Rumor: Nintendo NX Possible Home For Long-Awaited Kingdom Hearts 3

An unlikely union between two gaming powerhouses may have been accidentally outed by EB Games Australia. While the placeholders have since been taken down, Twitter user SuperMetaldave64 pointed out and featured screen caps of the alleged product.


The image shows Kingdom Hearts 3 box art on the Nintendo NX. It also bears a 2017 release date. Kingdom Hearts 3 does not currently have a set release date (and neither does the NX). The Kingdom Hearts series has typically been a PlayStation only title, aside from some spinoff games on earlier Nintendo consoles.

Neither Square Enix, Disney or Nintendo has released any information to confirm or deny this rumor.

What do you think? Is this a plausible title? Let us know down below.

Thanks to paidenthusiast for the tip!


        1. Mmm just did a bit of research. I didn’t realize their base pay was so high. Still, if I lived there I would probably be importing all my games. Especially with PS and XB being region free. They’re paying 50% more than Americans for the same games.

      1. Your minimum wage is like 17+$ an hour isn’t it? In the US ours is 8 something. You guys don’t really pay much more then we do the exchange rate on your currency is simply different. In Japan people pay 10,000 yen for stuff. It’s sounds like alot but it’s not lol.

              1. No way in hell is Kingdom Hearts III going to be exclusive to a Nintendo console. I doubt the relationship between Nintendo & Square Enix has become THAT good in the last 5 or so years. And this isn’t like Bayonetta 2 where Platinum Games, an indie developer, was practically begging for someone to fund the project. Now a timed exclusive might not be too far fetched, though.

    1. ||Mankind Divided is all the non-Nintendo weaponry I’ll ever need…||

  1. It’s possible. it’s been asked for for a while now. Nintendo also has the money to convince Square to put it on the NX. look at Bayonetta 2. Nobody expected a sequel to be Nintendo exclusive but here we are.

  2. This would be so awesome if it happens. I’m really hoping this is true and not a mistake by EB Games

  3. *Shurg* I guess it could happen…don’t really see it happening but whatever cool if it does, I guess, for Nintendo exclusive gamers. As for me I bought a ps4 for many reasons, one of which being this very game, you better believe I’m getting this game on ps4 on or not on the NX. Get that money’s worth, am I right?

                  1. I’ll put a line through Trump’s & Clinton’s names, too, and put Voldemort & Dolores Umbridge in their places respectively.

                    1. Yeah, I know. Voldemort might be a bit of a long stretch. I don’t think Gilderoy Lockhart actually fits Trump since that guy never showed any sense of having a very short temper that flips out on anyone with any little tiny bit of criticism. I’m sure there is some other Harry Potter character that would fit him better, though. lol

                    2. Yeah but Lockheart has a massive ego and always talks about how great he is while discussing subjects that he has absolutely no experience in.

      1. He can be a fan of both. And if he bought a console for this particular game, it makes sense that he wants to play it in that hardware. I bought a Wii U for five particular titles, including Breath of the Wild, and I will get it there as long as the NX version is the same.

        1. Thank you, I mean what about my comment implies I’m not a Nintendo fan…i have a Pokemon pic for crying out loud. It’s always you either like x and don’t like y or vice versa you like y but don’t like x but maybe just maybe I can like both and even be a fan of both. So thank you for saying it for me, I was really confused by his reply.

          1. Unless I’m mistaken, paidenthusiast is one of the people on here that hates PlayStation, so… yeah.

              1. Speaking of, be wary of N-Dub Nation. I know for certain he’s a PS hater. Least that’s the impression he gave me awhile back. *shrug*

                1. Heh…I get not caring about a company and their products hell i even understand disliking particular companies but going so far as to hate them, unless their is a reason like unethical practices and screwing over their consumers regularly, I just don’t get it. Thanks King, I defiantly will keep an eye out, for these two, from now on when commenting haha.

                2. I don’t hate PlayStation, King. I only hate Sony ponies for dick riding the PS only. It’s all good though so don’t worry about it.

            1. I don’t hate the Playstation brand Kalas, I just can’t stand Nintendo hating Sony fanboy trolls and Nintendo haters in general. If he wants to play KH3 on the PS4 that’s fine it’s just that he seemed like he was being a bit naive about the NX. Yes I may be harsh on the PS4 because I know it upsets the trolls who for the most part be Sony fanboys but you are kinda harsh on the Wii U and Nintendo too but I never accused you of hating Nintendo but to each their own I guess

              1. “Unless I’m mistaken” should have been a sign that I wasn’t entirely sure, so don’t get upset.

                  1. That’s because narrow-minded people like you were often being negative about Nintendo when it really wasn’t that serious. I only get triggered when the criticism against Nintendo isn’t justifiable because I myself have questioned some of Nintendo’s motives as of late

                    1. That wasn’t even really criticism though. He simply stated what platform he would get it on. Nothing wrong with that. And there isn’t anything wrong with criticizing them either. Everybody’s got different opinions. As long as there’s no hateful words towards them, it’s fine.

    1. It’s never going to happen anyways because Disney is as greedy with their IP’s as it gets.

      These are the same people responsible for not letting Universal update Marvel Superhero Land and why Marvel vs Cacpom as a franchise is dead.

      1. Sora will soon get decoupled from Disney as Kingdom Hearts will be over and hopefully a new chapter without Disney will start.

        Disney inked that deal and they need the upper hand because they see Universal closing the gap. There’s already a renovated Hulk ride, and Spiderman was redone not too long ago. Plus why would they want to promote a product they don’t have their hand in anymore?
        Now their focus is Nintendo.

        1. Don’t count on it. They’ve said KH3 is the end of the Xehanort Saga, not the franchise itself. Sora & Mickey are going to be together for many more years to come. Unless something goes wrong between Square Enix & Disney, anyway.

  4. Doesn’t matter. I’m getting it for my PS4 along with FFXV (already preordered it digitally) & FFVII Remake. Anyway, least this could open the door for Sora in a future Smash game. Least, unlike Mickey Mouse, Sora originated in video games.

  5. It can come out on both PS4 and NX but it would be awesome if there was a Nintendo World where Micky and Mario could finally meet and hopefully Mario could tag along with Sora , Donald and Goofy …

    One can only dream I guess ;)

  6. This is probably the only game that would even make me consider getting a PS4.

    If this comes to NX, I get the feeling the NX will satisfy any 3rd-party needs I have.

  7. We’ll see, but I’m not taking much stock into it. I take any and all rumors with grain of salt until proven otherwise. Better than blindly believing everything we see on the Internet.

    I just hope we can get more news for KH3 since it’s been taking forever.

    1. Seriously! I want more information on Kingdom Hearts 3 in general! We’ve been waiting for that game for nearly as long as we’ve been waiting on FFXV!

  8. Currently the EB Games Australia site shows KH3 for P24 and Xbox One and release dates in 2016. There is no sign of an NX version anywhere on that site.

      1. Doubtful it was ever actually there. Why list a game publicly only to take it down when people see it? If it wasn’t supposed to be seen then why put it up? More likely a fake.

          1. Also highly unlikely. People don’t just accidentally do this sort of thing that is so conveniently controversial and something the waiting fans and media would jump on in an instant.

            1. You obviously don’t know how asshole-ish some people on this earth can truly be. There’s been plenty of hoaxes carried out about aliens & bigfoot, for example.

                1. Apparently my reading comprehension was terrible then since now that I re-read your comment, I notice you meant that someone must have done it on purpose, not by accident. So my bad.

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