces of the pie

      1. I was under the impression that Niantic, TPC, and Apple were each getting 30% with Ninty getting the last 10%. At least thats what some websites were reporting a little while back.

          1. I see, thanks for clearing that up.

            I was a little skeptical about the article, seeing that the Play Store got a bigger cut than the App Store. Then I remember that Google still owns a percentage of Niantic. So it makes sense.

              1. I see these website reporting things, and I am to believe that they are reporting facts. Sometime they slip up though lol Im glad theyre making more than 10% on it though.

  4. Haven’t been commenting on here in a little while, but I gotta say, Nintendo has really propelled themselves back into the mainstream consumer market with Pokemon Go.

    Too bad someone stole my Samsung Galaxy whole i was at my University Library studying the DAY before Go was released… Sorry, I’m still salty as hell about that lol :p

    I just hope Nintendo remembers to to continue to give us console gamers love amidst all of this sudden attention on s casual app. Not too worried though :)

      1. Thanks :) I’ll probably just break down and get another phone in the near future. Luckily, I changed all my passwords as soon as I got home, but never downloaded something to track it 😓 I like your phtot btw :) Ryuko FTW :p

    1. What I hope Nintendo does is that they use a lot of the extra revenue from the mobile games to invest into making even better console/handheld games.

      If they do just that, I think I can be satisfied with this.

      1. I thought that too. Maybe they can use se of the profit to employ more designers to help work on games in development, or even build a reliable team to work on a game is fan have been pining for for year :3 It would be cool, but I’m a Lit Major, and don’t really have any knowledge on how companies prioritize their tasks and such to back up my thoughts lol. Here’s hoping, though :)

  5. With how successful Pokemon Go is getting, it really makes me wonder if the upcoming Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem mobile games will be just as popular. But I wouldn’t really expect much since Pokemon is naturally much more popular than those two IP’s.

  6. I better not disappoint Brandon & Peridot. They expect me to spin this negatively. *thinks for a minute* Oh yeah! They broke a record with a broken game! Ta-da!

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