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Funimation Bringing Monster Hunter Anime To The West

Monster Hunter Stories: Ride On has not yet premiered in Japan, but Funimation has revealed that they will be bringing the anime to the West. Announced at their Otakon panel, the company will be releasing the anime on their streaming service FunimationNow this October.

The 48 episode series will follow a group of monster riders. Unlike the hunters in the game series, these characters will be attempting to bond and co-exist with the creatures. It is the first anime based on Capcom’s popular action RPG and seems to be specifically influenced by the upcoming 3DS game Monster Hunter Stories.



  1. is funimation’s demographic 12-15/ people that are bad at reading? Or is anime licensing and dubbing a REALLY small/cheap industry that is very easily sustainable? I don’t see where the money is, especially for stuff like this. Like I get dubs I used to watch them, most people do getting into anime (and it’s good toonami is back, so that more people are). But if you like anime you kind of switch over to just subs after a while, because lets say you are one of those people that defends 15 year olds sounding like they are 30 by the same 9 voice actors. Even still the dialog and a lot of stuff in the show feels awkward because they keep saying japanese words that they can’t really swap out and depending on what you are watching the characters will be japs living in japan.

  2. I’d rather see an anime of the main games for older audiences (13 & up), not this more kid friendly thing (12 & under).

  3. Boo, looks like even though you can be any skin color/tone in game, they won’t do that for the anime. More little white kids running around having fun….Why they don’t ever put dark skinned people I will never know…

    1. Actually, most anime characters are Japanese, not “little white kids.” And if I’m not mistaken, the reason there aren’t many black people in anime is because the Japanese aren’t very good at drawing black people which is why the few black people in anime tend to look like stereotypical racist garbage.

      1. Back to my point, if in the game I can make my skin pitch dark with the flick of the wrist, they should be able to do the same thing here. Easily. They can keep the same voices and change to have a fro and dark skin. Its not hard not to be racist. And it shouldn’t be crazy that in 2016 i ask for the anime to be like the game and support characters of all skin tones. Some Asians have super dark skin, the character does not necessarily have to be African. They just don’t all have to be pale with blonde or brown hair. The Japanese have drawn tons of lovely dark skinned people. They are not bad at drawing them. They just live with white supremacy like the rest of us. Give them credit. If you don’t ask, you continue to end up with the same looking blonde, brunette, and redheaded pale characters in every single show.

  4. If it’s dubbed i’ll watch it I wont watch any weeb trash hence why i didnt buy Tokyo Mirage as it’s weeb trash!

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