Three New Nintendo Patent Applications Have Been Published

Three new Nintendo patent applications were published today, according to a thread on NeoGAF. The products seem to be a continuation of the handheld concept we saw earlier in the year. There seems to be more about the handheld’s hand/gesture tracking feature in more detail from two of the patents. The third one talks about attaching an accessory to the side of the portable device. The device uses the infrared camera to read the button presses instead of actually using any form of electrical connection between the two. In other words, the product would use the camera to detect pressed buttons, instead of electricity. We’ve included a gallery below with all the pictures of the patent products. If you want, feel free to check them out.



            1. Oh, hi lol. I havent commented on here in like 2 years lol i only commented because i saw my friend commented.

              1. Well you’re not missing out on much tbh. And aren’t you two close? I remember you having an Xbox One at one point, but have it away or something.

                    1. Yeah i remember you now :) you were my friend on the universe thing on the Wii U. I gave my Wii U to my boyfriend but i use it sometimes when i come over. Dang that was like 3 years ago

                    2. Hahaha, “Universe”! I only play smash Bros when I’m over my friends house. Other than that, I’m on my PS4. Hmm…it really was a long time now that you mention it!

                    3. I see you be playin’ No Mans Sky haha you are lucky I want that game :D do you think the Playstation Neo is worth it? I mean come on it’s freaking 4K!! I’m thinking of getting it instead of the NX :P

                    4. Man that game amazes me, just the thought if there being over 18,000,000,000,000 planets to explore is crazy. I love exploring lol. It reminds me of Breath of The Wild; the have similar ideas imo.

                      BTW… what is this PlayStation Neo, is it an upgrade like the Xbox One S? I’m not sure, you need to get a 4K TV if you want it. I probably won’t be able to get the NX for a while lol

                    5. Nice! The very first planet I spawned at, I spent at least an hour just exploring. I like flying around the planets too.

                      Also, if you didnt know, you can shoot the meteors to get fuel for your ship :)

                    6. Oh nice, thanks for the tip. I played for about an hour last night and haven’t left the first planet yet as well. I’ll be doing some space travel tonight for sure though.

                    7. ||Go to a Sonyan base if you want to talk about Sonyan supported weaponry…||

                    8. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHHAAAAAAA!!! So you’re telling me Sickr made you an admin?

                    9. Does No Man’s Sky have any actual story to it beyond just exploring planets? Or is this game just a more expensive, more adventure than base-building version of Minecraft?

      1. You forgot televisions and electrical outlets.
        Most of what you listed isn’t a gimmick, by the way. A gimmick is something unorthodox that draws you in, but usually fails when either people can’t apply it correctly, or it doesn’t succeed in hiding the lack of content behind it. Touch controls are a gimmick. Motion controls are a gimmick. D-pads and analog sticks are functional inputs that adequately serve a purpose.

        1. Touch controls are a gimmick? You do realize that touch control games (mobile games) are a dominating force amongst this new generation of kids right? Tablet games are what the NES was in the 80’s to the kids of this generation.

      1. I mean for sure the wii started out that way, but once the novelty wore off, people stopped being interested in it. I would say the only time they really learned was with the 3DS. The fun of touch controls ran out pretty quickly on the original DS, and then with the 3DS hardly any games used, or at least didn’t require, touch controls. That’s called learning a lesson. They haven’t seemed to apply that lesson to consoles yet.

    1. Actually … that is already being used by a Nintendo device right now.

      It is called the “Circle Pad Pro” for the standard 3DS. The second Circle Pad and extra L and R buttons are registered by the system through the infrared port, and it functions with perfect reliability and zero lag.

      It would not surprise me at all to know they are using that same tech again, since it worked so flawlessly before. It eliminates need of physical ports that can be damaged or contaminated, or needing to be utilizing multiple bluetooth signals, in addition to wi-fi, at all times, which would be a complex and expensive technical issue which would drain battery life needlessly.

      Optical data ports are low power, high speed and high reliability.

      This only makes sense.

  1. Then you notices the Patent doesn’t have Nintendo’s name on it AND it was filed on the 29/1/2016, meaning it would be impossible for Nintendo to actually be working on this device this later into the NX development cycle. This will most likely be in their next Handheld or the controllers they they want to design for Mobile devices to play their App games.

    Either way, I feel that people are pushing this way out of proportion

  2. Looking at the line of reasoning here, if Nintendo is releasing a tablet next year, it’s only natural to believe they will eventually release some sort of phone-like device.
    Even when some are stating that NX will be both the tabletop and handheld device for the next generation, it looks weird to me when you think about the habits of the users.
    Handhelds line DS need to be small because they have to be really handy in order to fit the intended use. A large tablet is a cool thing, but yet a device that’s a lot more suitable for home use rather than “on the fly” gaming in other places like in the bus or during the lunch break.
    I think it’s safe to assume nintendo is releasing a smaller “nx-like” device in the near future.

  3. from what i can understand infrared comunicates constantly with the tablet/console and when you push the relative button it disconnect the signal and then the tablet/console identifies it as

  4. So the camera shoots the ir light out and when the buttons are pressed the mirrors lower into place to be reflected back into the camera? I would assume that would use up more battery to have that camera on, but that would make controllers much cheaper to make. No little computer bits under buttons.

    That would fall in line with the detachable controllers rumor and would make it where the controllers aren’t drawing on the main device’s battery. Interesting concept that a company like Nintendo would come up with.

  5. How can you judge about the new console based upon these concepts? Lot’s have been rumored already about the NX, let’s just wait until the announcement next month.
    It may be possible that they announce 2 or 3 new consoled/objects at the same time, a new home console and a new handheld console that can function seprately but can also be combined. And maybe they’re not building a tablet, but just an attachable gamepad that you can fit on every tablet out there… maybe even on smartphones.

  6. Not sure how I should feel about this. *shrug* W/e. Fuck the rumors this will no doubt spread!

  7. Ok a home console that turns into a handheld is what I’ve always wanted, and if this helps that, great. All of you need to stop being so reactionary and immediately calling it a pointless gimmick. We still know very little about NX.

  8. I think of it as a new way to use buttons. Not just one solid way to make buttons work but we won’t know for sure its true advantages and disadvantages using the buttons this way!

  9. I just don’t think i can get into this stuff…
    And Nintendo’s antics slowly push me away..
    I’m never happy with them anymore… not like when i was younger.. i loved everything they did when i was a kid.. but now days.. no..

  10. The NX will never see a true 3rd party fighting game, never! Now that I think about it the Gamecube and Wii were the only Nintendo consoles to have true fighting games, and the last after this!

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