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Pokemon GO Updated To 1.1.0 On iOS & 0.31.0 On Android

Pokemon GO has been updated to version 1.1.0 on iOS and 0.31.0 on Android. The update’s main purpose is to improve the game’s stability and to fix bugs and glitches. One of the glitches that Niantic addressed is the three-step glitch, where no matter where you are or how much you walk, the “Nearby” tab will claim that each and every Pokémon is at a maximum distance (three steps) away. We’ve included the patch notes down below, so feel free to check them out.

  • Avatars can now be re-customized from the Trainer profile screen
  • Adjusted battle move damage values for some Pokémon
  • Refined certain Gym animations
  • Improved memory issues
  • Removed footprints of nearby Pokémon
  • Modified battle damage calculation
  • Various bug fixes during wild Pokémon encounter
  • Updated Pokémon details screen
  • Updated achievement medal images
  • Fixed issues with displaying certain map features
  • Minor text fixes



      1. They used to, so as he said, lazy. When from working, to broken, to gone. Now that it prints money, consumer support is going down the toilet.

        1. How is consumer support going down the toilet when they literally just fixed a bunch of stuff in the app. Did you even read the update list or pinpoint that one thing?

          You really like to bitch about this app a lot.

          1. So because they fixed a couple other (mostly relatively insignificant) things, it’s okay to ruin another big part of the game?
            The only ways of tracking down Pokemon have been removed, which were the footprints and also Pokevision.
            If they’re not going to fix the footsteps, why take down Pokevision? If they’re going to remove Pokevision, why not fix the footsteps? The only thing people can do now is aimlessly walk around with no orientation whatsoever, praying to the Pokegods for their blessing to encounter something other than Zubats, Drowzees, and Rattatas. Frustrating, and not consumer-friendly at all, in my opinion, which is why I also think Drybones and thepebbletribe do have a point. What’s been done is anti-consumer indeed, and some people seem to have realized that as well, judging by the negative reaction on different platforms.
            A big part of the game’s appeal has vanished with these actions, I just hope they’ll take the right steps very soon to recover from it. The game has potential, it would be a shame if it went to waste thanks to terrible decisions like these by the developers and anyone responsible.

            1. The main appeal was exploring for the pokemon on yourself. You don’t need someone to hold your hand to find them. I started three days ago and already got 32 different pokemon in my pokedex. It’s not hard to do.

              1. Apparently not, why would the radar and footsteps be in the game in the first place, if it was all about walking around cluelessly? Any answer to that?
                It’s not necessarily about anyone holding one’s hand, it’s about having some kind of indication as to where to go if you’re looking for a certain Pokemon. Neither did anyone complain about the game being hard. It’s about the game not being frustrating, not everyone has enough time to aimlessly walk around in hopes of finding new Pokemon, some kind of track or hints are very welcome in that respect. If you’re fine with going around without any orientation whatsoever, good on you. But not everyone is. There’s a reason why there has been a strong negative reaction to these steps taken in relation to the app. Obviously, many people had been enjoying the game a lot more prior to these changes, you don’t have to be part of that group to understand that. But I guess I’m at fault for expecting any other kind of response from someone as narrow-minded as yourself. My bad.

                1. 1. They worked at first, but were causing for the game. As Skylit stated, they most likely removed them until they could get them fixed to cut down on problems, then will readd them.
                  2. You don’t have to wonder around aimlessly. Just plan a route and go for a walk. I walked form my church to McDonalds and caught a seel, Jynx, nidoran female, nidorino, clefairy, hypno, drowzee, and horsea (all new ones for me.) As well as other ones I already had, but some were rather rare like eevee.
                  3. Calling me narrow minded. How cute.~ When someone has to name call, it goes to show they have nothing left.~

                  1. You said the main appeal was to explore on your own, meaning, without any hints or tracks, as you’ve clearly implied. Though, the fact that the footprints were in the game from day 1 proves that wrong, as those are exactly that: hints to the location of the Pokemon, which contradicts your statement. That’s what I’m saying.
                    And whether or not the footsteps feature will be readded is irrelevant to the things you said in your previous comments, you seemed pretty adamant about the feature being unneeded anyway, as it’s just “holding people’s hands”, so how does it matter to your argument? Not a relevant answer to the points I have raised either.

                    If you already have a decent number of different Pokemon, it’s going to be difficult to find new ones by just walking around without any lead. And if a new Pokemon does come up on your radar, how are you supposed to find it without the footprints, or Pokevision? It’s already rather rare for a new Pokemon to show up on your radar if you’ve been around your area often enough, and having no clue which direction to go to find it just turns it all into a frustrating experience with the app. Pokevision prevented that, after the footprints stopped working.

                    And me calling you narrow-minded shows you I have nothing left? Maybe I would agree with you if I hadn’t written two long ass texts in response to your comments prior, lmao. And well, you say it’s “name calling”, I say it’s a conclusion based on observations I was able to make over the past months.

                    1. Nice job twisting my words. I was talking about the pokevision when I said “holding your hand.” The footprints were meant as a hint system, but didn’t tell you exactly where they were, so you had to look and find them on your own.

                      As for rarer pokemon, you ARE aware that the higher your trainer level, the easier it is to find rare pokemon, and the variety there is, yes? I notice the difference each time I level up.

                      And yes, it is name calling, and a said attempt at it at that. I’ve provided my points and backed them up before. If your only summary is that, then I wouldn’t be throwing that stone if I were you.

                    2. Twisting your words?
                      Please, do both of us a favour, and read the entire line of comments of our discussion again. Where exactly have you said you were referring to Pokevision only? You replied to my comment where I elaborated equally on both the footprints + Pokevision with that hand holding thing, and seeing how you haven’t said a single word about just referring to one of them, I think it’s only natural to assume you were referring to both, considering humans normally have no mind-reading capabilities, which makes it difficult to know you meant something you didn’t actually say.

                      And yes, while raising your level makes it more likely to come across rare Pokemon, it still doesn’t change anything about not being able to efficiently track it down, thanks to the lack of the footprints and Pokevision. I’ve implied it above and said it in another comment below, I personally wouldn’t mind Pokevision getting taken down all that much if they had fixed the footprints already, as I prefer relying on in-game features rather than external websites. But if the in-game feature doesn’t even work, you have to rely on 3rd-party applications, if you want to achieve the same efficiency. And getting stripped of Pokevision while in-game tracking doesn’t even work just seems unreasonable to me.

                      Lastly, I still stand by what I’ve said. I still think you’re narrow-minded. Barely ever, if at all, have I seen you look at a situation from different angles, and acknowledge the fact that other people experience things differently than you. In this case, you seem to refuse that other people like to have a way to track down Pokemon more effectively, instead of leaving things entirely up to luck. You’re not forced to play the game like that, but you could at least try to acknowledge that others enjoy their game that way, which is why the removal of a certain option and/or the lack of fixing for a feature which allow them exactly their preferred playstyle is so frustrating to them.

                    3. He is pretty narrow-minded. The fact he says we’re whining proves it.

                    4. It’s fine if people aren’t happy that these options were taken away. I’m addressing the people saying “They done f*cked up this app. Worst thing ever! They don’t care anymore! Etc.”

                      I look at things form multiple angles all the time, but obviously the people freaking out over something so trivial and stupid shows that how pointless it is to whine about it.

                      Let’s face it: when it comes to these people EVERY update or thing by Nintendo is a f*ck up to them. No matter what, they’re going to complain and act as if everything is ruined. Instead of enjoying the game, they’d rather take to a forum and complain about how this is now the worst game ever and biggest cash grab of all time. Maybe if these people left sensible, reasonable comments, there could be a reasonable conversation.

                    5. I didn’t say anything about them having fucked up forever, on the contrary, I clearly implied I have hope for things getting fixed in the future. Yet you’ve still been keeping up a long discussion with me, and sadly, not a sensible nor reasonable one. Your explanation doesn’t seem coherent to me.

                      Also, it’s funny how you say “it’s fine if people aren’t happy with the changes” and how you look at stuff from different angles “all the time”, just to continue calling the problem trivial and stupid in the very next moment, and how it’s pointless to “whine” about it. Good job at being completely inconsistent, and yet again proving my point of calling you narrow-minded.

                      What’s also kinda hilarious is that apparently you’re so damn invested into defending Nintendo and taking offense as soon as someone expresses the smallest bit of criticism towards them, you don’t even realize people weren’t even talking about Nintendo in this case. Nintendo is not the developer of this game. Niantic is. Nintendo doesn’t have much to do with decisions concerning the gameplay of the app, they’re not responsible for that, and nobody here has claimed otherwise. Confused yet amused about how you came up with that all of a sudden.
                      Also, why complain about people expressing their discontent about something on places that are pretty much designated for that? This is an article on the issue, with a comments section to express one’s opinons on it. A negative opinion is still an opinion, so this is precisely the right place to talk about it. What’s your point, exactly?

                      Ironic how you, of all people, make a remark on people’s lack of reason and sensibleness.

          2. I mean that the app keeps getting worse, or didn’t you hear about the plethora of problems that cam with the new “update?”
            Didn’t just take features away, but broke things for its users, it’s a clusterfuck and I saw an old person who doesn’t get out much, and sure as Hell doesn’t know tech like most of us on this blog, had their game reset, or auto logged into the wrong Gmail, or who knows what the fuck kinda glitch it was that struck a ton of people, couldn’t get hold of Niantic, didn’t get responses to their emails… I don’t blame you for not keeping up with things, I generally don’t either, but damn, this app is riddled with issues. I thought it was bad when I simply couldn’t log in.

            1. The only problem I’ve had and heard of (other than the the three steps which were already disabled before this update) is you can’t send pokemon to the professor. I haven’t heard anything about these issues. Can you show me where you saw these?

      1. Obviously my ass. I haven’t heard a damn thing about it. Like I said, customer service is crap.

    1. While I’m disappointed they couldn’t get it to work, it makes perfect sense they removed it. The 3 steps data was choking the bandwidth when they worked properly and was a huge contributor to the servers being down so much. Niantic did something behind the scenes to switch that off, so every Pokemon showed up as “3 steps away”. Them taking the steps out of the interface hasn’t changed anything, as it was a broken mechanic from the start.

      1. Choking the bandwidth? Yeah. It’s not like they are bringing in millions a day, and fixed it instead of dropping it. And where the fuck did power saver mode go? Is it built in, or did they just drop that as well? Maybe some communication would be nice.

  1. Tracking down pokemon through footprints were removed server-side, The update removed the footprints all together. It’s probably because of these reasons:

    1. The tracking feature put way to much stress on the servers. To make things stable with the feature on might prove to be costly
    2. They received many complains of people not wanting their area to have pokemon. There has been news with people going to forbidden areas, or people getting hurt trying to track down pokemon. With the tracking feature gone, players won’t be certain enough to take that risk… Or at least some players.

    Hopefully they bring it back in the future, that was probably the best feature of the game.

    1. “Probably.” again. Maybe a statement or explanation would go a long way with people, but then, that would take extra effort.

  2. The update also shut down tracking sites like Pokevision, which a lot of people used as an alternative to the one in the game since it doesn’t track much. Considering you basically have to happen to walk near the Pokemon to find it I’m pretty much done until they fix the radar or Pokevision comes back. Niantic shouldn’t be disabling features or sites that are keeping people playing it. I’ve been playing a LOT more since Pokevision came out. Now I have no desire to play. There’s NO way to track Pokemon now, what’s the point? Radar shows they’re nearby but not the direction or any inclination if you’re close, it’s pointless. And they wonder why people use GPS spoofing? Probably because it’s the only way to play it without aimlessly wandering around.

  3. My neighbor and each caught a Porygon yesterday thanks to Pokevision. It’s shame they took it down. Now that’s it’s officially a massive money maker, I guess they can stand to turn off many fans and still have plenty to spare.

    1. That’s correct. However, the question is, why would they shut down a website many players used to make up for the broken foot-step tracker, if a fix for said tracker is nowhere in sight? I would totally understand if they shut down Pokevision after fixing the footsteps, but at this point, it makes absolutely no sense, as Pokevision was the only option of getting an idea of the whereabouts of certain Pokemon. You’d think they would either put out a decent fix for their game, or let people use a substitution for means of getting the feature that’s actually supposed to be offered in the game for the time being. I guess not.

  4. Man, a lot of whiners in these comments. It’s almost as if it’s impossible to look for pokemon for yourself without someone guiding you. It’s like they expect us to go exploring for pokemon in a game made to explore for pokemon.

    1. And you seem to be spearheading the blindly support what is shit treatment of people supporting their product. Use your brain and stop being a sheep. There is no reason people should have to roll over when a company acts this way and can’t support a product, regardless of how much money they make.

    2. Look, everyone! Brandon is name calling, calling people whiners! “When someone has to name call, it goes to show they have nothing left.” Your words, not mine. But I get it. Because you did it, it’s perfectly okay, right? You always were full of shit when defending or damage controlling for Nintendo. You ARE narrow minded as you NEVER think about how other people feel. Unless they agree with you, that is. Instead, you call them whiners & think that makes you better than everyone else. Get off your pedestal, go play Pokemon GO, and get hit by a car, please. Maybe if your head bounces enough, you’ll quit being such a selfish bitch whining about people being justifiably upset with bullshit, calling them whiners when that is ALL you ever seem to do when people dare to have a negative opinion about Nintendo.

      1. When someone is whining, that makes them a whiner. I’m not calling them idiots or anything, but if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck.~

        And telling someone to get hit by a car, how old are you?~

        1. You talk as if getting hit by a car will actually kill you. Now if I told you to go dive off the top of the Grand Canyon, the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower, or any number of other extremely high places, you’d have a reason to question my age then. If you read what I said after I told you to get hit by a car, you’d realize I wasn’t wanting it to result in your death. Just hopefully result in it making you stop being such a sheep on here. But apparently you need everything spelled out for you.

          1. *gasp* O.O Resident Evil 4 is gonna be on the PlayStation 4!? Fuck yes! Screw this argument over Pokemon GO! Time to add yet another Resident Evil game to my digital collection of all things RE on my PS4 instead of wasting my time with Hardbitch here! *skips off* lol

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