Gamescom: Zelda Breath Of The Wild Only Playable For 50 Selected Fans

Those of you who were hoping to go hands-on with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild at Gamescom might be disappointed to find out that the game will only be playable for 50 select fans. In order to play the game you must live in Germany, Switzerland or Austria and draw a picture, make a photo of your Zelda collection or your Zelda costume. Basically anything that is Zelda-related. Also if you’re fortunate enough to win one of the following tournaments: Pokken Tournament (Thursday), Splatoon (Friday), Smash Bros. (Saturday) and Mario Kart 8 (Sunday) then you’ll have the opportunity to play the game.

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  1. Can’t wait for Nintendo to stop being so withdrawn/secretive about the new Zelda and NX and for them to come out swinging and show everyone why I’m gonna be giving them so much money next year lol.

    1. Or to show people like me why we WON’T be spending so much money on them next year.

      1. Okay I know you’re skeptical and all after Wii U failed on too many levels, but let’s count the chickens after they hatch. We know next to nothing about it. Will it blow us out of the water with what it will do and what’s coming up for it? Maybe (I know I’m sold if a new F-Zero in the vein of GX is planned, or better yet, announced as a launch day title). Will it be another misstep and an attempt to pander to an audience it doesn’t/won’t have? Maybe. But until the reveal comes and goes, try to be a *little* more optimistic :D

        1. Can’t. I did that with Wii U & I got screwed. Gallifrey Falls No More! *cough* I mean… No more optimism to give! I’m gonna be as pessimistic as possible. That way, if Nintendo does screw up, I’ll be so pissed that I won’t be suckered in by promises of things to come and won’t waste my money on them when I can use it on Sony instead.

    2. They’ve shown too much of Zelda in my opinion. They counter their delays every time by showing everything there is to know.

      The NX on the other hand I would love some information on that. Not these click bait tumors that basement dwellers are making up.

  2. I like Zelda and all but those are just some of the most ridiculous qualifying tasks I’ve ever seen just for a chance to play a demo! I think these companies just make up the most idiotic tests just to see how far fans are willing to go to win!

      1. Let me think…oh, I know! How about they just let everyone tryout the damn demo without jumping through hoops for it like a lapdog, but I guess that just makes too much sense! I remember when demos were just given out to people for free to entice them into wanting to buy it in the future after trying them out.

  3. thats would be pretty sweet if it was a full version of the game. i m not sure id want to hit all the prerequisites just for a demo, no matter how expansive (although i could be seriously underestimating the playable demo). In any case, Nintendo isnt required to let anyone play any amount of a game before its released. so its a privilege for anyone to gain early access to any tittle regardless of the hoops they have to jump through.

    1. Well, with how big it’s purported to be, even the demo would probably be too big for the Wii U- remember, this is the same company that thought only 32 gigs of space was enough for a console released in 2012.

  4. well basically if you are located near Nintendo Europe HQ you can play the demo if you are not then F*** off.

    Missing opportunity to launch the much awaits game for Christmas 2016 holidays. Which make me wonder if the NX will be that good. I mean if you are confident with your product and you are ready to provide a strong line up. Why holding one game and piss off a lot of consumers (who are already fed up).

    Not being funny but I don’t think the launch titles for the NX will be great. Saying that I hope by March 2017 Nintendo will have 30 titles they can release from April to August 2017 so that E3 2017 will be fantastic if no legendary

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