Wii Game Little King’s Story Releases On Steam On August 5th

PC owners will be glad to know that they will soon be able to download the charming Little King’s Story on Steam. The Wii game launched back in 2009 and received good review scores upon release. You can check out the store listing for the game, right here.

Once upon a time, a little boy from our world found himself in another, more mystical world where a magical crown made him ruler over a floundering kingdom called Alpoko. You are this little boy, and it’s your duty to make Alpoko great…so you can then expand its dominion and take over the world!


  1. This makes me think about “Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King” & how I wish Square Enix would turn that into a full fledged, 60 dollar game where you can actually go inside the buildings & houses of your subjects to interact with them when they are inside. Oh & let you, as the King, form your own little party with Chime, the knight dude, and a new character they make just for this remake, making it a four man party, and explore the dungeons first before sending the CPU parties to them. Of course, they’d have to change the name to “My Life as a Warrior King” to match the new gameplay mechanic. Of course, keep the other stuff the King does in the game intact. I fucking love games where not only I can build a base or town from the ground up but be able to take part in combat, too.


    1. Another game I’d love to see again getting expanded, similar to this game with a building mechanic, is Battlezone: Rise of the Black Dogs. But I don’t see that happening if what wikipedia says about the developer and publisher of that game is true. :/


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