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Nintendo Power’s Super Mario Adventures Comic Is Getting A Reprint

Super Mario Adventures is getting a reprint later this year. The collection of comics will be published on October 12, courtesy of Viz Communications. Available now for pre-order from TFAW, Super Mario Adventures originally ran between 1992 and 1993 as part of Nintendo Power. You can check out its updated product description below:

Super Mario Adventures, inspired by the bestselling Super Mario video game franchise, is a collection of comics that originally ran in Nintendo Power magazine in 1992-93. The peril-plagued Princess Toadstool is kidnapped by the diabolical deadbeat Bowser but super plumbers Mario and Luigi hatch a plan with their new friend Yoshi to rescue her. Are the Super Mario Bros’ plans a pipe dream? Can they stop the Koopa King before he forces the Princess to be his bride?! Long out of print, this stunning, full-color graphic novel is now available once again!

11 thoughts on “Nintendo Power’s Super Mario Adventures Comic Is Getting A Reprint”

  1. I’ve been waiting for this, but I never thought it would actually happen. I have a copy of the original, but I was a dumb kid who took it to school in an over stuffed backpack every day, so it’s in terrible shape, held togeher at the spine by masking tape. I’ve wanted a clean replacement for the longest time but it’s being sold only for unreasonable prices online.

  2. I would pay an unreasonable amount of money for a quality, official, collected series reprint of the original StarFox comic by Benimaru Itoh.

    I have all but the first chapter of the comic in NP issues, but was my first magazine, and I had no idea what they would be worth to me, so they are in poor shape.

    … little by little, it it looking more and more possible it may actually happen.

    I never acually read the Mario ones. They were before my subscription began.

  3. These were the comics that NP ran in the magazine subscription s in the 90’s. They were also compiled into a book and released in limited quantities then as well. I paid about $75 on eBay for a copy of that book last year. As a fan, it’s great to see these kind of things happen. However as a collector, it sucks to see releases like this kill the value of your collection. They did the same thing with the Zelda comic a while back, a book that went for $50-150 now is only worth about $20-50. :(

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