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Italy: Pokémon Sun & Moon Are The Most Pre-ordered Pokémon Games Ever

With Pokémon GO mania taking over it is no surprise to hear that Pokémon Sun & Moon are the most pre-ordered Pokémon titles in Italy, ever. Interestingly Pokémon games and Nintendo 3DS hardware increased by 59% and 33% respectively. Here’s a look at how the Pokémon titles and Nintendo 3DS hardware did during the month of July.

  1. Pokémon Alpha Sapphire + 71%
  2. Pokémon Omega Ruby + 69%
  3. Pokémon X + 52%
  4. Pokémon Y + 89%
  5. Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon + 8%
  • Those 5 games +60%
  • Nintendo 3DS hardware + 33%

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6 thoughts on “Italy: Pokémon Sun & Moon Are The Most Pre-ordered Pokémon Games Ever”

  1. I skipped Alpha and Omega, but will absolutely be getting Sun and Moon. Dont know why people are preordering though, isnt like their will be a shortage of Sun and Moon copies. Guess it makes them feel better knowing they have a guarentee… Unless your pre-order doesn’t come in… actually had that happen. Went to another store and bought the same game right off the shelf. With the exclusion of special editions, in this day and age there is no reason to ever pre-order.

    1. I only pre-order because I like the convenience of already having it paid off when I pick it up. Instead of worrying about if I can afford it around the time of release, I can work it into my current budget instead. But I only pre-order games that I’m sure I’ll enjoy.

  2. I bought AS this past weekend. I think I like the world design of X better, but it’s still very fun. There’s some cool new additions as well. Can’t wait for Moon.

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