Yooka-Laylee’s Music Will Evolve Interactively

Yooka-Laylee composer Grant Kirkhope has confirmed via Twitter that the music in the upcoming 3D platformer will evolve interactively. For instance when the characters go underwater the music will change dynamically as it did in Banjo Kazooie and its follow-up Banjo-Tooie.

Thanks, Majora’s Mark


  1. I loved that about the first Banjo-Kazooie! Some other games just have it to where the music stops when you dive underwater or the music doesn’t change and you just hear the same track muffled.

  2. I really liked how the music changed in Banjo Kazooie when you went underwater. I also liked how it would slowly fade as you gained altitude, like when you fly up high in Treasure Trove Cove to the cliff top, where the music would fade out and just become wind breezing sound effects.

    In Gruntilda’s Lair, it was a neat effect how the same theme would play throughout the place, but would change instrumentally, depending on which rooms or world entries you were at.

    It’s these minor touches that helped me enjoy the series even more. I hope that as much thought and careful planning will go into this game.

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