MCV: New Mario And Pokémon Coming Within Six Months Of Nintendo NX Launch

UK trade publication MCV is reporting that they have heard word from their sources that there will be new Mario and Pokemon game within six months of the Nintendo NX launching. Game Freak is busy preparing the new Pokemon title while Nintendo is hard at work on a new Mario game. Nintendo has also approached a number of third party developers and currently Sega, Square Enix, Ubisoft, Activision and Warner Bros are already onboard.

Game graphics will be ‘somewhere between a PS3 and PS4’, with Nintendo targeting an audience that sits between smartphone gamers and the more hardcore users of PS4 and Xbox One.

“It’s a nice bit of kit, a bit of a novelty, but a good one,” said one exec that has got hands on with the machine. “It won’t appeal to PS4 fans. Nintendo seems set on trying to upgrade smartphone gamers. That’s going to be a big job for the marketing department.”



        1. It would be great if they’re making a 3D Mario game. If not, then I don’t care.

          1. ||There is no relevance for your comment in this context, anyway, as long as it’s not a part of the NSMB series or 3D Land, I can’t stand that Boom Boom character or whatever its name is…||

            1. Those games are stupidly easy. They need to make an open world Mario game. Seriously what they’re doing with The Breath of the Wild is well…. a breath of freash air. If Nintendo can do 20% of that into this new Mario game, then sign me up.

              Pokémon… meh

              1. ||Mario is a platformer, there is no open world version of it ever, the only way it would work is if they create one within the Paper Mario series as it has the RPG elements…||

                ||The only thing the main series needs is a few more worlds and harder bosses…||

                1. Well that’s true; when I said open world, I meant more along the lines of Super Mario 64; something that’s not too linear. Other than that I agree with you.

                  1. ||I want a new creation and innovation like Super Mario Sunshine was…||

              1. ||Indeed, we need to sort out the garbage and recruit only the advanced lifeforms or individuals in any species…||

                ||Cats are the most favourable amongst Earth’s lifeforms, more than humans…||

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  1. If this is true than i’m finished after 31 years of support, I already owned sony consoles since the ps1 and it became my main console during the ps3, but now it will also be my main company.

    Thanks for the great times and good luck with your new target group of people, shame that you turned your back on the people that made you what you are today!

    Personally I hope things will go so bad that you have to leave the console industry and make games for other consoles like sega is doing these days. Seems to me that that’s the only way to play all third party games and nintendo’s first party games wich hasn’t been that great since the n64 eather.

      1. I knew these childish comments would come because its typical nintendo fanboy behaviour, I used to be like that aswell. Most people I know that have been playing nintendo since before you where born think the same way as me so I couldn’t care less what you think.

        1. You call him childish, yet you want Nintendo to fail and be forced to leave the console business for your own selfish reasons.


        2. I also played 30 YEAR AGO Nintendo, i have a PS3, PSP, PS Vita, Xbox 360…. BUT i also have all the Nintendo Consoles and handhelds. And you know what? Nintendo is stille better, and always are my main console. I have to say that i’m sick of all the “Nintendo fans” that want Nintendo feels and seems like Sony, NINTENDO IS NOT SONY, and Nintendo, doesn’t need TO COPY SONY to coexists in the market. The cake of the HD graphics and “hardcore games” are couped by Sony and Microsoft, it is unwise compete in that area, it is a waste of time and resources, and it its a gold rule in the bussiness book. So Nintendo can launch whatever consoles it think that may conquer any new market where the patetic hands of sony and microsoft cannot reach. The NX maybe it is a console for “casual gamers” but it will be the console where i can play, Metroid, Zelda, Mario, Kirby, Donkey Kong, Starfox, and any other games that undoubtly are better that any other game of Sony and Microspft together, that beacause it is simply and basically FUN!
          So, good bye. You are so ungracefully fan.

          1. Yeah because the last good metroid was in 2007, the last donkey kong where the series made progres was 1999, the last serious kirby game was on the snes, the last star fox that was good was on the n64, not to mention all the other great series that there not using cause they don’t have enough people to make them, or claim that people don’t want that.

            And besides Nintendo’s own IP’s games like Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Castlevania , Mega man, Final Fantasy, Turtles, Double dragon, Chrono trigger, Secret of mana used to make Nintendo a great console and the list goes on and on. Back than you could make a top 100 with amazing games now you struggle to make a top 100 with 3 of there consoles combined.

            I don’t want to buy a Playstation or Xbox just to play those kind of games, I want to buy a Nintendo console that can do everything so I don’t need another console.

            You people got used to accepting mediocre while Nintendo deserves to be the absolute best, and smash the competition.

            1. Are you really that stupid? Nintendo didn’t own those from the start…the 3rd party companies that made it with nintendo did…learn where those games come from as I told the last dumbshit. mortal kombat is from Midway, street fighter is from Capcom, Castlevania is from Konami, secret of mana is from squarenix. Those companies where along nintendo in the 80’s, they made nintendo great, but they were not nintendo’s IP’s at all, further more you need to look and see before bashing them even more than now because I hear they are turning the heads of many people since tusami(?) became president. If you moved on, fine, go…no skin off our backs from a stupid fool who counted nintendo out for his own selfish reasons.

          2. Anyone that doesn’t want Nintendo to compete are idiots that don’t know how a great business actually works. If you don’t compete, you are doing a disservice to your fans & customers because you aren’t evolving to give them better hardware. It’s like sticking with a dying trend to keep the small userbase that still likes it happy. Businesses like Nintendo can & will not survive on the lowest common denominator. Nintendo will NOT become the exception. Just watch. First chance they get, if the video game console industry starts to not be a viable business anymore, I guarantee you Nintendo will abandon you so called “grateful fans” in a heartbeat for mobile phones, theme parks, movies, and television shows! So enjoy Nintendo if they remain mediocre while you still can. Hopefully NX will actually try to compete with Sony & Microsoft because they are fucking screwed otherwise.

        3. I would advise you to hold off and see exactly what Nintendo reveals. You have to remember that everything we’ve heard so far isn’t official or proven fact. Now if you don’t like what the NX is after the reveal then you should make the choice to drop support for them altogether, that’s what I plan to do. There are pretty high chances that a lot of the rumors are true, and the 2 rumors I believe are fact is the NX will use cartridges and it will use a Tegra x chip, most likely the tegra x2 chip, but other than that we have no evidence to determine precisely what nintendo will truly reveal, and these rumors are irritating to no end as well, which is why it’s best to just wait until the end of the year for an official reveal:D
          You could just do the same as I am doing, just focus on the ps4 for now, here are a list of games I have my eye on that are coming…
          The King of Fighters XIV
          Rise of the Tomb Raider
          Gravity Rush 2, my most anticipated favorite so far:D
          Exist Archive, similar to Valkyrie Profile I guess
          Fate/EXTELLA: The Umbral Star
          Berserk, which is a day one buy for me;}
          The Last Guardian, for obvious reasons
          Attack on Titan
          Horizon Zero Dawn, which looks to be my future favorite game of all time:)
          Days Gone, I don’t understand why this game didn’t get more attention because this game looks like it’s gonna be one of the best games to come out:D

          1. Exactly what I’m doing. Got my focus on 3DS, PS4, and voicing my frustrations here. I’d do it on Miiverse but that place is utter shit like Nintendo Life when it comes to negative opinions: nothing but fanboys either attacking people with a negative opinion or falsely reporting people for being hateful/bullying and the admins deleting shit and banning people by taking shit out of context.

            1. Least here I don’t have to hold back with my language because at least this site realizes not every Nintendo gamer is a little kid or religious nut that is offended by harsh language.

        4. I feel your pain, only I went through the phase you are going through about 1 1/2 to 2 years ago. All I can say, is once you are on the other side, it’s quite liberating. You finally see Nintendo never gave a shit about you.
          Nintendo has already moved on from its old school, loyal fan base. (currently considered trolls for being upset) – Time for you to move on as well.

          I have had so much fun on my X1, and will have fun on the NX after it drops in price and after the software drought that will follow the launch window games.

          Welcome to the ex-NES fanboy club. Pull up a chair and we’ll help you get through this. ;D

    1. Just look at it as how we always wanted the PS Vita to be, when it was supposed to be able to connect to a tv for couch play, and we may actually see games from 3rd party devs, that supported the ps vita for this long, start developing games on this handheld! I think we should stop calling it a console, and just call it what it truly is, a replacement handheld for the 3ds.

    2. They turned their back on the fans… why exactly? Because the NX isn’t going to be a powerhouse? Or because NX is going to be a hybrid console? I can’t follow your reasoning. I’m a longtime Nintendo fan myself and I personally don’t feel like they’re turning their back to me at all.

      1. Because nintendo used to be for the hardcore gamer that wants to play every game that gets released and not buy 2 consoles of 2 company’s just to be able to play street fighter and many others

        I don’t mind the hyrbid part they can do whatever they want aslong as there not 5 years behind in time.

        1. There is no such thing as a hardcore gamer. It is a myth. It cannot be defined. It is a vague term and useless one.

            1. Has GTA ever been on a Nintendo home console? NO. It has never been on one. All those question about why you can’t play them need to be directed at the publishers for those games. Nintendo cannot force them to make the game for their system. It is not the power that keep those games from Nintendo console. It is the tools used and resources used keeping the games off Nintendo consoles. You can play Call of Duty and Street Fighter on the Wii U. You should have said the newer ones. Also, you can’t play Street Fighter V on the Xbox One either.

              1. GTA has been on Nintendo consoles. In portables only, though. I guess that’s not what you’re arguing, but I think it’s necessary to pinpoint that. It reinforces your point of the publishers holding authority over that. It’s not like Nintendo is actively against it.

                1. That was why I said home console. I know about the portable game. That’s what people forget. People say “Nintendo, why I can’t play GTA?” Nintendo is like I don’t know ask Take Two why not.

              2. if they make a descent console publishers will release there games on a nintendo console cause its more profitable they want to release it on a as many types of consoles as possible witouth much effort, if it takes them to much effort to port there games than they skip Nintendo so its Nintendo’s fault.

                Besides I don’t care what reasons you can think of, they should make a console that supports everything, if you disagree than your not accepting the best of both worlds. why accept nintendo games when you can play nintendo games and third party games at the same time.

                On the Snes you could play everything, besides Sega IP’s wich is fine. If I want to play God of War and uncharted ill buy a playstation. If I want to play Halo for example ill buy a xbox. I buy a nintendo console for nintendo games + third party wich I can’t atm.

                Nintendo went to shit when they lost games like final fantasy,street fighter, castlevania and mega man.

                Anyway i’,m finished here ill respect your opinion I just don’t agree and I think nintendo is digging its own grave time will tell. Great sales for the wii and DS don’t mean much to me cause those weren’t aimed at the real gamers, altough the DS is pretty solid

                1. Ports aren’t easy even between PS4 and Xbox 1. It isn’t that they don’t want to do the work. It is about the resources (employees and time). If they really thought they would make the money back on those games then they would port it. Not many publishers are willing to take a risk. Look at EA. They don’t make Madden on the PC. It surely isn’t about power or the tools. They just won’t do it for some reason. Nordic Games porting Darksiders. I don’t know how Darksider II sold but it must have been enough for them to think they will make a profit to release Darksiders which they may release Darksider III when that becomes available. You can certainly ask Nintendo about the third party games but you need to ask the publishers too. I don’t know what you mean about the Wii because I have Rygar, Obsure, Godfather, Scarface, two Tomb Raider games, Marvel Alliance, Silent Hill, Need for Speed, Star Wars Force Unleashed, Monster Hunter, and sports games(NHL, NFL, and NBA). Those are the games that I can see at the moment.

              3. It’s never been on one cause nintendo decided to go the kiddy route. Most games that haven’t been on nintendo consoles (besides exclusives) are all nintendos fault. Be it for choosing a weaker system, staying cartidge instead of cd, having a kiddy image, etc. All nintendos fault. Not its fans. And its fans should be able to have all those games as well. And not inferior versions with less maps, features, etc.

            2. ||And there are 2 Call of Duty games on the Wii U, do some research boy…||

                1. ||Go and become an Xbot then, you never were a true Nintendo fan anyway considering you only talk about non Nintendo games everytime…||

            3. Nintendo hasn’t had good third party support in almost 2 decades. Besides Rare, N64 had very little, and so did GCN. You say you’ve been a fan for 30 years, but for 2/3 of that, Nintendo has been behaving exactly the way they are now, at least with 3rd party support.

              Also, yeah, “Hardcore Gaming” is BS. People should play whatever games they want, for as long as they, at whatever difficulty they want. People who look down on others with different tastes are just bitter that they have nothing else to live for.

        2. Bull-fucking-shit.
          Ever since the NES, Nintendo has lost TONS of big releases to its competitors, especially in the N64 days you idolize so much. Take off your rose-tinted glasses, get out of here and take you faux gamer dichotomy with you.

            1. You know, I can’t figure you out…are you trying to troll and piss people off or are you trying to show you know a thing or two about nintendo? Please…explain so I can understand you better.

        3. Except that isn’t true. Nintendo has always cared about multiple types of gamers, and the hardcore gamers weren’t even always the main focus. Just look and their whole handheld line. None of their handheld systems is really targeted at hardcore gamers that much. Same goes for the Wii or the Wii U. The GameCube, on the other hand, WAS targeted at hardcore gamers only and wasn’t really succesful.

          As for NX: Where exactly do you read that they aren’t targeting hardcore gamers? All that’s being said is that they’re trying to capture smartphone gamers. This doesn’t exclude hardcore gamers in any way. The Wii clearly wasn’t targeting hardcore gamers, and yet I as a hardcore gamer enjoyed it a lot. That’s because Nintendo can actually satisfy more than just one core audience at once. In fact: If NX ends up really being a hybrid between handheld and console, it means we’ll get MORE games, not less, and people will have to buy less systems to play all Nintendo games (previously you needed to buy a handheld and a console if you wanted to play all their games, now just a single system is enough for both). And if developers still don’t want to bring their big IPs to NX just because it’s less powerful, then that’s barely Nintendo’s fault, it’s the developers’ fault for their lack of flexibility. I doubt that that will happen, though. Wii got many games, even though it was the weakest console. The same will happen with NX as long as it just appeals to enough people.

          1. I agree with most you said but of 1 thing…

            “And if developers still don’t want to bring their big IPs to NX just because it’s less powerful, then that’s barely Nintendo’s fault, it’s the developers’ fault for their lack of flexibility.”

            ^ Here, not by flexibility, I’d say “lack of doing it…aka lazy”. We know that can do it, the point is how well they want the game to work and if they want to go through the work to get it running right and not be all fucked up. Rayman legends wii u was a great example of how well it was made, splinter cell or fifa 15 was a poor example of a terible port or the wii u edition of call of duty 2/ghosts (lack of dlc maps because they wanted to see how well players of wii u will do, which fucked owners of the system over the xbox and ps4 editions, because they wanted it to fail). Yeah, I agree but to that point I’m going to say something about it.

        4. Don’t bother arguing with them. The new breed of Nintendo fans don’t get it. Only a small fraction converted from our Era.

          I get you, I was you, but Nintendo has changed course once they got a taste of casual blood from the Wii. They are just a business now. Since I gave up on Nintendo, I expanded my gaming platforms, took up archery, am building a youtube channel and writing a book. It feels great actually. :D

          I still game, but not nearly as much. I’m very selective now. It’s easier when Nintendo is publishing games like Home designer, trifold heroes, federation force, basically mobile – caliber games. I’m excited for Breath of the Wild, beyond that, I’m enjoying time away from gaming. This is the only game site I visit. I adore the Writers (especially SSF) and Sickr runs a great blog. I’m not going to let this young, ignorant breed of “Nintendo fans” run me off. Lol

                1. While I could do with drinking more chocolate milk, I’d prefer a Dr. Pepper or Pepsi. Coca~Cola just isn’t the same anymore for my taste buds for some odd reason.

          1. So let me get this straight. People like their new games, are having fun with them, and because of that they are “ignorant?” Buddy, I’ve been a fan of them since I was five and grew up with an NES and Playstation, and just because they have some hiccups in their series (I’m looking at you FF) that doesn’t mean the people who are enjoying the other games are “ignorant.” If anything, that statement in itself is ignorant.

            1. Younger fans tend to not see how much the quality has dropped in their games. Or how much easier they have gotten. Even younger fans that I know are getting tired of it though. If younger fans are gonna call older fans trolls for saying that they feel nintendo is not living up to their potential, or listening to their fans, older fans are gonna call you guys fanboys for defending everything. You don’t have to love everything a company does to prove what a fan you are, nobody cares. There’s way too much stuff they haven’t been doing and quite frankly it’s all been stated by plenty of people so I’m not gonna waste my time listing them. It’s not gonna change your opinion, and you won’t change ours. So there’s no point. I’d rather take a break at work and smoke a bowl that I’ve been waiting on. Peace.

        5. Nintendo’s focus has been the family, not the “hardcore” gamer. Their first console was literally called the “Family Computer”.

    3. I understand what you are saying. I think all of us want to have one system for Nintendo IP and third party games.

      If Nintendo don’t deliver that but tries to capitalize on the smartphone market, that’s a damn shame.

      However, to say that Nintendo IPs haven’t been that good since N64 is a crazy statement.

      Metroid prime series
      Zelda windwaker,twilight princesses, skyward sword
      Mario Galaxy 1&2
      Pikmin series
      DK country returns
      Smash Bros
      Ect ect

      WII U
      Mario maker
      Mario kart 8
      Dk tropical freeze
      Pikmin 3
      Smash Bros
      Zelda BOTW
      Tokyo mirage
      Xenoblade x
      Ect ect

      Nintendo has made some stinkers….. Mario party 10, animal crossing amiibo festival, ect

      But you can’t hit a home run every time.

      I think the wii u has some of the best in series IPs from Nintendo.

      1. Should have been more specific metroid, mario, mario kart, smash brothers and zelda are great.

        Donkey Kong doesn’t count in my eyes I want updated games not cheap 2d sequals wich means they haven’t changed a thing in 20 years.

        And the last real metroid game dates from 2007 altough i still have faith in the series.

        What happend to all the other great franchises like starfox,F-zero, a real pokemon game/mmo and so on.

    4. Good Luck! You wish them out of the console industry but you no longer want anything to do with them. That is selfish thinking. That target group this rumor, yes, rumor is speaking of is the same target group the Nes, Snes, N64, Gamecube, Wii, Wii U and all handhelds were targeting. For someone who has supported Nintendo for 35 years and gaming for 38 years, I support games not hardware. Hardware is just a tool for games to be made on.

        1. You may want to look at the games Nintendo make yearly from the NES to the Wii U. They actually produce more games now than they have in the past. A person knows what they like. If third party is what interest you then go to the third party machine that fits you best. As you said they only made 5 games you like in the past 9 years. They made a system worth of games I like on Wii U. If I was interested in handheld gaming there would be a lot more.

    5. I agree, a new system that is between a PS3 & PS4? Kinda sounds like that system they’re trying to get rid of, what’s it called? Oh yea the wii u! How about that. So we should buy two systems in a 4.5 year span and STILL have a weaker system than the competition? No thanks? How about you take us serious and we will take you serious. Fans are tired of having the kiddy version, the same fans who like you have been there for around 30 years or so. Of course we will be called trolls by the fanboys who are too young to get it sadly.

          1. That makes no sense, you got fucked in the mouth and desperately wanted to say something back but you had nothing. Now you are just sitting there with a mouth full of cum struggling to speak. “I’m not the one who needs to try again to find the right console.” Like what? He found the right console, wii U has Zelda, what was that? Did you really think you got him on that? You sicken me to my core, you thought that was going to slip by, that it was over. Nah I noticed, feel ashamed you deserve it you cock hungry slut.

            1. Nobody asked you. You need to learn to mind your business and not butt into others’ conversations like a fucking 6 year old. Do you think he can’t defend himself? Plus your comment doesn’t even make any sense and is completely unnecessary. People like you are disgusting. Seriously. Only faggot kids make those kinds of remarks. And when the Wii U stops making games for the Wii U he’s going to have to choose another console. Which will probably be the wrong one because it’s not NX. So I do hope you kindly jump off a building and rid the world of the ugly shit stain that you are.

              1. You can lash out but nothing will take away the sting of that awful comeback if you can call it that. You already had a shot and completely blew it. Though I guess at this point what else can you possibly lose? you are completely exposed in front of everyone and now you are just letting them on you like rabid dogs. None of this will wash away, you are deemed a shameless cum king for eternity.

                    1. Okay, I’ll admit I shouldn’t have kept trying. But any “deflecting” was defending from the shit he was slinging. I honestly hate it when people talk shit like that over the internet and have the balls to say that kind of thing they wouldn’t say to someone’s face without expecting a punch thrown back at them.

  2. ||The handheld is strong, the power shall obliterate any Sonyan handheld weaponry forever…||

  3. Compete with sony and microsoft nintendo. Not competing is total fucking bs. I eant nintendo games and full third party support. I should have to buy two consoles just to get third party gamrs. Its bs and they should know it. Step it up or lose a customer.

  4. This does worry me a little, but trying to get smartphone gamers to upgrade isn’t a terrible idea. The rumors we’ve seen about the NX so far – the ones where it’s shaped like a smartphone with detachable buttons on the sides – could be just the ticket. And if this handheld’s power is between a PS3 and a PS4, then that’s still pretty good for a handheld. The statement that it won’t appeal to the PS4 market is the big worry here, as the system may not get the latest CoD, Battlefield, etc with these specs. However, as mentioned in the article, a number of third-parties are already on-board with the NX. Nintendo will also be able to output more games to the NX than they could the Wii U, assuming that this is their only gaming system that replaces both handheld and console.

    1. But what confuses me about the NX being rumored to be a handheld hybrid device with two detachable controllers on the side is that Kimishima insinuated that the NX will be ” a new concept ” and if this rumor holds to be true there’s nothing ” new ” about it. The Edge tablet was a very powerful portable gaming device at the time that also had two detachable controllers……on the side and it came with an accessory that you can dock the device into to also allow you to play games on the tv………sounds like a familiar rumor? This would be Nintendo copying someone else which is totally out of their character because they like to be original. I’m just gonna wait until Nintendo themselves come forward and say something but if this is true I sincerely hope they have very compelling software because if it doesn’t it’s going to be a very tough sell

        1. You got a point Sylux and I just thought of something. Judging from Eurogamer’s NX concept art, what if when the device is turned sideways and propped up that it ends up having screens on both sides so that when both players are playing a multiplayer focused game on the go they will have their own separate screen? Maybe this is why Ubisoft decided to just announce Just Dance 2017 as their first NX game because they knew it would be the best example of how this type of tech works. This would be a huge game changer for the dedicated gaming space and could make a lot of noise even in the mobile gaming market. Also, the SCD could play a huge role in the planned longevity of the NX. What if the SCD keeps increasing the processing power of the device every generation? Maybe this is why we keep hearing rumors about the NX being on par with the Neo. It’s gonna be very interesting come next month, so many questions need to be answered

          1. Similarly to those Wii Party U or WarioWare minigames in which you only use one consoles/gamepad for both players? I don’t know, seems a bit inconvenient, especially if the controllers are detachable. I’d lie if I said I didn’t have a great time playing ping-pong with my brother that way, though.

            About the SCD, I wouldn’t expect anything from it. It would drive the price up considerably.

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                    3. Tell me about me? And these are the same idiots who would side with B0nd after he destroyed the Wii U and looked just like a console caveman himself! lol

  5. Software drives hardware sales. If the NX manages to bring in a lineup of good games then it doesn’t really matter if it isn’t as powerful as the ps4. The 3ds isn’t as powerful as the vita but it has been more successful because it has a lot of games that draw players to it. If the NX has a pokemon game releasing on it, that alone will drive a lot of sales, assuming the popularity of the franchise due to pokemon go stays high. Not to mention sales the Legend of Zelda: BotW or a potential new Mario game will generate.

    1. Exactly. It’s all about the games. I get the feeling that the NX is tailored as a secondary console for those that already have a Sony/Microsoft system. The handheld market is completely empty at the moment, it makes sense that Nintendo would try to capitalize on that instead of releasing another (pure) home console.

      People are iffy about the lack of power, yet they don’t see that, historically, it has never mattered in the slightest. If the console sells, it’ll get games, simple as that.

    2. BOTW on portable in the same quality as at home is insane. Can’t believe the downers on this. I have some questions and not everything appears to be “just as I’d prefer” but I still don’t know anything other than very, very powerful handheld

      1. I don’t care if the handheld is more powerful than a PC from 2020 (yes the future). It’s still a handheld. IMO terrible selling point to CONSOLE gamers. Handheld is on the go, not a replacement. I’m not playing on the go if I’m driving my car. I’m not going out to the park to play video games. If I’m gaming, it’s on my nice quality 70″ TV that I don’t have to strain my neck to look down at, and don’t have to strain my eyes on the tiny screen. I can’t believe the people actually in support of this hybrid idea. It’s literally a cop out. Handheld gamers are kind of partially responsible for the wii u sales being low, they figured they had handheld versions of games so they didn’t need to get the console or console versions. (Not all but definitely a good amount, and no they aren’t even close the so sole reason for the wii u downfall but everything helps). I will never get how people would rather play on a tiny screen as opposed to their nice big tvs, on a comfy couch. I would NEVER want to play a game the size of BOTW on a handheld. You have this big epic landscape, and you wanna play it on a tiny 6 inch screen? That makes no sense to me if you have the alternative of a console. Only if it’s all you have would I get that. Everyone is allowed to like what they want though, so I’m not against people doing it, I just don’t get it, much like you don’t get the people who don’t like the hybrid idea. Hope I wasn’t offensive,

        1. I don’t play handhelds either, but because this one can play on the television (if the rumors are true) at full resolution there should be no issue. They are just trying to please fans/gamers, whatever, with one console as opposed to two separate ones it seems. I would have been happier or just as happy with a singular home console that was very powerful. But I am interested in the handheld part of it for my kids, but also if there is something else about the console that separates it from the pack

        2. Hopefully it’s just a home console with a portable attachment. Maybe Wii U was just a template to prepare them for it since you can play most Wii U games off-TV using the Gamepad. If it’s a handheld with a home console attachment, it will mean they learned nothing from Wii U & decided to capitalize on the handheld market which ultimately gives us weaker hardware. :/

      1. Hopefully!

        I don’t mind eitherway, though I would love to see one again in the style of 64/Sunshine. Just as long as we actually get a damn 3D Mario, it’s been longer than a 3D Metroid game at this point -.-

          1. I’m talking about an actual 3D Mario. 3D World was a 2D-styled game with 3D visuals, but still with 2D gameplay. Call them 3D and 2D or call them explorative and side-scrolling, but it’s been over 6 years since we had a 3D/explorative Mario game

            1. And I am too. 3D World didn’t have 2D gameplay with 3D visuals, that’s the NSMB series. I’m not telling you not to establish a boundary between Mario games with open-level design and side-scrollers, but try to use the correct terminology instead of the old tired “not a real X game”. 3D World is as much of 3D Mario games as 64 or Sunshine. Arguably more than those, since it follows the traditional Mario formula much closer than 64 and Sunshine.

              1. Drinking game: take a shot every time I say “3D”

                The “traditional” Mario formula is that established by the 2D games. The only thing 3D World has in common are the aesthetics, as the level design, gameplay style, mechanics and structure are all the same as the 2D/sidescrolling games, just on a 3D plain. It shares very few attributes with it’s 3D counterparts. Nintendo isn’t entitled to make any other 3D Mario, heck, they could just pursue the 3D World formula from now on (though I hope they don’t), but it’s hard to call those 3D Marios when the past 3D games already established a set formula. It’s like calling Link Between Worlds a 3D game because it’s in three dimensions despite it’s 2D-like gameplay.

                Anyways, let’s just leave this naming thing aside, I just hope that they make a game like 64/Sunshine or the Galaxies. For all we know, “new Mario game” could even be New Super Mario Bros. NX, so there’s no real way to tell

                1. That’s a very reductionist mindset. 3DW and 2D Mario games share a number of things, but gameplay is not one of them precisely because of the third dimension. In terms of character movement, any platformer game is going to be a completely different beast than their 2D counterpars. It’s on of the genres more greatly affected by such change and one of the reasons why 3D platformers were so populae during the 5th gen (SM64 being another).

                  Your ALBW example actually supports my argument: it’s the same as the NSMB series, a 2D game with 3D visuals. Unlike in 3DW, you can’t do anything in ALBW that you couldn’t do in ALttP because the gameplay is bound by the same number of dimensions.

                  And you have it backwards. If the 3D Mario games before 3DW don’t have much in common with the 2D entries in terms of level design, progression, collectibles and structure, that makes 3DW a more “Mario” game than the early 3D titles, not viceversa. I’d argue that the 2D counterpart of 64/Sunshine is not something like Super Mario World but something like the classic Sonic games, which also have a focus on exploration and replayability of a single level through multiple routes (instead of objectives) and hidden secrets.

                  This topic reminds me of the people claiming that Other M was just like Super Metroid “but in 3D” just because of its third-person camera. Obviously enough, in that case, Prime turned out to be more of a “Super in 3D” than Other M by virtue of preserving the defining traits of the 2D entry: its atmosphere, open-level structure and secret collectibles.

                  My point being, if we apply that criteria to 3DW vs 64, then to me it’s clear as day that 3DW is a more “faithful” 3D adaptation of Mario games than 64 (and closer to what the Galaxy games were, too). It’s still a type of “race to the finish” game (SMB), with bit-sized levels (SMB3) and a minor collectible focus thrown into the mix for the sake of variety (SMW). I hope I expressed my point of view more clearly this time. That said, I would also prefer a 3D Mario game in the same vein as 64, if only because that kind of games isn’t that common anymore.

                  At least we have Yooka-Laylee.

                  1. ||Most do not understand the core essence of games, just like with Fe!=#!¤Öion F^!2!”#ce…||

                    1. ||I’ll be at the very top of that mountain…||

              2. It’s definitely not a true 3D game nintendo said it themselves. It’s 2D/3D, not full 3D. His statement is correct except about it being a 2D style game with 3D graphics. It wasn’t quite 2D, but wasn’t full 3D either. So yea, doesn’t count, sorry.

  6. “Sources close to Nintendo say blah blah blah” is what I got from this article. Also dont believe the nvidia rumour or the detachable controller tablet rumour.

  7. Not exactly surprising to hear that at all lol. Especially Pokemon. I mean if they’re going for a spring release in March, then within 6 months is also September, which would be the right timing for an almost annual fall pokemon release anyways.

    1. ||I’m sure they shall voice their support soon, after all, we gave them 2 slots in Smash Brothers which are worth more than both their empires combined…||

          1. The Eurogamer rumor states that they have something planned for that time frame. Nvidia is also supposed to talk about Tegra X2 around that time too. Besides that, six months of marketing are the bare minimum to effectively promote new hardware.

            1. ||Yes but everyone seems to forget that another earlier rumour stated that it was AMD that was potentionally handling the core…||

              ||Unless that rumour was officially debunked when I wasn’t on…||

  8. After thinking about it, combining mobile and a console will lead to Nintendo’s end in the near future due to AAA 3rd party abusing their releases on the NX! This video is precisely how I feel about mobile games compared to real games! Mobile games are pure shit and play like shit, period!
    What I’m about to describe next is what I believe 3rd party devs will do on the NX, and I can only imagine how shitty the NX AAA 3rd party games will be! AAA publishers are gonna abuse the NX with all types of shitty microtransactions, and pay2win schemes, especially with companies like EA, Activision, Ubisoft, and Square Enix praising the NX! Let us not forget that Square Enix tried that Augment your pre order BULLSHIT with Deus Ex Mankind Devided, and AAA companies are definitely going to pull worse shit than this on the NX! Don’t believe me, we already seen a company try do this already on the WiiU, lust look at FIST OF THE NORTH STAR: KEN’S RAGE 2 DLC on the eshop…
    1 Stage pack @ $3.99
    1 Costume pack @ $2.99
    1 BGM music pack @ $1.99

    Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage 2:

    Several costumes (Bat, Rin, Ein, Falco, Shachi, Hyou, and Kaioh) @ $2.99 each
    Celestial Emperor costume pack ( contains above mentioned costumes for Ban, Rin, Ein, and Falco) @ $9.99
    Land of Shura costume pack ( contains above mentioned costumes for Shachi, Hyou, and Kaioh) @ $7.99)
    Additional Scroll 2 @ $2.99
    On April 4th, users will be able to play as an additional character in Dream Mode (not clear if patch or DLC)
    and That’s without the main game, so just imagine how bad AAA companies are gonna abuse the NX by releasing pay2win games on there!

  9. I mean they’re making animal crossing and fire emblem for the phone market and they’re gonna release more for mobile market isn’t that enough? should they really release base their new console to attract the mobile gamers?.. I am not so much into graphics but between PS3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and PS4 if by that they mean X1 level then I guess I’m okay but they got make it close to the ps4 graphics in order to get the third party support I mean games like Overwatch should be available on nintendo console.. Nintendo should not let me buy a ps4 for a game that is available on PC X1 PS4 but not the NX which is the case with the WiiU right now.. plus let’s be honest having a nice graphics is always good esp. with games like Monster Hunter, I dream about a PS4 graphics Monster Hunter exclusive for the NX that would make a lot of ppl I know buy the NX day 1I mean u see the CGI trailer for MH the monsters looks outstanding then when u actually play the game on 3DS it looks like the ps2 graphics gameplay is what makes this game I understand and it’s a handheld graphics so it’s good (but I believe MH is a console game more than a handheld game so why not we get MH on a console with outstanding gameplay graphics as well) .. I repeat I am not so much into graphics but we deserve a powerful console close to the rivals so that I don’t feel the need to buy a second console I mean even when I use Netflix/Hulu or any other app it feels better on PS4 than WiiU btw I’m a super nintendo fan but they can’t just get away again with underpowered device!!! don’t get me wrong the WiiU graphics are good BUT there’s better! Nintendo can make better but they just wanna save as much money as they can with producing the console and having great games to force the fans to be ok with last Gen specs… in conclusion if u ask anyone in the planet would you like to play mario galaxy with wii graphics or in 4K? no one would say oh I prefer the wii graphics even though the gameplay is the most important part but graphics are not something to be ignored even for the excellent games (that’s why they are being remastered now, it’s always good to make it appeal to the eyes)

    1. ||That’s why they are called rumours and not theories or evidence of the third class…||

  10. Sorry but not going to happen. This may very well be a product. But Nintendo will release several products including an x86 core console which spanks the ps4 og in power.

    1. ||It can be 1600K, the gameplay would still be civilian nonsense…||

  11. The vita betterthan the 3ds dont make me laugh, the vita is the titanic a dead memory. But as for the new mario and the poke-gay-man game nah give me something awesome like metroid prime 4, ff7 on NX, A new golden sun or a new monster hunter or even Dragon Quest X Those would be games worth shouting about.

  12. I’m already guessing this Pokemon game won’t be another Stadium for which we haven’t had one since the Wii (Not that Revolution was a bad game). Probably going to be something new like Pokken unless they want to throw the core Pokemon fans a bone.

      1. Can’t blame you for thinking that way. Battle Revolution literally forces you to buy Diamond and Pearl just to import Pokemon since the rentals are so damn limited compared to both Stadium titles. Probably would have been too much work for them to add 4 Generations worth of Pokemon from the get go.

  13. Pokemon is a handheld seller. If people get their pokemon fix on their phones, this is going to put a huge dent in the 3DS / NX market. Nintendo thinks they can pull a Wii – Pokémon Go is like Wii Sports, a sensation. Now they think they can pull those GO gamers to the NX, just like they tried to pull Wii gamers to the WiiU,… This plan is destined to fail.
    Nintendo is on a slippery slope, and it’s going to bite them in the ass when they discover they are killing the 3DS (and NX if a handheld) market by making these Mobile games. Just watch.

  14. F*CK NINTENDO! MAKE YOUR HARDWARE APPEAL TO GAMERS NOT TO SMARTPHONE USERS F%^&*CK!!! I used to be the biggest Nintendo fan around but Nintendo is f*cking sh*t now

  15. Not really expecting much for the Pokemon game when they said not to long ago the PIC didn’t want any more RPG’s on consoles. But if they changed their mind, this new game needs to be something similar to Coliseum and not a half baked Stadium with fewer rental options (Looking at you Battle Revolution).



    1. Oh look. Bowler has a new name. *shrug* Still a retard with his all caps Nintendo praise. Back in your cage! *cracks whip*

  17. I’m concerned. This is totally unlike anything I expected from the NX. As you can tell from the comment section, this is definitely gonna turn some people off.

  18. The first paragraph doesn’t sound any different than the strategy they’ve been doing for years now, but the second paragraph is worrying.

  19. I did not intent to buy the NX, but now I feel more and more sorry for those who going to buy it. targets an audience between smartphone users and hardcore gamers???? I would say Nintendo need to bring the smartphone users AND the hardcore gamers by giving some popular games like FIFA (love it or hate it the game is popular) and call of duty, GTA, Final fantasy, Pokemon, monster hunter, assassin’s creed or witcher 3.

  20. Pokemon Snap! Pokemon Snap! Pokemon Snap! The rest of this article can blow me, though. I want a video game console, not another casual machine.

    1. There was never a casual machine. You have been lied to by the mainstream media and Deez nuts!

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