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Niantic Has Admitted Being Responsible For The Pokemon GO Articuno Blunder

Niantic has taken responsibility for accidentally releasing Legendary Pokemon, such as Articuno, into the public for Pokemon GO users to catch. The remarks were made in a Facebook post, where Niantic stated that “a few of our Legendary Pokémon had erroneously been granted to some Trainers. Thanks to the help of several of our Trainers, we were able to locate them and bring them home safely”. In other words, Articuno is not only unobtainable again, but the ones who were able to obtain Articuno previously no longer have it.



  1. Oh great here comes Kalas with more excuses to try to shift and shill blame toward Nintendo.

      1. Yeah but Kalas finds excuses for literally anything to hate Nintendo. The only EVER positive thing I saw from him relating to Nintendo ever was Breath of the Wild. The game everyone loves.

        1. You really are a dick riding Nintendo fanbitch, aren’t you? The only reason you don’t see me saying more positive things about Nintendo is because, unlike you, I’m not a sheep that praises them for 90% of their bullshit or defend them even when it’s quite clearly bad. It’s not my problem that Nintendo has mostly given us, what I feel is, utter shit the past 2 years with only a very small few good things. It also isn’t my problem that you just so happen to join this site at the wrong time. If you’d been here sooner, you’d realize before E3 2015, I had just as much good things to say about Nintendo as I did bad. You just had the misfortune of coming to this site after E3 2015.

          1. Watching how butthurt you are is hilarious. Keep on spewing tasteless insults like “Sheep”.

            1. No more butthurt than you are with calling me out because I dare to have a negative opinion most of the time. “Waah! He never says anything good about Nintendo! Waah!” Go back to Nintendo Life where you belong with the rest of the raging Nintendo fanbitch sheep where you can report people like me for having a negative opinion. Or on Miiverse where you can get away with falsely reporting someone for being hateful/bullying because you don’t like what they said.

              Like I said, enjoy your little delusion that I’m just a hater. I got more than enough people on here that will gladly disagree with you and know there is a very legitimate reason for my anger. Or as you and Brandon so like to hatefully call it: whining. Even if I am whining, it does not make my complaints and opinions any less relevant. You seem to think calling us whiners and saying we’re just whining makes our grievances moot or something. Newsflash: only in your own little narrow minded heads.

              1. The only one going “waaah” is the one typing paragraphs over this. XD There’s a difference between having an opinion and downright shitting on Nintendo in it’s one of it’s many rare moments of success nowadays.

            2. More importantly, I know I have a legitimate reason for being angry. So fuck you. Whine, bitch, or whatever all you want. It’s not changing any of my opinions. Ever.

              1. Good for you then. It’s not my fault you’re getting butthurt over me calling you out

        2. Oh & have fun exaggerating. It clearly shows you only EVER seen my negative comments. Or you only paid attention to the negative things in my comments. But if you did pay attention to my positive stuff, it’d destroy your entire delusion that I’m just this raging Nintendo hater.

          1. Because that is pretty much all I see from you regarding Nintendo. Rarely ever praise. Just hate, bashing or criticism. Even IF they ended with some success you’re just pissed over some developer credit thing when that’s how it’s always worked. Cmon dude.

  2. its not that they were lying, they did not know it was them being it was an oversight to they apologized and claimed at fault. am i defending them? no. am i against them? no.

  3. I would be so mad if I manage to catch one and they just takes it away like nothing!!! It probably took a couple of great and master balls to catch it. And don’t forget the berrries……

  4. Accidents happen. I hope they gift the people who caught the lengendaries some free Pokéballs and other good items though because they shouldn’t have to lose out just because of a mistake/oversight on the developer’s part. Doing so also might limit some of the rage they’ll inevitably incur from dedicated players for taking something rare from people especially coming right after all that Pokévision drama.

  5. Oh good. It was Niantic fucking up. Better than the alternative of hackers. Sucks for the people that actually spent time & resources to catch the bastard. I hope they reimbursed those people. It’s not cool to penalize someone for your own fucking mistakes.

      1. You’ll basically defend anything huh? Narrow minded as ever. Even when Niantic admits to fucking up, you still run to defend them. I wish I could go back to being as narrow minded as you concerning Nintendo IPs.

        1. Name calling as usual I see. Sounds about right when someone has nothing to back them up.~
          I never said they didn’t admit to it,but you’ll blow anything out of proportion. But hey, keep calling me narrow minded. Pot calling the kettle black.

          1. Believe whatever you want. No matter how much you bitch, whine, or shit on my opinions, it won’t stop me from voicing my frustrations on here. Now excuse me. I’m gonna take shrekt’s advice and let you and Peridot say whatever the fuck you want about me. It’s clear at this point you two are just targeting me because you two clearly don’t have the mental capacity to challenge people like Namie, so you go after the guy that isn’t good at keeping his cool instead like trolls do best. So I’ll be happy with my opinion & leave the heavy lifting to others in dealing with your kind.

  6. In truth only the Neckbeards and Moblie users that play that stupid app are really bothered with this info. Plus the sooner that app is dead and buried the better.

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