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Nintendo UK Store: Metroid Prime Federation Force Up For Pre-order


The official Nintendo UK Store has emailed its customers to inform them that Metroid Prime: Federation Force is now available for pre-order. If you decide to pre-order the £34.99 game with the Nintendo UK Store then you’re eligible to receive a special Metroid Prime themed mouse mat for your PC or Mac. The game is due to be released in Europe on September 2nd.


  1. I tried the Blast Ball demo, and I have to say…

    If THAT sucked (which it did), I don’t have high hopes for the rest of the game unrelated to the cartoony art style (which admittedly looks a little better in-person as opposed to screenshots and video but not much).

    Also, MORE forced motion controls. I could not for the life of me figure out how to look up or down without using the gyroscope, the circle nub wouldn’t do it.

  2. Take this from somebody who’s played this title, This isn’t worth your money If you want a good game i can happily recommend Monster Hutner Generations , Xenoblade 3D and the soon to be released Dragon Quest VII Fragments Of The Forgotten Past. Dont waste your money, but if you really want to buy it and see for your self wait until it’s in the bargin bin as it wont take long beilieve you me.

  3. I won’t even bother with this game. No way do I want to a dumbed down Metroid game experience. It looks like complete utter garbage

      1. I’m still surprised it’s not a Sony developed game. Their development studios are a complete joke. Don’t believe me? Look at the PS4’s current exclusives outside of Uncharted Bore and Bloodyawn LMAO

        1. Overall, Microsoft has better exclusives this generation, in my opinion. But I can’t remember which ones are 1st party exclusives other than Halo, Killer Instinct and Forza.

        2. Either I was hit so hard on the head I’m in a delusional trance, or your a fanboy because I could of sworn that I was talking about Nintendo here. You tell me :/

          1. Obviously your dumb ass didn’t get the sarcasm seeing as that you are a major Sony fanboy. And don’t get mad because your punk ass hot outtrolled, next time don’t leave yourself so wide open idiot LOL

            1. What makes you think in a Sony fanboy?Just because i like Sony more? Lol You litteraly have no evidence to prove it otherwise. Secondly, what makes you think in mad? Clearly you are since you have a need to display such “bravado”. Well, I’ll never understand why fanboys act the way they do. Hmm….

            1. ||Nothing can defeat weaponry created by my own design…||

                1. ||Young fool, the Wii U has nothing to do with my creations…||

  4. “Nintendo, now you’re playing with… Smartphones, broken IP’s and watered-down spin-offs! “

  5. I’m really curious to see how this will actually sell. I have a feeling it’s not going to do well at all. Considering Metroid doesn’t have a recent main series title a spin-off was never going to be welcomed by the fans. I’m not a Metroid fan (just not into shooters) but even I can tell this game is a slap in the face to the fans. I think Samus deserves better than the be neglected for such a rubbish title.

    1. I’m a huge Metroid fan, and cannot get why Nintendo is so reluctant in releasing a new installment. What I’ve been saying for a while is that I’m afraid Nintendo never, ever releases again a new Metroid game if Federation Force proves to be a fiasco — which is highly likely.

      Nintendo has so many dormant IPs, with such great potential, that are completely overlooked. Really don’t get why all the stubbornness.

      1. Metroid could crush Halo if given a little effort. Sad Nintendo likes to sabotage itself.

        1. Exactly. Metroid is superior, but, unlike Nintendo, Microsoft has been delivering Halo games at a constant pace.

  6. They don’t make traditional Metroid games anymore because only a few people like them. So instead they make this, which… nobody will like?

    I know you aren’t supposed to judge a book by its cover, but it seems weird to use the Metroid brand on a non-Metroid idea if the brand doesn’t sell well. It didn’t work for Chibi Robo, why should it work for this?

    Heck, the Zelda brand couldn’t even sell Triforce Heroes, and from what I’ve heard, that game was kinda-sorta good! What hope does this have?

    Nintendo should just stick a few junior devs together and have them make cheap 2D games with retro graphics and release them at discount prices digitally. That way, we get traditional games, the devs get experience, Nintendo can put out a few low-risk titles every year without slowing down their bigger projects, and old franchises don’t die painful deaths. No, it’s not as good as having a first-rate team make Metroid Prime 4, but it’s better than nothing, and it’s better than Metroid Prime: Federation Force.

  7. I wish Axiom Verge was getting a 3DS release. I’d so buy that on the same day that FedshitForce releases to spite this abomination.

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